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July 5, 2014
Andrea James believes a straight cis woman is a better choice for the GLAAD Board than queer trans women
July 29, 2014

TERFs are the new Westboro Baptist Church

By Fallon Fox


The Wesboro Baptist Church. It’s been a nuisance to the LGBT community since 1991 when it took its first steps to publicly advocate against gay people. We’ve all heard of them. They were a cause for many a family members loss if appetite at the dinner table when their “God Hates Fags” slogans were posted in family rooms across this nation, and the world. Yes, they were certainly a nuisance. But, that nuisance had a benefit in the grand scheme of things. Those who were sitting on the fence wondering if it was really an acceptable thing to believe, or promote the idea that “God really does hate so called fags” got an in your face example of why that mindset is so wrong.

Image: Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Westboro Baptist Church Protest

They clicked away on the internet and saw hundreds of families and children hurt by the hateful practices of Westboro. Practices that hatefully attacked a minority group on bogus claims of damage to society, and unwarranted villainization based in zero evidence. The more Wesboro screamed, the more people were turned off to their perspective. Unfortunately for Westboro, they didn’t understand or did not care that their ideology and practices were digging themselves into a deeper and deeper political hole every time they opened their mouths, or grabbed a picket sign. That is because for some reason, the members of the Westboro church’s minds became warped. One could debate the intricacies of why their congregation was so twisted. But, the vast majority of Americans do tend to realize that they were off their rockers.

In the end. Westboro was so blinded by what they thought was the truth, they ended up helping those they attacked. Whatever mental issues that caused them to act out in the first place, kept them locked, loaded and firing on the innocent. They would continue, and still do continue to do this regardless of media amplifying their voice. We all know that this is because they are insane, and they are principled in their insanity. So, the hate that spews out of Westboro will never stop until their members dwindle, or die off.

Funny thing is, that if one really thinks about it, Westborough had a lot of influence for only having a handful of members. They were not a mega church or a congregation with high numbers. They were mostly family members and a few people from around where they lived that caused all of that ruckus and got media attention. They were no real threat to the LGBT movement as a whole. The media could have simply ignored them and it’s possible not much would have changed for the better to the degree that it did. But, I propose that ignoring them would have changed things for the worse. Where would the uptick in the LGBT communities rights – specifically gay marriage rights be today without all of those hurtful photos, videos, and slogans from Westboro that we were able to dish out to family members, friends, and coworkers and say, “This! You see this! This is horribly wrong!”. Those handful of people at Westboro were ignorant human lightning rods for self-degradation of their perspective, and tools for LGBT emancipation from bigotry in the minds of some.

They are not the only hate group that can be used as a tool in this way.

Image: Cathy Brennan Image: Cathy Brennan denigrating a trans woman for the anatomy she was born with

Cathy Brennan denigrating a trans woman for the anatomy she was born with

Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERFS) are another. And much like the Westboro Baptist Church had their insane leader Fred Phelps, the TERFs have a woman by the name Cathy Brennan they tend to cling to in leadership. She’s just as hurtful and misguided to a specific minority group. And much like Phelps and his minuscule congregation, she and her followers will never rest in their quest to hurt others. I see this as an excellent opportunity to bring forth to the masses the ignorance, not so subtle bigotry, and call for segregation of the minority of trans women from other women in public spaces across the board.

The TERFs perspective is that transgender women are not really women. They believe that transgender women are really men masquerading as women in order to keep women down, and do malicious things in private settings such as rape. TERFs believe that as Cathy Brennan states “The goal of “trans” whacktivists is to ERASE “woman” from reality”. Which of course is insanely conspiratorial, and will in no way stand as valid in the court of public opinion long term. But, because of their Wesboro like insanity they actually believe that this is a fact, or at least believe that others will believe this nonsense outside of their small group. They don’t realize that the counter to this ridiculous belief is quite simple, rational, and true. It goes like this:

Who in the hell would go through years of hormone replacement therapy, electrolysis, doctor’s appointments, psychological therapy, loss of thousands and thousands of dollars, loss of family and friends, possible loss of one’s job, put themselves in harm’s way by being a prime target for physical violence at the hands of men? And most importantly, why would some so called “men” elect to have an operation on their genitals that would remove their ability to use their sexual organ in penetrating fashion in the act of rape? Most rational adults are not ignoramuses to the degree that they would believe such rhetoric especially after hearing the counter argument.

This is good news for transgender women actually. Because the correct perspective on transgender women, the one that psychologist, doctors, and scientist who study transgender women, is that transgender women’s brains are neurologically different than men’s brains from birth. So different, that they resemble the brains of females. Time and time again, those in the medical field find these abnormalities, and put those findings in medical journals that the rest of those in the medical and scientific fields agree with.

Time and time again those findings are verified as correct and true.

So, on the one hand we have a handful of conspiratorial individuals who have zero evidence that transgender women are actively seeking physical transition and access to spaces with nefarious intentions. They do verbalize the idea as Cathy Brennan puts states, “These insane MALES are trying to erase us, women. They are actively working night and day to ERASE us from our shared language, from our laws, from the face of the earth“. And on the other hand, we have tons of evidence that is consistently growing which repeatedly shows that transgender women are who they say they are. That we have the unfortunate disposition of having the birth condition of being born neurologically women with male genitalia. A disposition of physical condition ( whether one believes it to be a brain condition or body condition — take your pick. ) which puts transgender women in a horrible social and mental health position. A horrible mental health position that is benign in the way of rape and physical abuse to those around the trans woman enduring it, and society as a whole. Transgender women are women in their brains regardless of how they speak, talk, look, what genitalia they have on their pants, or how they outwardly express themselves under the duress of a strict society. And medical professionals in the know understand that. Sure, there may be a wacky doctor in the fringe who may disagree with the vast majority of the medical community that TERFs may try to convince to say an uneducated statement. However, much like how the medical community countered the few fringe doctors that a few backwards uneducated and sensationalized MMA media outlets could scrounge up – a move that made those outlets and doctors look incredibly silly in the end – they are easily countered by the overwhelming majority of the medical community.

The TERFs cannot win this fight. They may have been able to that from the 1960’s to 2000’s. They may be able to peel off a few hate filled feminist who have been wronged by men, and who’s delusions beckon them to aim their arrows at what they think is a ‘man coming to get them’. But, this is 2014. And there’s enough information out there, and enough dedicated intelligent transgender women and allies who are ready and willing to bring to light, and then stamp out the TERFs misguided and self-destructive attacks. Those who politically battle the TERFs have the power of the internet, the intelligence and expertise to use it, the numbers to implement it effectively, and most importantly — the dedication and fire that comes from being pushed to action by what TERFs say.

There’s also the fact that most media entities would not and don’t take TERF’s seriously and promote them in a positive manor. Think about it. With all of the media attention on transgender people within the last year, with all of the information on the web about our struggle lately. What well known media entity would take up the cross of promoting TERFs as individuals who have valid arguments? What media entity would positively promote a hate group that says things as reported on and on Or, support the despicable actions of TERFs where they publicly out transgender women as pointed out by What media entity will stand by them when they intentionally do this to a minority group that already has a problem with violence against its individuals because of the hate in the minds of people like Cathy Brennan and the TERFs?

Perhaps FOX news would do such a thing? Which would both do wonders for the dissemination that TERFs exist, and knocking FOX news down a peg. Because as seen in the YouTube video Kid Dismantles Fox News’ Fear-Mongering Over Gender-Neutral Restrooms, FOX new’s antiquated hard right wing stance on LGBT issues is slipping. Even amongst some of it’s more hard core base of users. Besides, I believe their media competition is smarter than them, and would counter with correct information. I actually wish that would happen. I actually wish that a right leaning media entity would take the bait, and run with the TERF hate group. Because we could have a field day with the compiled information on TERF activities throughout the years. But, that’s not likely. I can dream though can’t I?

I propose we take what we know about the TERFs and amplify that information as much as we can. Let’s let the world know who and what they are. So that when people encounter them like they do Westboro baptist church members, they are reminded just how horrible transphobia is. And are reminded not to let it seep into their hearts and minds. And instead of sitting at home twiddling our thumbs waiting for people to engage in a topic that is far from their minds, we can bring it up to them. Visibility. It is essential to the forward inertia of transgender rights. Let’s take the vitriol, and spirit of the TERFs and blast it to the world so that individuals in this world can easily recognize transphobia when they see it. Whether it be in others, or in themselves.

Fred Phelps, Jr retweeting this article

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  • AUnicornsGhost

    That’s so sad, I never knew that GIW was run by an 11 year old boy with Progeria. Poor little thing.

  • Heather

    Jesus jumping Christ on a pogo stick….this is my first time on this site and I really had no idea how politically divisive things can get or how vitriolic the comments section can be. Come for the articles and leave before the comments.

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  • Dee Omally

    “Chelsea” says:


    Seriously, Dee OMally, you are so tedious and boring. Do you have any friends? And get yourself to deedrugstore or deemall and get some makeup. watch some “how to” tutorials. some aren’t born deewoman, but they put deeeffort into it to make up for it. u ain’t aesthetically appealing, the US military is a farce, so why you’re so proud of that, god (that doesn’t exist) only knows. everyone rolls their eyes when you respond to anything. is that the only time your hanes big girl panties get wet?


    Thank you! Compliment accepted! But wait! Isn’t there an age requirement to post here? A comment such as this is proof positive that one is having an impact, which merits a Dee-lightful response! Sorry, but A for effort…but D(ee) for failing to stay on topic.

    • chelsea

      LMAO, u r an “internet activist”. i am a cisterfnonbioligicalwordoftheday womyn! hear me roar (online only). ur not making any difference, ur ostracizing and extremely hypocritical. crying about how words hurt when it’s ur M.O. to sling insults and slurs. wanting so much sensitivity for how u identify (despite that full on man face, and not a cute one at that), yet u self admitingly don’t know about drag queens etc. yet from a few drag race posts, you have no problem generalizing an entire group of people. ur long winded replies and attempts at being condescending and intellectual turn everyone off. seriously, people don’t even finish ur reading ur essays. anyways, good luck with the transition back to male, or cismale or whatever u want to call it this week. pardon me if my assumption is wrong, just going off those busted pics that you blur out till it looks like there’s wax paper in front of the camera. ur so brave, joining the military. aren’t we great declaring war on people so we can get their oil. oops, no weapons of mass destruction. about as brave as being an online activist. i’m sure in real life ur not walking the walk, u definitely still pass as male, so no problem trying to fit in there. i’m sure u have even less friends in real life too. delusional hon. but seriously, are u transitioning female to male? that i could understand and would make more sense. very confused by your beauty (lack of). toddles

      • ha ha ha…hey we have common ground hon!!!! 😉 Passion? check! run-away keyboard? check! hate typing caps? check. Ok, so we on both sides of this life-giving river! oh wait, dear (u did call me hon 😉 ? let’s talk! hate violence? check! hate oppression? heck! love girls? Hell ya! love (some) guys? 1/2 check!

        lots of check marks huh? see we already have enuf to bake a pie with! oh…but wait….two people don’t agree ;( which two ever do?

        use hyperbole for effect? hell ya double check! havn some fun? 3/4 check! Ok…I sling insults? probably just toss em back cuz they…interrupt my party. slurs? let me think….oh U mean cis? that dont mean cissy now do it? didnt’ think so. TERF? sounds like a slur, kinda like a barking sound, maybe some mean it that way, but hey cis, i mean sis….there are 1, 2, 3, 4 letters. which one makes it a slur? T? E? RF? trans ain’t no slur my sis…radical neither….hell we both radical! give me a hell ya! feminist? you don’t say! so that leads us to the E….exclusion. ya…to u guyz we’re our past….i wish nobodies past on anyone…no body….so ok…u want us out of them little closets… i mean restrooms. ooops….been using my restroom that matches me gender for 5 years my cis! locker rooms? that too! funny looks? sometimes. complaints? zero. i go in there to do same thing i did when i had diapers….go in the gym to do same thing i did in school. oh that argument about rape? hurting women?

        look sis, i really truly understand that many of my sisters have been hurt real real real bad by some men…hell i been stalked…asked to go into restrooms….show my titties…..all the same shit all females put up with. like u i say fuck em pervs! but my sis…took a papa to have us…mine gone for long long time. look i really really do understand. let me share something with u my cis..I mean sis. back in the day when i worked at an la county med center…satellite…i got a call about someone acting up. got there….found out it was far, far worse. a dirty perverted male…man…had sat next to a young girl and put his hand where it never belonged. in the military i was an af soldier and an mp. very, very quickly..u see this perverted man didn’t stick around u see, but at that very moment he had become my bitter friggin enemy! i aint no kidding my sistuh! mee dee had to think fast and quick…because u see like a bank robber he had done a very despicable damaging thing to this poor child. like superwoman who can leap tall buildings hon, i made things happen fast!

        oh ya bet ur exclusionary heart i did! quicker than u can say dee rox both of his hands were married to each other! oh of course he had left the building, but nobody gets away from mee dee! u know whut? dude should have still been locked up in some gray-barred hotel maintained by them UPS looking dudes! who the hell let this human ***** get away from his boyfriend bubba? well my sis, he had a rap…no not like em “run for the border” wraps…thems good shit. but like u know a resume of all them horrible things he had been doing all his life. page after page after page it went on like a TERF bible…ooops slip of my tongue hon! well, lots of people owe lots to mee dee, but u know who owes me the most? his boyfriend bubba who prob been tired of pulling on that man thing….

        ok…like the way u ended up there….means we can be friends! yes! thanks for the beauty compliment…can’t read the words in parenthesis….maybe taking too much T…. or E…. or T & A….i dunno….but good try my sis! i won’t ask you to show me yours even though u just asked me! my my….our first convo and u already not minding ur manners. take two time outs facing Laverne Cox’s picture…go to sleep and u should feel bettuh in the am! hey who needs beauty when cool will do? check u later my cis…I mean sis!

  • Dee Omally

    To: MissLizz and Co.
    Sujbt: Welcome, and thank you for taking a chair at this table.


    Taking the time to come to an “adversary’s” site shows: (1) courage (a very good thing) (2) concern & caring (another very good thing) and (3) commonality (yes, we share the same safety concerns). As an actual F-identified female, to my horror I discovered than unlike here, I was systematically excluded from even participating civilly in discussion at sites that purported to be Christian dispensers of love. As a Christian, to say that I was appalled is an understatement. ENTER: censorship by rant.

    I “speak” in the spirit of same-gender and Philia love, because dispensing hate, history shows, begets more reciprocated hate. I support and always will everyone’s unalienable right to be passionate and arduous in defense of [concern X]. I can never support the mass dispensing of snake oil opinion-as-fact, no matter the passion. There is enough room for dialogue for those who choose to play fair and by the rules. Democracy means that most will be happy, but some will never be. Still, the rules are the rules, and the rules for 64+ years are that beyond opinion, male can become (fe)male and (fe)male can become male. This is fact, not opinion. You and your group’s 41-year history of selling snake-oil opinion as fact, is coming to a rapid close. In 2014, it was a female (trans) on the cover of Time, not a female (radical feminist) that epitomized actualized success to a now-tiny-by-the-reach-of-technology world. This historical fact can never be retroactively erased from history. For you and your group, I extend my condolences.

    As I warm up my little-used 😉 keyboard, I will truly endeavor to refrain from sarcasm, snark, expletives (as in the military—expletives serve only to confirm masculinity) and from presenting opinion as fact. All healthy (or not) dialogue includes opinion, and well it must, but when snake-oil opinion is sold as Fort Knox fact, Houston we have a big problem…a real big problem. A problem so immense because you see (or not), opinion-sold-as-fact has served as pretext to wars, pretexts to family feuds, and, history shows, opinions have been the tool of despots who die with the blood of millions on their two hands—a debt they will repay over eternity.


    Opinion-as-fact in 1981 erected an impenetrable wall to medical care that over 31 years, not unlike the Auschwitz wall of death, far too many females (trans) fell at this wall, never to get up again. As a female who has worked alongside the repulsive exhibition of “machoism”, and yet who has exercised assertive softness to de-escalate violence, take this to the bank and ca$h it in: even stronger than female (trans) equal rights is my life-long passion to making this blue marble a safer place, not for some, but for ALL. I have worn the same garb worn by many who stood between [public] and [violence]. Mine, however remains unstained by my blood, while they live on in memory only. While millionaires played catch on gym floors, baseball fields, and stadiums, my military and public safety brothers and sisters played the role of human targets to keep others safe. I survived, they (fallen) did not. While millionaires received premium medical care, my military family of veterans, received none, zero, nada, and life left their bodies as they waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, for the help promised but never delivered.

    Opinions spun as facts, like non-constructive expletives, do incite emotion, but never add credibility. To the contrary, both expletives and opinions-as-facts serve only to show this (1) the commenter is out of valid points to make (2) a juvenile-level dialogue (because juveniles do speak like that) (3) intent to derail/divert the conversation (4) that emotions are in charge, not intellect (5) portray a conceding tone, giving rise to the expectation that a stick topped with a white cloth is about to be presented. Believe me, my benevolent adversary, Dee’s book of Infinite Wisdom, blessed by God herself, is about to be opened. This is but the preface. 😉 No! Don’t get up! Remain at the table. In the end none of us are male. None of us are female. Whether at puberty or later, it is the balance of hormones that turn a human lump of flesh into a person that is MOSTLY male or MOSTLY female. So too with debate. There are no winners. There are no losers. There are some who have MOSTLY won, and some who have MOSTLY lost the debate. <3 I am no terminator, but in the words of the Terminator, "I'll be bak!"

    • chelsea

      Seriously, Dee OMally, you are so tedious and boring. Do you have any friends? And get yourself to deedrugstore or deemall and get some makeup. watch some “how to” tutorials. some aren’t born deewoman, but they put deeeffort into it to make up for it. u ain’t aesthetically appealing, the US military is a farce, so why you’re so proud of that, god (that doesn’t exist) only knows. everyone rolls their eyes when you respond to anything. is that the only time your hanes big girl panties get wet?

  • DarlieB (@DarlieB)
    • MissLizz

      All of you assholes need to STOP labelling everything you don’t agree with as a hate group, and start maybe actually doing some reading on the subjects of your harassment before you let your male entitlement get away from you.

      • MissLizz

        It’s not my fault you’re so insecure about who you are – I never denied your humanity in any way – I just don’t think you have any place in women-only spaces. You are not real women and never will be – that is not an insult, that’s reality. Your pseudo-science proves nothing.

        Leave Cathy Brennan and Michfest alone, and stop supporting causes like Justice 4 Jane, (a trans youth who is still at a women’s facility despite having horribly assaulted SEVERAL underage girls), and start respecting our boundaries. Trans people and radical feminists really should be on the same team – respecting our boundaries and quitting it with the misogynistic threats and harassment is all we ask.

      • MissLizz

        I find it truly ironic that you all seek to identify with women and yet you so easily push aside womens’ concerns. You are entitled to nothing in womens’ spaces – and the whole cotton ceiling meme, with the implication that womens’ underwear is a barrier to which you have been denied entry but are inherently entitled, is disgusting.

        I would never deny your human or civil rights – I would even help you to fight for them- but your desire to assert yourself in womyn-born-womyn’s spaces in an entirely other matter. Stop derailing our very real issues and stop it with the PC bullshit about how we’re no more woman than you – (believe it or not, a vagina is an actual organ – not just a fuckhole – and stereotypes do not a woman make.)

      • DarlieB (@DarlieB)

        But it is the definition of a hate group.

      • DarlieB (@DarlieB)

        “..doing some reading on the subjects of your harassment before you let your male entitlement get away from you”

        The subjects of OUR harassment ? I watched Brennan have a small straight male wipe the intellectual floor with her so badly she took the poor guys picture and stuck it between rapists and child molesters on her “nametheproblem” smear site .Brennan gets kicked out of bars for harassing transgender customers , she had her Gender Identity Watch group kicked off Facebook AS A HATE GROUP!

        “It’s not my fault you’re so insecure about who you are ”

        Im probably TOO secure in who I am.

        “I never denied your humanity in any way”

        Just our gender.

        “Leave Cathy Brennan and Michfest alone”

        Thats like telling the Jews to leave Hitler alone. I think it’s the performers who are leaving Michfest alone thanks.

        “Justice 4 Jane”

        The thing I love most about TERFs is they are sociopathic liars.”Jane” is not just violent, Jane was repeatedly raped throughout her childhood. Why would anyone who has had a life time of rape not be good to put in a male prison where you WANT her to be raped. I see no difference between you TERF and male rapists, you just get other people to your dirty work for you.

        “Trans people and radical feminists really should be on the same team ”

        Why would we want to join forces with misogynist assholes ?

        “respecting our boundaries and quitting it with the misogynistic threats and harassment is all we ask.”

        Someone cares enough about you to threaten you ?!!!!! WHO?!! Are they mad ?!! You don’t represent women, feminists or lesbians! You have about as much importance as a shaving razor and a bra at a radfem get together.

        Here are our boundaries , we will go into whatever gender space we feel is comfortable regardless of your attacks. We re going to function in the way we need to without the slightest thought to your idiotic claims. You mean nothing, you are nothing. You know those public washrooms, I paid for them. You dont want to pee with us ? Find a trash can.

        Now let me rephrase your statement. It’s not my fault you’re so insecure about who you are you have to attack others , it’s not my fault you are ugly with an unattractive personality and other lesbians go for lesbian transwomen, that you like to dress male and get “sired” all the time. It’s not my fault YOU get questioned about going in women spaces or that you walk and talk like a man! In fact , the only reason you even LIKE Michfest is its probably the only time you dont get stopped and harassed! I don’t go to women or men only shows because I”M NOT A BIGOT! Get that? Understand ? NOT A BIGOT!

        I’m a fair person who doesn’t give a damn how butch and unattractive you are. I’m actually one of the few people on this planet that understands being different and would accept you. All I care about is if people are good people. I don’t give a damn about anything else and beside me , you are a pathetic human being. I have to thank you for that because I was considered kind of a bitch till you came along and reset the bar.

      • DarlieB (@DarlieB)

        “I find it truly ironic that you all seek to identify with women “

        Not “seek” , we do. Actually I find the same irony in any of you trying to speak for women who don’t agree with you at all.

        “and yet you so easily push aside womens’ concerns.”

        You don’t represent women. They aren’t women’s concerns.

        “You are entitled to nothing in womens’ spaces – and the whole cotton ceiling meme”

        Not only are we entitled, like desegregation we will be free from you.

        Some porn star gets quoted and you start writing it everywhere like anyone gives a crap. Here is whats really bugging you, for of my transwomen friends are with lesbians right now. They are smooching , partying , have bubble baths together and lying in bed , looking into each others eyes and saying “I love you”. That fucking hurts doesn’t it ! TOO BAD!

        “I would never deny your human or civil rights”

        BULLSHIT That is EXACTLY what you are trying to do.

        “I would even help you to fight for them-“

        When I need an asshole, I will call.

        “believe it or not, a vagina is an actual organ – not just a fuckhole – and stereotypes do not a woman make.“

        Stereotype, like a raging RadFem TERF ?

        Androgenizing hormones are entirely responsible for male/female & it is far more than a “fuckholes” The vaginaplasty was invented for women. 1 in 4000 women are born without a vagina 1 in 4500 no womb The myth you are pushing is that that are no longer genitals and nothing could be farther from the truth. I have wonderful orgasms with my boyfriend, I function perfectly in every way . (Penis is merely androgenized clitoral tissue.) Sorry. Must hurt given only one-quarter of women reliably experience orgasm during intercourse-no matter how long it lasts, no matter what size the man’s penis, and no matter how the woman feels about the man or the relationship.

      • Dee Omally

        To: MissLizz & Co.
        Subjt: My wrath cometh…

        As promised, and as General Douglas MacArthur himself said as he fled Corregidor Island, “I shall return”, Dee is “bak”. Young and effervescent lady with the cute moniker and passion that I adore (I really do), as you landed and clicked your heels, you violated the one cardinal rule that one who desires to make a good and positive first impression must never violate: you farted. Yes, as you entered the room, you farted. Oral flatulence, like flatulence from a lower orifice, doeth not a pleasant aroma emit. Strike one.

        Stench-filled introduction aside, you then make an accusatory remark—that we “assholes” are labeling everything we disagree under the heading “hate group”. I am aware of PJI, SBC, and so-called TERFs and their trans “benevolence”, but a triad doeth not “everything” make. When making an accusatory remark, it always begs for supporting details. We have all experienced this: “Hey asshole! You are so rude!” The rude calling another rude. This is how unsupported accusatory remarks present themselves. Anyone can accuse, but not everyone can accuse and back up such accusations. Strike two.

        You then claim that we are exercising “male entitlement” while you can’t make it past three words without making use of one word included in the nomenclature of the male-entitled themselves: “asshole”. Strike three, but wait…I have grace in my heart…remain seated around the table. Don’t worry, we have a spare can of vanilla Febreeze on hand. No its not disguised bug spray. We truly believe that a TERF condition is not a terminal malignant condition.

      • Dee Omally

        To: MissLizz & Co.
        Subjt: Dee’s wrath continues

        Thank you for remaining seated at the table. My it now smells better around here. Please feel free to excuse yourself if you need to, well, excuse yourself to pass gas.

        You begin another comment by violating another cardinal rule: never re-introduce yourself in a defensive way, ever. It truly sounds so much like—“I swear it wasn’t me!”, as cookie crumbs remain on the lips, with the cookie jar lying at the child’s feet. No, “you” never denied our humanity, but you continue to deny what doctors and judges affirm every day: that a person can discard birth sex. Perhaps in a game of Monopoly where money is funny or chess where kings and queens are but symbols, reality remains elusive, but in today’s world reality is never defined by opinion (yours or ours) but by, well real experts with real expertise… REAL doctors and REAL judges. Denying this REAL (ity) speaks for itself and reveals another perhaps sinister motive. It REAL (ly) and truly does.

        Whatever you have to say beyond this REAL (ity) falls under the heading of “Opinion”. Yes, it is true that opinions are like (reference your 1st-impression intro–4th word), and we all do have one. Beyond this point, except for the vitriol, I go deaf. To actually even attempt to argue that we are not “real” women is to argue that my ID is not real, and yes it REAL (ly) shows our true sex: F. Like the child who yells “It wasn’t me!”, you and Co. also make just about as much (non) sense. Doctor and judge expertise are not pseudo-experts practicing pseudo medicine or pseudo law. They REAL (ly) are experts, no matter how blue you and Co. get in the face.

        Jane, undoubtedly, like many her age, has issues, however her issues are inconsequential to the fact that her female identification (undoubtedly not honored in her personal spaces) was not respected by the authorities, at least initially. When I “lost” a job in 2010, it was because my female sex (ID) was not honored either. No one is defending any wrongs she might need to account for, however we are defending her right to be respected for her gender. Yes, we are on the same team, in fact I consider TERFs to be transgender, because you are. In dress and sexuality you all traverse gender lines of demarcation. We are anti-violence, anti-misogynistic and anti-harassment. We (at least I) also don’t want males in female areas….they need to use their own facilities. The only boundaries you are entitled to are those as segregated by gender. Never but ever are you entitled to boundaries that exist only as a figment of TERF imagination. Take that to the bank and ca$h it in.

      • Dee Omally

        To: Miss Dizzy Lizz
        Subjt: you already know

        Your condescending tone aside, none of us (perhaps you’re confusing us with gay drag males) seek to identify that with which we are already identified as: F. As women, no matter our birth sex, the primary concern is always violence. In society today, no group is vulnerable to violence more than females (trans)—that these are shared concerns is thus self-evident. As far as a “cotton ceiling” and female underwear, please enlighten me because I’ve never heard about this detail. As lesbians-born-females, you are not entitled to “lesbian-only” spaces, try as you might. Because we are also women, defending some spaces for “women only” has absolutely no impact on us—we’ve been using the facilities we are entitled to use…to answer nature’s call or to change clothes for gym.

        I have stated elsewhere that I truly am finding myself beginning to believe (true) that despite your claim of being “lesbian females”, you all are all just deplorable men. Your last sentence “stop it with the PC BULLSHIT”, and “a vagina is an organ, not just a FUCKHOLE” sounds exactly like the men that were my peers in the ultra-masculine military environment. I don’t need to rest my case—-you already have.

      • Dee Omally

        TO: Miss dizzy Lizzy

        Our gender REAL (ity) begins within ourselves in childhood (for most of us) and is confirmed as REAL by REAL doctors. It begins with opinion, but doesn’t end as opinion, contrary to TERF tenets. We undergo medical treatment that effects REAL changes….and turns boy into girl. I am sorry that you continue to attempt to deny our REAL (ity) by imposing your opinion as fact.

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  • Dee Omally

    Is it just me or have the “conclusion before the investigation” TERFS finally got mad cow? The FBI publishes yearly data compiled from mandatory-reporting agencies that now include (or about to) college campus police departments. Most crimes are committed by truly violent males whose sex and gender expression remains male. Females are represented as well. If in fact females (trans) were well represented (as TERFs say), in violent felonies, the very first thing that would happen is immediate cessation of legal sex changes, because it would mean that sex/gender changes were a disguise…a gender alias for violent activity.

    This scratched record of “your past is still your present” and “because some men are rapists, that makes you a rapist too” is so overplayed that no one is taking this entire group of people seriously, especially by the agency that knows better than anyone: the federal government. This reduces TERF strategy, based on opinion and not fact, to a concerted effort of hit & run, seek and hope to destroy, set bait and incite females (trans) to anger that really defies logical thought. They’ve been at it now for 40 years and if we have learned anything its that a distorted message that violates basic set and math rules (that some = all) is a statistical impossibility; it completely is so antithetical to the US Constitution’s 5th and 14th Amendments against self-incrimination and denial of judicial due process!!! With every passing month, as female/male (trans) equality comes to fruition, they are becoming less irrelevant like another self-identified TERF: Andrea James.

    • elizabeth veldon

      it is their growing irrelevance which is making them more virulent and hateful.

  • Tracy

    Oh that’s pretty funny. Since gender is a religion whereas sex is science, I’ve always thought of trans* activists as the Westboro Baptist Church. So much violence comes out of their mouths, threats of death, threats of rape. Females don’t kill trans* people, males do. In the fight for safety and physical integrity, the trans* activists should fight patriarchy and its ways instead of harassing females.
    Religion and gender atheist here.

    • Vito
    • friday jones
    • elizabeth veldon

      terfs don’t kill trans*people, people with terfs kill trans*people…

    • AUnicornsGhost

      Well then you’ve always been flat out wrong. Trans people are fighting for their own rights (like gays), while TERFs fight against the rights of others (like the WBC).
      If you were really post-gender you would not be associating with the TERFs, they preach the strict enforcement of traditionalist gender rolls, which is hypocritical given their stances on women’s issues, as well as morally reprehensible.
      Trans people are the natural conclusion of genders decline as a system of oppression and social control. Gender is a barrier, and barriers are defeated by being crossed, and by being made cross-able, that is what trans people are doing.
      I notice these people never cry and whine about FtM transsexuals, I notice their is no TERF campaign to shame Chaz Bono. This is because they are bald-faced hypocrites, as I mentioned before, applying gender dogma only to “Male born” people, never to females. Lop-sided, anti-equality gender worshiping is the MO for all TERFs.
      You may be an atheist in the sense of rejecting belief in a deity, and I applaud you on such a conclusion, but you are also a member of a hate-driven, dominance oriented, political cult. If YOU are trying to make the rules for ME, then congratulations, you are the patriarchy.

  • Excellent article Fallon live the truth you make us all very proud

  • elizabeth veldon

    i am sick of fallon fox throwing in comments about female fear and hatred of men into articles about trans* people – i’m not a man and i am not interested in defending them or mocking women for what is a perfectly rational response to the patriarchy:

    • Sami

      I am sick of quislings like you stabbing the rest of us in the back and sucking up to bigots who hate us.

      It’s blatantly obvious that the TERFs hate men and they hate us because they consider us men. Pointing that out isn’t ‘defending men’ or ‘mocking women’ in any way, it’s stating a fact. I hope you’re proud when your article inevitably gets noticed by the TERFs and passed around as proof that even a transwoman agrees we’re all women haters.

      • Elizabeth veldon

        Yes because when i’ve already had several of them threatening me with legal action, attacking my tumblr account and eventually forcing me to leave tumblr and threatening me with violence they’re my best buddies.

        I’m sorry but as a feminist and lesbian fallon fox’s laughing over women’s fear of mrn is offensive. If you think it’s ok to laugh at women then it is you who are giving the terfs ammo to attack us

      • friday jones

        Elizabeth, you’re not a quisling shit because you agree that radfems have good reasons the hate and fear men, you’re a quisling shit because you appear to agree with the TERF assessment that trans women are men. I hope that clears up your misapprehensions about why you are a quisling shit.

      • Elizabeth veldon

        Really? I said that? Can you show me where i said that?

      • friday jones

        I’d say that you implied that trans women are men at right about the spot in your blog’s post where you expressed deep anger because Fallon Fox said the following:

        “TERFs tend to see transgender women as men. A mindset that could not be farther from the actual truth, and actually goes against the documented peer reviewed findings and collective consensus of those in the fields of psychology and medical fields.”

        And that’s when I knew that you, Elizabeth Veldon, self-hating transwoman were a quisling shit. At that point. Right there.

      • elizabeth veldon

        oh my god you got me! you caught me saying something i didn’t actually say!

        what supreme logic!

      • elizabeth veldon

        here’s the full quote not the version distorted by you to make a partizan point:

        The latter is an unfortunate offshoot of the feminist movement that most feminists (including the one writing this) tend to steer clear of because of their blatant hatred for men in general, and their day to day straw man attacks against transgender women. TERFs tend to see transgender women as men. A mindset that could not be farther from the actual truth, and actually goes against the documented peer reviewed findings and collective consensus of those in the fields of psychology and medical fields.
        Because of not having the power to hurt men in any meaningful way out of spite for the wrongs inflicted on them by the hands of some, they seek to harm what they view as the next best thing – transgender women. They are so blindsided, so hate filled, so bitter about by their hatred of men, that they refuse to deeply fathom the reality that some women were unfortunately born with male genitalia, yet have female brains.

        -my anger is over her repeated atempts to delegitimise women’s fear of and anger towards men.

        let me make a forcast: no terf will quote me as they do not want to show trans*women making feminist statments, they prefer to quote people like fallon fox mocking them

    • Sami

      There’s absolutely nothing in that quote that delegitimizes women’s fear of men. It’s simply stating the obvious fact that TERFs are bitter, spiteful, and hateful toward men. You know it, I know it, they know it. That you’re desperately twisting that simple statement of fact to try to make a well known transwoman look bad is why we’re calling you a quisling.

      And there’s absolutely nothing TERFs like to quote more than transwomen like you siding with them and claiming we hate women.

      • Elizabeth veldon

        No what they love is the kind of thing you just said ‘they hate men’ well so what? What’s that got to do with their hatred of trans*people? Really why should we concern ourselves with that?

        Alao the ‘wounded by men’ thing – do you know anything about radical feminism and it’s critique of patriachy? Yea i thought not.

      • Sami

        “well so what? What’s that got to do with their hatred of trans*people?”

        Because they assume we’re men, you know, like how Fallon Fox pointed out in those articles yo0u’re whining about.

        “Really why should we concern ourselves with that?”

        Nobody is concerned about it, we’re just ointing out that’s what motivates them. If I point out that Republicans hate Muslims that is in no way defending Muslims or supporting them, it’s simply stating a blatantly obvious fact. I refuse to believe you’re so thickheaded you can’t see this and you’re just intentionally refusing to see the point.

        “Alao the ‘wounded by men’ thing”

        Is completely accurate. The TERFs constantly talk about all the awful things men have done to women. Just because you desperately want an excuse to bash Fox doesn’t magically make that incorrect or offensive too women.

        “do you know anything about radical feminism and it’s critique of patriachy? Yea i thought not”

        I don’t know much about Southern Baptist’s beliefs either. I’m not really interested in studying groups that are overrun with bigots.

        You constantly repeating this BS doesn’t make it any BS. It only makes me more certain you’re a pathetic quisling who’s desperately twisting Fox’s words just so you can paint a prominent transwomen as hating women.

      • elizabeth veldon

        you do know radical feminists are mostly not trans* exclusionary right? so, yea, you are centralising men in your discourse so, yea, i don’t see why trans*people should be concerning ourselves with how menz are harmed by feminism and if you are (as fallon has time and time again) then you have no damn right to call yourself a feminist

      • Sami

        “yea, i don’t see why trans*people should be concerning ourselves with how menz are harmed by feminism and if you are (as fallon has time and time again) then you have no damn right to call yourself a feminist”

        Post the quote where Fallon expressed concern for the men harmed by feminism. You claim she’s done so ‘time and time again’ so surely it will be easy. Not her pointing out the fact that TERFs hate men, a quote where she expresses concern for men harmed by them.

        Post that evidence or admit you’re a vile quisling who’s just pulling excuses out of your ass to bash a well known transwoman.

      • elizabeth veldon

        you did notice that post was addressed to you right?

      • elizabeth veldon

        so yes evidence of you saying that? well saying that radical feminists discriminate against men? i think that kind of proves it

      • Sami

        “so yes evidence of you saying that? well saying that radical feminists discriminate against men? i think that kind of proves it”

        She said TERFs hate men and hate us because they consider us men. That’s a blatantly obvious fact. That’s completely different from claiming men are harmed by feminism or mocking women’s fear of men, as you claim Fallon Fox has done ‘time and time again’ yet can’t seem to provide any actual evidence of.

        Me pointing out how you’re intentionally twisting her words isn’t ‘centralizing men’ either, it’s pointing out how full of **** you are.

        I’m done talking to you. You’re not merely a quisling, you’re clearly a ****ing moron as well and I have better ways to spend my day off than bashing my head against a brick wall.

      • elizabeth veldon

        stick a little bit of abilism on top of that misoginy will ya luv?

        i blogged about this too 🙂

      • friday jones

        Yeah Sami, calling Elizabeth a moron is definitely ableist. Just because Elizabeth has a mind that is between ages 8-12 in the Binet Scale is no excuse for telling her so. What you should have done is say “WHAT A PRETTY COMMENT YOU POSTED, ELIZABETH! IT’S SO PRETTY, I’M GOING TO PIN IT ON THE FRIDGE!”

  • friday jones

    And Fallon Fox comes out at the bell swinging! She connects! It’s a hit, a palpable hit!

  • I really hope FOX news does take the TERFs and run with them. It would do a lot to destroy their cred amongst misguided liberals.

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  • Sarah

    “I actually wish that a right leaning media entity would take the bait, and run with the TERF hate group.” By odd coincidence, the New Yorker is only too happy to oblige this wish, and their piece shows all too clearly how the analogy with Westboro doesn’t really work – TERFs are very good at playing the victim, and giving an impression of academic-left respectability:

    • Sami

      I was going to make the same comment bringing up that disgustingly one sided article. The two things that stuck out to me were:

      1. The classic tactic of looking up angry and violent tumblr/twitter posts and using them to paint the whole group while completely ignoring the equal amount of angry and violent twitter/tumblr posts from the other side. Any polarizing issue will have angry people venting about it on the internet, hell every time there’s a new superhero movie you can find countless people wishing the actor they don’t like who got the role would be run over by a bus, and it’s BS to pretend only one side does it.

      2. That they devote endless space to writing about the poor persecuted TERFs having their meeting protested while not writing a single word about the abuse we get from them. Some bigot had to change their meeting lace because the owners of the place they intended acted completely within their rights to refuse to be associated with them? A tragedy we should all be crying over. A 16 year old transgirl has her personal information posted to the web by a TERF and receives so much abuse that she considered suicide? Not worthy of a mention.

      • Yup, because a kid’s post on tumblr is equivalent to white cis millionaire attorneys going after suicidal trans children or TERF academics getting the US govt to ban trans health care in the 80s resulting in the real death and suffering of a generation of trans people. Yeah, totally the same.

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  • Miki

    Ms. Fox… You are a fucking beast.

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