The Official Gay Strategy: Poke the Obama Administration So Much on Gay Marriage That it Will Never Want to Touch a Trans-Inclusive ENDA

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Gay Marriage Mouthpiece, Inc., er…, Queer Channel Media reports:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs nearly shut down a news conference on Monday following inquiries about President Obama’s position on same-sex marriage.

“I think there’s a whole host of issues that I would direct you to the campaign on — on different questionnaires and I would again reiterate what the president has said recently on that issue,” Gibbs said.

Asked whether he denies the accuracy of the 1996 questionnaire response, Gibbs ducked the question and replied, “Again, I’m happy to send you the several thousand clips of which went around during the course of 2008 on a whole host of those issues.”

The marriage questions prompted Gibbs to attempt to end the news conference. Following his response to the second [] question, Gibbs said, “Thanks guys,” indicating that he would take no more questions.

Ending the news conference at that point would have been unusual because Gibbs had not yet finished taking questions from reporters sitting in the third row of the briefing room. Gibbs stayed at the podium only after reporters in the White House press corps protested that the news conference hadn’t gone on for long enough.

Now, the money shot:

Gibbs was responding to questions from the Washington Blade…

Yes, the same publication that was the clarion of the ‘trans people must be obedient and respect the unquestionable knowledge of those in power’ when it came to us uppity trans folk demanding non-bullshit from St. Barney and the rest of Congress on the issue of trans-inclusion in ENDA.

A number of gay rights supporters have called on Obama to declare support for same-sex marriage during the State of the Union address. On Sunday, the New York Times published an editorial from gay political pundit and sex columnist Dan Savage, who urged the president to address marriage rights for gay couples during the speech.

Yet, if Obama (or Gibbs or whoever) was similarly waffling about trans-inclusion in ENDA and anyone managed to be that neo-ZAP-y at a White House news conference, you can bet that before the presser was even over Jonathan Capehart would have pecked an anonymous WaPo editorial reinforcing the gay-manufactured revisionist historical position that, in his and other gay-primacy-oids’ view – necessitates that we live under bridges for forty years while they live out their lives attending lavish DC gay political orgies wherein Dom Pérignon and caviar are the lubes of choice.

Forcing the issue of gay marriage everywhere and at all costs – and even if it fails, there will be no political will (much less activism money or energy) to address the gay-manufactured legal inequities between LGBs and Ts….

Its what’s for dinner!

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