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Victoria Brownworth is an award winning journalist who likes to write about transwomen who live on the edge of society due to bigotry which means that nothing she does can ever be transphobic. Furthermore, she writes for the Philadelphia Gay News (PGN) – which (of course) means that she doesn’t have cisprivilege (which isn’t real, BTW). In one of PGN’s Brownworth articles, she recounts how she talked a trans minor into exposing himself  to her because she felt it was her privilege (even though she said she felt creepy for doing it). For this behavior, she was given an award.

Brownworth is quick to tell you that there’s no such thing as cisprivilege and that she – an award winning journalist – is here to help. Also, trans folk need to just shut the hell up about noticing that her behavior with the trans kid was  probably illegal.  Noticing that is oppression.

To be clear THIS IS NOT WHAT TRANSPHOBIA LOOKS LIKE. Just ask her and she’ll tell you.

Brownworth is an award winning journalist, is lesbian. Therefore, it's simply not possible for her to be transphobic. Also, cisprivilege isn't real.

Brownworth, an award winning journalist, is a lesbian. Therefore, it’s simply not possible for her to be transphobic. Also, cisprivilege isn’t real.

Because, she gets to tell trans folk what is and is not transphobic (also, CISPRIVILEGE ISN’T REAL!!!)…

And be warned, if you’re trans and point out any flaws in her logic, Brownworth will lie and publicly claim that you just want to rape and murder her. If you point out her fallacies on a blog, she’ll publicly lie and claim that her employer is in the process of suing you. If you’re not immediately silenced, she’ll again publicly lie and claim that she’s filed a police report against you. She might even try misgendering you.

Why? Because, Victoria Brownworth represents the very best in queer journalism.

And don’t forget, she’s right about everything she does because she’s an award winning journalist and not some random blogger.

(Also, cisprivilege isn’t real.)

I’m not trans and I KNOW that doesn’t privilege me!!!!!1

Cisprivilege isn't real but if it were, it'd be funny as hell!

Cisprivilege isn’t real but if it were, it’d be funny as hell!

HT to The TERFs, as sight chronicling TERF hate since the Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to do so.

Victoria Brownworth interprets trans issues for The Advocate, Huffington Post and a metric phuckton of other magazines, newspapers, websites and books.

If I were running MWMF, this is what I would say: No penises. No male privilege. No oppression of women. Just fun, music, dancing, celebration. Solidarity…. But if you can’t set your male privilege aside, as well as your penis, then MWMF is not the place for you, and your presence will harm other women… But Michigan isn’t about transphobia—it’s about maintaining a safe space for lesbians. – Victoria A. Brownworth, July 2013, Curve magazine

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