The Oldest Trick In The Anti-Civil Rights Playbook

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While I’m amused at times about the hysteria being whipped up about transpeople and the bathrooms we relieve ourselves in, it is never too far from my mind as a transperson of color that the same arguments people are uttering now about us are the same ones that the Forces of Intolerance fighting to defend Jim Crow segregation were using to defend ‘separate but equal’ facilities back in the day.

I’m more than a little sick of the arguments being whipped up by predominately white radical lesbian separatists and their WWBT apologists that it’s okay to discriminate against transpeople because of your specious arguments about ‘safety’.

Well, people who shared your ethnicity made the same ‘safety’ agruments to justfy Jim Crow segregation.      .

It’s the oldest trick in the anti civil rights playbook to ‘scurr’ on the fence people into opposing the enactment of legislation to satisfy the legitimate human rights demands of a marginalized group based on lies about the bathroom, and you need to be ashamed of yourselves that your unhinged hatred of transpeople is taking you to that desperate level.

Don’t get mad at us calling your butts out on that BS or refusing to allow you to trample over our human rights without a fight.   This is the 2K10’s, not 1981.   The days of y’all talking loud and spouting unchallenged lies about transpeople are over, especially when those lies deleteriously affect my community.  .

Hey, you can oppose the passage of trans civil rights all you want, it’s your call.  But you transphobic oppressors are not going to be able to hide behind nor will you be allowed to mask your transbigotry behind a discredited meme riddled with lies to do.

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