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Will the real Brennan please stand up?

in Cristan Williams

Will the real Brennan please stand up? Many trans folk are aware of Brennan for her attempts to overturn trans equality protections, her targeting, outing and trans-shaming  of non-cis folk and for claiming that cis privilege doesn’t exist because not all butch lesbians can access all the privilege that comes from not being trans. About…

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My Exchange with the Southern Poverty Law Center

in Cristan Williams/Opinion

  The trans community has asked itself recently why the supposed watchdog of extremist hate-groups – The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – has historically given Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) a pass. I wondered too and I decided to ask them about it. Here’s my the FaceBook email exchange: ME: April 23, 1:48 PM   Why do you endorse hate group…

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The TERF Appropriation of the Trans Day of Remembrance

in Cristan Williams/Featured

A TERF hate-tracking site recently raised a warning that Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) leaders are attempting to appropriate the Trans Day of Remembrance: Cathy Brennan, contributor to the Radfem2013 conference, has sunk to yet a new low.  She is now trying to exploit the death of our sisters (Transgender Day of Remembrance – TDOR)  to further her justification of transphobia.…

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Revisiting ‘the fallacy of cis privilege, again.’

in Cristan Williams/Featured/Opinion

I’ve noticed that TERFs tend to lie. Like, a lot. As in, metric tons of BS. TERFs far and wide are currently gnashing their collective teeth over the reality that their hate-fest conference (#RadFem2013) was booted from its venue for the second year in a row. Instead of being an emotional adult about their situation, they instead…

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Trans Exterminationalists In Their Own Words

in Featured/Monica Roberts/Opinion

One of the things that mystifies me is why The Southern Poverty Law Center hasn’t declared Trans Exterminationalist Radical Feminism as a hate group.   Could it be because the rumor may be true that a TERF works for SPLC and squashes the subject every time it comes up in SPLC circles? SO if you think…

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Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

in Cristan Williams/Opinion

Most of the Womyn that come to fest really don’t care whether you’re straight or not as long as your not trans. – D.M., Festival Supporter, July 4, 2012 It’s been 23 years since the MWMF became a symbol of all that’s wrong with cis-privilege and some might wonder why the fight to end cis/trans segregation at…

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