The Best President Ever On Trans Issues

In certain vanilla scented sectors of the rainbow community they are still throwing hissy fits because President Obama not only beat Hillary in the 2008 Democratic primary, but that he hasn’t focused his term on their ‘all marriage all the time’ political agenda.

The ‘Obama hasn’t done anything for the gay community rant is getting about as tired as hearing the fiction that Lady Gaga does so much for the LGB(t) community.

From where I sit, President Obama has been the best president ever on transgender issues and let me count the ways in doing so.  If anything else happens trans wise in the Obama Administration, you’ll find it in this post.

Signed the Byrd-Shepard hate crimes bill (2009)
Signed the UN Declaration On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity
Became the first president ever to name open transgender appointees to his administration
Appointed the first transgender DNC member ever in Diego Sanchez.
Conceived a National Resource Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Elders — the nation’s first ever — funded by a three-year HHS grant to SAGE
Appointed Amanda Simpson to his administration as a Department of Commerce senor technical advisor (2010)
New state department rules allowing passports with proper gender markers to be acquired without surgery (2011)
Closed door meeting with trans activists (2011)
Social Security Administration stops no match letter policy. (2011)
Banned job discrimination based on gender identity throughout the Federal government

As more trans related policy comes out of this administration, I will edit this post to reflect that.

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