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September 4, 2013
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Watch: Denver Wrangler gay bar Deny Entry To a Drag Queen Telling Him He’s Not Transgender


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Drag artist Vito John Marzano was denied admittance to the Denver Bear bar the Wrangler because according to the manager his license did not match his gender expression. This was in direct violation of the Colorado Department of regulatory agencies (Dora) Public Accommodations Discrimination policy posted below.

This was not the first time the Wrangler has been called out on transphobia. Autumn Sandeen posted about this bar while while trying to find a trans friendly watering hole for a upcoming visit to Denver on Pams House Blend in 2008.

The Wrangler has since removed that discrimination policy from their website but obviously they still adhere to it in thought word and deed.

Vito John Marzano posted this to the facebook group¬†“Boycott the Denver Wrangler”:

“The Denver Wrangler has a well documented history of discriminating against people whose perceived gender identity on their ID does not match how they present.”

“I did not know this until the night of 8/31, when I went there in Drag after a drag pageant at Hamburger Mary’s. I was denied entry for the above stated policy by General Manager Phil and the Assistant Manager Pat.”

Vito John Marzano continues:

“I pointed out that Colorado has an anti-discrimination law against transphobia, their response is that I am not trans. I asked how would they know the difference and they tried to say the first step for any trans individual is to get a new ID from the state. I then got into a four minute argument with them (all on video) about this discriminatory policy. Their response was very clear: no drag queens, no trans (unless your ID matches your gender identity), and nobody who doesn’t adhere to their myopic view of masculinity. I also want to point out that after this incident, I went into three different bars (two of which are straight) with my ID and asked the bartender if they would serve me. They were shocked I was even asking and more shocked that a gay bar on Denver would do this. Then women started telling me how they are discriminated and treated horribly by the Denver Wrangler when they have gone with their friends.”

“This entire policy is bullshit. Not only is drag an integral part of LGBT culture, our trans- and genderqueer kin should not be denied entry into an established whose primary function is to take money from the LGBT community. I am also going to point out that that Denver Wrangler has been previously challenged. Their “policy” was taken off their website. It may not be on their website but it is still going strong and it is enforced by the bar staff.”

“The LGBT community needs to come together and fight any form of discrimination, even if it comes from our own community. Boycott the Denver Wrangler until they treat all of their patrons equally.”

Colorado Law prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation based on certain protected classes (characteristics). Examples of prohibited discriminatory practices include: terms of service; denial of full and equal service; intimidation; failure to accommodate; access; conditions; privileges; advertising; and retaliation. A place of public accommodation can be a: bar; restaurant; financial institution; school or educational institution; health club; theater; hospital; museum or zoo; hotel or motel; public club; retail store; medical clinic; public transportation; nursing home; recreational facility or park; and library.

Colorado law prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation based on actual or perceived sexual orientation. By legal definition, sexual orientation means heterosexuality, homosexuality (lesbian or gay), bisexuality, and transgender status. Transgender status means a gender identity or gender expression that differs from societal expectations based on gender assigned at birth.

Denver Wrangler on Facebook and on Twitter.

  • Elle Mischa Fields

    Well, I can’t testify about their past “transgressions”; pun intended, but I will say this. My mame is Elle I am a trans lesbian and an employee at Mary Jane’s Pizza which opperates out of the new Wrangler location on 31st and Downing. Since I have been there the staff of the Wrangler and its partons have shown me nothig but love, complements, & big bear hugs from a few of the bars staff at the end of our day. Yeah some of the patrons flash me looks but then strap on a big fake Disney smile as they order their food, is the effort transparent yes, but I have thick skin and honestly give zero fux because hey they are trying… more than I can say for the bitch that sat cross from me on the Light Rail heading into work.

    The womens bathroom is a bit, well unisex but we all go to Tracks and unlike there someone taught these guys to lift the seat. They have made efforts and theynshould be rewarded by patronage for them. The more hospitable they become the more we frequent the place. Plain and simple, businesses should reward their good efforts with money and tips. Every business fucks up at one time or another, and maybe its time to lady up and extend an olive brance before throwing more shade.

    One thing is for sure, anyone and everyone is welcome at Mary Jane’s Pizza, cis, trans, gay, lesbian, bi, amd all varients of night owels… we even let straight people in ūüėČ.

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  • I thought there was a opportunity for compassion should the Wrangler add a inclusive welcoming statement to there website. Instead they have been aggressively attacking everyone. Threatening to pull funding if individual members of a sports team did not remove any and all posts and affiliations with people who differed from there opinions.
    Will they next make a outright demand partners separate if one partner does not bow to there demands?

    BTW, I adore your Fix.

    • Thanks! The issue was that it was already being used under fair use. You used the image to make a point and the commentary attached to the image was both a political statement and a critique of the image message.

      • Sigh. Gay men getting off on bullying people they perceive as too sissy to be associated with.

        Why? Because someone might think they were gay or something?

        Sonny ‚Äď you spent the most formative time of your existence surrounded by lady parts. You made your grand entrance to the world through a vagina. Stop the pathetic little boy femiphobia.

        Grow the fuck up. You know – be a man. A real man. Who’s not so fragile that he’s afraid to be around people who aren’t just like him.

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  • Jenna Fischetti

    The language of Colorado’s law, concerning protected classes…

    ” ‘Sexual orientation’ means a person’s actual or perceived orientation toward heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgender status”

    Lord knows I do not want that manager’s definition of bisexuality!

    • “Everyone knows that the first step every bisexual takes is to disappear in a puff of smoke?”

  • Jenna Fischetti

    Mansplanin’ “transgender” by a cis gay male. Next thing you know, trans women will be told who is and is not a woman, by cis gay women.

    • Pfft… like that would ever happen >.>