The Transadvocate Video Podcast – GLAAD’s Big Mistake
January 28, 2009
OBAMA GAY, Trangender Wars, and R-E-S-P-E-C-T
February 9, 2009

Sexual Amputees, Christian “Love”, and Transgender Children

Today we discussed Christian intolerance, transgender children, transsexual marriage, and sexual amputees!

Marriage equality and transgender people

Thoughts On The Equality Summit’s Transgender Breakout Session

Children’s book about transgenderism.

10,000 Dresses celebrates transgender children

How to address transgender people

The name game

Intolerant Jesus love

Pepsi ads, $$$, employee “training” push gay lifestyle

ACLU & Sexual Amputees Sue Illinois

and the refuting of that story:

Laurie Higgins – yet another phony expert

Diversity Lessons 101: Ex-Gay Survivors

NPR story on transgender children and therapy

Families Address Gender Identity at a Young Age

and Jazzy: