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[TW: Blood, Death] Mexico city Transgender Woman thrown off a bridge dies

in Kelli Busey

Hilary Molina Mendiola died September 23rd at 7:30pm after being thrown naked from the Southern Juan Escutia Axis 2 in the Cuauhtemoc borough of Mexico city. Ms. Mendiola had bruises on her face according to Noticias Terra.com. showing signs of a struggle. Hilary appeared feminine however this did not give pause to local media who misgendered her…

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Hypocrisy, Hate and Harm #no2h8splc

in Cristan Williams/Featured

The above is a picture of militant lesbians and gays protesting against a movie that promoted false gay stereotypes. Above is what happened when a bunch of RadFems righteously took over the offices of the Ladie’s Home Journal because it was a vector for promoting false stereotypes about women. Protesting negative stereotypes of cisgender women in…

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Three More April African-American Transwomen Deaths

in Featured/Monica Roberts/Opinion

I’m beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of the near genocidal levels of anti-trans violence that are taking away far too many under 30 transwomen of color before they’ve had a chance to live their lives.  We are not only losing them, but their potential contributions and talents toward building all the…

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Dos and Don’ts of Trashy Trans Reporting

in Cristan Williams/Featured/Opinion

This is a review of the way a single story is handled by two diffident tabloid newspapers. The sensationalistic reporting style is so starkly different that I thought it would make an exceptional case study for the dos & don’ts of trans reporting (even when it’s tabloid reporting). DO – From the New York Daily News:   A hulking…

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Nadine Williams South Wales Transgender Woman Cleared of Rape Charge

in Featured/Kelli Busey

Nadine Williams, a transgender woman has beencleared of rape and two counts of sexual assault which she was accused of doing before transitioning while presenting as Dean, a male. Ms. Williams who spend 6 months remanded to pretial confinment iwith men while waiting for the trial simply said she was relieved the “torment” was finally over. The unfortunate articles I’ve…

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Fox News vs Trans Health Care Needs

in Cristan Williams/Featured/Opinion

The real story: Long-standing medical and psychiatric literature demonstrates clear benefits of medical and surgical interventions to assist gender variant individuals seeking transition. However, transgender and gender variant people are frequently denied medical, surgical, and psychiatric care related to gender transition. Access to medical care (both medical and surgical) positively impacts the mental health of…

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