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April 7, 2014
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Transgender Woman Repeatedly and Violently Assaulted in Long Island

By Jennifer Lopez


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Ms. Dier

Recently I talked with a transgender woman, Ms. Dier, who was repeatedly assaulted by two employees of the Irish Times Pub in Holbrook, Suffolk County New York on the night of March 14, 2014.   She was with a group of friends and was asked for her identification by the establishment’s bouncer.  She complied with the request and handed the bouncer her valid New York State Drivers Permit.  “He took my ID and continued to tell me that it was not me [while referring to the ID]… after going back and forth several times, I told him that I am trans.”  His reply was shocking.  According to Ms. Dier the bouncer replied “That is your fault.  Go get another ID from DMV.”

Ms. Dier believes that the reason the bouncer did not recognize her on the ID was because she had makeup on at the time.  She attempted to explain this to the bouncer saying “Just look at it, it is me”, according to Ms. Dier the bouncer violently pushed her out of the pub.  She was left stranded outside the pub while her friends were inside and they were the source of her transportation. She broke down and began to cry, a victim of discrimination, not knowing what to do.  She attempted to get in touch with her friends inside for advice.

Ms. Dier was able to get in contact with her friends in the pub and they told her to speak with a manager.  She approached the bouncer and asked “Can I please see your manager?”  She then presented her ID to the manager and asked if she could be allowed in to join her friends.  Ms. Dier explained that the bouncer said “Nope you’re done… good bye for today.”  The bouncer took her ID and would not give it back to her saying “I will mail it back to you mister.” At this time Ms. Dier had her phone in her hands.  When the bouncer noticed the phone, he attempted to forcefully take the phone as well and pushed her up against the wall.  The bouncers then pushed Ms. Dier eleven times and forced her out of the club by violently banging her against the door with enough force to break the closing mechanism on the top of the door.

Later that evening, her friends attempted to get her identification card back to return it to Ms. Dier.  The bouncer at the Irish Times Pub said “He… she… it is always causing problems.”  However at some point her friends were able to convince the employee to return the ID.

The Trans Advocate and Everything Transgender in New York City (ETNYC) attempted to get in contact with management at the Irish Times Pub, however calls were not returned.  According to Ms. Dier the bouncers names are Rob and Matt.

According to a report by the New York City Anti Violence Project, assaults against transgender women are on the rise and according to a report by ETNYC discrimination against transpeople is at an extreme high.  Ms. Dier is disappointed and says “society hasn’t come to terms with our existence… the assault has made me feel more vulnerable than ever.”  She plans to file a police report and hopes it is investigated as a hate crime.

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  • Kathy11

    Sure – they not only need to assault her – but steal her ID and try and steal her phone. And refuse to let her contact her friends, who are her transport. So she’s left totally stranded and vulnerable. Who knows what kind of violent jerks she might run into walking down the street at night? Or back into this hole?

    One wonders how they would respond if their sisters were treated this way and left in such a situation?

    I’d have taken their cars fuel injectors and left a note – don’t worry – I’ll mail them to you in the morning.

  • Roe Carroll

    I am angered by the intolerance from a pub in my own town! I have lived here some 20 years and with all the gay bars that have been around Bunk house 1 and 2, Kiss and now Nuts and Bolts which is in walking distance of the Irish Times, how could the owners not have briefed their people about gay and trans people and how to interact with them repectfully? Im thinking I need to get go’s 20 friends together(all with their cell phone recording videos) to go in there for drinks all with mustaches and slicked hair to see if they learned anything.

  • A Maileann Kaleikini-Teighlor

    as i was reading this articles it amazes me that nothing was mentioned about calling the authorities, until the end. first thing she should have done was call the authorities when he refused to give her back her i.d then take it from there. why would you wait till now to file a police report.

    • Sassafras

      Probably because when you’re already being violently harassed by big guys with a puffed-up sense of authority who feel comfortable abusing trans people, calling the police might just bring a bunch more of the same.

      • Jessica

        As it often has in the past. There is a long and relevant history of trans people not trusting the police and they have good reason not to.