Transgender YouTube Sunday

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I don’t know why I didn’t see this earlier, or why it just now hit google alerts, but I think it’s a pretty good interview.——-

I love this video. I’m going to burn it to DVD and start giving it away to people that want a trans101. It’s very well done.——-

And now… a vantreliquest!


Congrats to Broward County! The following is a news piece reporting that Broward County Florida added gender identity and expression protections by a unanimous vote.


This I added in, just to show how cruel and oppressive people can be. I don’t find one thing funny about this video, even though it’s supposed to be a comedy. I added this comment at Youtube:

“Oh god yes. Making fun of transgender people, is HILARIOUS! Well, it’s pretty funny unless you are trans and have lost the ability to see your daughter because of it. Then this video seems downright cruel. Next up, bipolar people! Then maybe you can do some videos on people with depression that commit suicide. The hilarity is endless.”


Mara Keisling addresses the crowd at Creating Change


Girl CAN SING! OK, now I really hate Calpernia, … in a jealous, envy, kinda, admiration, kinda way 🙂 She’s got talent, for sure.


Because Jesus would love to make fun of transgender people:


“t” is billed as a “10-part documentary series” about “ten very diverse and unique transsexual women” in New York City.



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  2. BotenAnna March 29, 2008
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