Sometimes it doesn’t get better

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Sometimes it doesn’t get better, sometimes life shit on you until you break and there’s nothing you can do. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it gets better because it might not get better, but i do want to tell you one thing.

Even if it never gets better you are worthy. You are worthy of love and respect and compassion and a fair chance and human dignity, your value as a human being is not taken from you ever. Not ever. No matter what life does to you, no matter how broken you are, no matter what mental illness you have, no matter what job you do, even if you have no job.

[pullquote]For it to get better we have to make it better, we have to fight, nobody is going to hand us equality because we asked them nicely.[/pullquote]You are a valuable human being worthy of love and respect. The problem isn’t with you, the problem is with the people who drag you down and it always will be, you aren’t bad, you aren’t a freak and you aren’t “abnormal”.

You are one of nature’s many variances of gender and sexuality and you are beautiful for it. I beg of you, don’t internalize the garbage they throw at you, you aren’t garbage , they are for hurting you, they are garbage for trying to take away who you are, they are garbage for not accepting you as the amazing human being I know you are.

It doesn’t matter how you present, it doesn’t matter how you look or how much body hair you have or what your voice sounds like, it doesn’t matter at all. You are beautiful to me, all of you. Damn those who would try to tell us otherwise they are the problem not you. They are the ones who are truly broken, for them to drag down amazing and beautiful human beings out of fear and ignorance shows where the real problem lies.[pullquote align=”right”]They fear losing the power they have, they fear losing control because if we become truly accepted then their narratives start to fall apart, their lies lose power and they lose power with it. Our very existence challenges the status quo in so many ways.[/pullquote]

Society judges us for being who we are, for how we present ourselves, they judge us on multiple axes and it’s not right. We are all human beings worthy of respect, love, compassion and freedom. You are worthy and amazing.

Your stories are all unique and each one of you is so different and it’s amazing to me. We don’t fit into cookie cutter molds and that to me gives me a sense of awe at how much diversity we show, how each and every one of us has something to bring to the table. None of you are worthless, not a single one of you, not even if you are homeless and have no job and you can’t get one, even you are amazing and worthy of all those things they deny us, even if you have to do things to survive that others judge you harshly for.

Even if you don’t survive. You deserved so much better and the world failed you.

Sometimes it doesn’t get better. Sometimes it gets worse, sometimes it kills you.

For it to get better we have to make it better, we have to fight, nobody is going to hand us equality because we asked them nicely. We have to fight the ignorance and the hate, we have to fight back against those who would keep us down, because they are afraid of us, they are afraid of how amazing we are, they don’t want us to succeed because they know we can be amazing and it frightens them.

They fear losing the power they have, they fear losing control because if we become truly accepted then their narratives start to fall apart, their lies lose power and they lose power with it. Our very existence challenges the status quo in so many ways.

So many trans people have given up hope, though considering what they have lived through i cannot blame them for one moment. Not one moment. I wish i could reach out to everyone and show them there was hope, but i don’t have any answers any more than anyone else does. What I do have however is a platform to speak from, i can speak truth to power in the hopes that one day it might change things for the better.

I won’t give up. I won’t accept defeat, I will fight to my dying breath. I’m lucky in that respect, that i can do that. Others can’t and it’s not their fault. If you can, if you have the ability to keep pushing through all the shit and pain and loss, please help me. I can’t do it alone. I will fight until I die but I cannot succeed alone. I need your help as well. Im only one person and alone I am weak but together we are strong, together we are a force to be reckoned with. Together we can make a difference.

Speak truth to power too. Stand up against the shit we all have to face. Make your voice heard. Online, in real life, all around you, every day. Tell your friends, tell your family, and make them care. Rise up and fight against hate and oppression. Educate your neighbors and your community, tell them our stories, and show them our pain. Make them care.

Shout if you have to, cry if you need to. Show them we are human beings worthy of respect as such. I’m in tears as I’m writing this right now. One day I’d like to see a week where no trans women die, where no trans youth got discriminated against in school, where no trans person got fired for coming out, where we are respected for the human beings we are, one day I’d like to see people shouting down the bigots and the hate filled ignorant jackasses who call us slurs and try to hurt us. One day id like us to not only survive, but flourish. We are amazing and i believe in all of us. We need to fight together and stop the ignorance and the hate.

Will you fight with me to make it better?

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