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January 15, 2012
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January 16, 2012

Rupaul: Fuck You, You Silly Faggot!


Even though RuPaul Andre Charles is a drag performer who lives his off-stage life as a man, he seems to think he can speak for the transgender community. In an interview with Michelangelo Signorile, Rupaul said of Lance Bass (apologizing for using the word tranny):

“It’s ridiculous! It’s ridiculous! I love the word “tranny” And I hate the fact that he’s apologized. I wish he would have said, ‘F-you, you tranny jerk!'”

As Monica Roberts of Transgriot (and a contributor here)  said in 2009:

“The gay media has a bad habit of referring to RuPaul as a transgender person when he’s not. The fact that he’s (allegedly) Black on the outside and has a penchant for dressing up in feminine attire doesn’t make him transgender. He’s also not highly regarded by many people in the SGL and transgender community for his unwavering support of a certain obese white gay man who does a blackface minstrel show.”


“So please stop calling on him as an ‘expert’ on what the Black transgender community or our community in general is thinking because there are others who are far more qualified to do so than this serial apologist for Chuck Knipp.”

Should white people be the arbiters  appropriateness in using the “n” word in reference to him?  Should we poll a straight men to see if it’s acceptable to call him faggot?  No. RuPaul is a gay man that shouldn’t have any say on who uses the “T” word.

Perez Hilton asked of Rupaul:

Do U think RuPaul has a point or should he be the next celeb apologizing for casually using the offesnive word?

I don’t think RuPaul will ever apologize, but he should. And if he doesn’t, he should be called what he is…

an insensitive bigot. Kelly Osbourne didn’t know any better. Neil Patrick Harris was careless. RuPaul’s statement is just arrogant, blatant bigotry.

“A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs”  – Wikipedia

UPDATE- 5-23-2014

You just can’t make this up.  According to Mr Charles, when it comes to gay men, don’t you dare say faggot. But apparently trans people are bitches that “need to get stronger.” Remind me again why this proudly transphobic/misogynistic person is held up as anything other than that in the LGBT community?


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  2. […] especialmente revelador cuando la editorial “RuPaul: Fuck you, silly faggot!” aparecio en Transadvocate, y en los comentarios la gente gay respondio enojada. Varios de ellos […]

  3. Keira Mackay says:

    Yeah he didn’t speak for me and honestly just because he’s fine being a tranny doesn’t mean others do. I’m a MTF and I find it disgusting how people think he represents transgender people. Nothing against him personally he obviously entertains lots of people and they watch his shows but if you put me in his category you might as well put put pokemon with salsa.

  4. Ivy Stryker says:

    "The fact that he’s (allegedly) Black on the outside…" Allegedly, eh? Stay classy T* community. Be sure to engage in the same "offensive" BS you complain about others doing; it really endears you all to everyone.

    • I'll just say I find both the article and your response strange? What a pointless piece, who on Earth could care what Rupaul says about any topic? How does this moronic commentator speak for an entire horrifically maligned minority? Transgendered people will never be accepted in our brutally misogynistic society, with its compulsory and rigid gender preformance identification callously enforced at every level of our bleak technological deathscape.

    • If our technological un-civilization hates genetic women with the blind fury that it does, and seeks to undermine them every chance they get with heartless and malicious legislation, then people who only feel like women stand no chance.

    • Thank you, Thomas Edwin Elliott. Just…thank you. And yes, Ivy, I agree. Allegedly 'Black'…who's the expert? Bah. What's good for the goose…

  5. all of you fusing over the use of the word, “tranny” are small minded! There is a bigger picture that everyone seems to miss. RuPul has done so much for the gay community. 

  6. […] especialmente revelador cuando la editorial “RuPaul: Fuck you, silly faggot!” aparecio en Transadvocate, y en los comentarios la gente gay respondio enojada. Varios de ellos […]

  7. I recently posted a video myself in ganguro-face where I attempt to examine the dirty roots of and crucial role that minstrel shows have played as far as ushering in original american theater art forms.
    Just because a bunch of racists want to make me feel bad about this part of black american history; it doesn't meanthat I have to look at it with the same animosity.
    I truly do not understand all of this upset over RuPaul saying tranny.
    I get called a nig-gra just about every week online and it doesn't bother me! It may annoy me that so many people are still so danged ignorant but I will never succumb to labeling myself according someone else's ignorant assessment.
    So yes, gay people, transgender people, heterosexual people…focus on areas where the LAW is treating you differently…but can we please be adults stop wasting time policing each other's conversations?

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  10. Erica Neil says:

    Here's the issue. I was born suffering from Transsexualism. It's a birth condition, not an identity. I don't want to be called a "tranny" any more than a person born suffering from palatoschisis (cleft palate) wants to be called a "palato."

    The problem is, there are a significant number of people in this world whose "recreational activities" cause them to look like *some* Transsexual people who are in the midst of correcting their condition. Society (being generally ignorant and lacking in compassion) has no reason to distinguish between such differences, hence everyone who appears to be presenting themselves as the opposite sex falls into the same category.

    Ru Paul can no more understand what it feels like to be Transsexual than Mel Gibson, or Charlie Sheen, or any number of "celebrities" who've make asses of themselves in front of the camera/microphone. Voicing one's ignorance is one of the defining qualities of our species, and it's not going to end anytime soon.

    Turn the page.

  11. There's far too much heat and not enough light in this thread.

    Can we please address the issues, not personalities? For the record, I have some very very significant differences with some here. Invective doesn't help.

    Ru Paul has been used by MSM as an authoritative source as when he's in drag he looks superficially like a trans woman, despite self-dentifying as a gay man. Many trans women resent that.

    I wonder what small-f femininists' reactions would be if he'd been looked on as an authority on women's issues? After all, when he's in drag he looks superficially like a woman, despite self-dentifying as a gay man. Maybe he'd say he has no problem with the word "Bi*ch", using similar language as he used for"Tr**ny".

    I think many would object. I know I would. I think there'd be a certain amount of anger and resentment – anger which would lead to stupid things being said, unfunny jokes being made, which would then be used by the malicious in "Menz Rights" groups to legally harass women.

  12. Fox E. Brown says:

    It's truly disgusting to see people in a place of privilege being so condescending. I was very fortunate to have a community to turn to when I came out of the closet as a gay black male. And was as equally blessed to find a community when I started doing drag. I don't think I have ever heard Ru Paul say that she was "all knowing" and a Spokesperson for any community. But what I have heard her say, "Love yourself." These are the things that I wished was said to a young transgender boy who hated himself so much that he wanted and tried to kill himself. I wished that someone, in the African American community had said that to me when I was growing up. So, Monica and everyone else, "Love yourself." The anger and pain that drives us to attack one another, no matter what community, is reminiscent of extremist hate groups.

    • Just as some transexuals don't want Drag Queens speaking about, or assuming, things about them they should not speak or assume things about us. As female impersonators many drag queens do convert into transexuals and many drag queens live right on the line between gay and transexual. At the end of the day we are all sub-cultures with in the gay community and fighting amongst ourselves and how we define ourselves is ridiculous. Not everyone is comfortable with surgury, yet it doesn't mean that they won't have prefered to be born a different gender. Time and time again I have felt many transexuals resent drag queens or feel above them, like somehow they are more entitled, because they have converted and we are impersonators. Most of my drag queen friends have a high respect for transexuals (ie. a drag queen called a tranny is taken as a compliment), and alike for women (ie. a drag queen called a fish is a compliment), and i wish we could come together as a sisterhood instead of putting up more walls with in the LGBTA community.

    • Lexicize Lexiliving says:

      Well said Isa Manzanita and Fox E. Brown, the problem is too many within our community haven't learned to love themselves and that's where all the divisions and hurt feelings over labels derives from. When you love yourself people can whatever they want, its a free country and you can jes move on rather than have them censored for your benefit.lexi

    • Isa Manzanita
      I am not a constituent of "the gay community".

      Transsexualism is not a "sub-culture".

      "Gender" is not the same thing as "sex".

      I'm not changing my gender: I'm living it, full-time. Not as a "gender performance": it's who I am, as a gendered person.

      Personally, I dislike being referred to as a "tranny", because it lumps me in with a lot of folks that are a lot different from me, just as the blanket term "transgender" does.

      RuPaul is offensive, not because he's fine with being called a "tranny" himself, but because he not only wants to dictate that no one else should take offense at the label (and its implications in the Lance Bass interview, as "tranny STREETWALKERS"), but implies that Lance SHOULD HAVE responded with a triple insult insisting that the label is accurate: "I wish he would have said, ‘F-you, you tranny jerk!'".

      It matters not one bit, whether RuPaul is categorized as a tranny, a gay male, a Republican, or an alien from the Planet ZINGER!: that's all irrelevant: the core fact of the matter is that RuPaul is AN ASSHOLE.

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  14. Freya says:

    If Daniel GetEqual Cates is as much of a friend of the trans community as he claims, why on his Facebook page does he list
    Ticked-Off T******s With Knives
    as one of his favorite movies? Am I missing something or is it possible that Daniel GetEqual Cates is actually a transphobic hypocrite?

  15. Christen Bustani says:

    The word "tranny" by itself has no positive or negative connotation… but… it's use has been imbued with a negative stereotype over the years to the point that it is now associated as a condescending term. As such, we have to consider whether or not we want to continue to empower a negatively connoted term to describe those who are transgender. Even more so, we should perhaps consider that most who use the term "tranny" do so while envisioning the term to be a shortened form of "transvestite"….not "transgender"…. again with more negative connotations.

    Just as I feel I would not be an advocate with vision into the gay or lesbian community, I feel RuPaul should perhaps consider his position with respect to those who truly are transgender. To be a valid spokesperson it helps if one is part of the group which they represent…..

  16. Between Ru Paul and Dan Savage we have two public figures the trans community can do without.

    “If he said that about a gay kid hearing the word faggot, can you imagine the hell storm?   But when directed at the trans community, it’s totally fine. ”

    I’ve said it before and I”ll say it again.
    We are one of the last groups that society considers it acceptable to insult.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The lack of a formal or even commonly agreed to definition for
    transgender is the roadblock to success of a real transgender community. Rather
    than discuss the real hardships transgender and transsexual people must endure,
    the conversation is mired about how a male in female clothes and makeup, who
    who likes to be referred to  (and refers
    other like himself)  as ‘she’, is not
    transgender.  RuPaul’s love of the word
    tranny (and Lance Bass) speaks volumes on what gay society really thinks of
    transgender and transsexual people. This is why I, as a M2F transsexual, have
    found greater support and commonality in women’s rights groups.

  18. Jenny Baker says:

    I just want to add a sincere heart felt FUCK YOU to Andre Charles.  FUUUUUCK You rupalling asshole!!!

  19. When did it become paramount to allow social policy and justice to be dictated by entertainment personalities?

  20. When did it become paramount to allow social policy and justice to be dictated by entertainment personalities?

  21. Of course, they’re best friends.  I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do that with strangers.

  22. When did it become paramount to allow social policy and justice to be dictated by entertainment personalities?

    • Thia Jones says:

      i think that's because we now have a celebrity-obsessed society…

    • Katrina Rose says:

      "When did it become paramount to allow social policy and justice to be dictated by entertainment personalities?"

      The day that "Kardashian" became relevant to something other than the O.J.Simpson mirder trial – and "Jersey Shore" became something other than a geographic location.

    • Nika Jewell says:

      When the public started attributing superior qualities to celebrities based solely on their celebrity status.

  23. Thia Jones says:

    Much though trading abuse for abuse makes me feel a tad uncomfortable, I get this – what it says is "this is what you're doing to us – now how do you like it?" Seen in that context, it's understandable and underlines the strength of feeling, the utter frustration that we feel at having people who are not trans (and in particular gay males) think that they can 'speak for us'.

    This RuPaul person is someone whom on most criteria, does not count as Trans – I think there are some drag queens who would count and I certainly can't speak for 'the community' (none of us has that right) but my impression would be that most *Transpeople* wouldn't count him (and I use that pronoun because it appears to be his preferred one) as Trans. Whether cispeople and in particular gay men would mistake him as Trans would be entirely beside the point (because, actually *they* don't get to decide who is trans!) were it not for the fact that such crass ignorance underlies the popular calumny of seeing trans women as being 'men in dresses' (and erasing trans men entirely, because they somehow don't fit with the myth).

    There's a long history of gay men believing themselves to be qualified to speak on our behalf (as a feminist, I of course recognise that this perhaps has more to do with mysogyny than anything else – when, after all, did men *not* think themselves entitled to speak on behalf of women?). Well, gay men, you don't speak for us, because you're not Trans, ok? We don't seek to speak for you, after all, do we? With the possible exception of those Trans men who identify as gay, Trans people aren't qualified to speak for gay men and for the most part, we're people who don't imagine ourselves to be something we're not (believe me, we have bitter personal experience of trying to fit into being something we're not, so we know not to go there again!).

    Maybe we should take this further though? Perhaps we should return the compliment and start acting as though we're better qualified to speak for gay men than they are to speak for themselves – they are just men after all, so what would they know? We might – oh, I don't know – let's say for the sake of argument we were to take the view that gay men are 'actually' closetted trans women… or at least, that the bottoms are – so that would make gay male tops 'really' tranny chasers (yes I *can* use the 'T-word' in that context). Wonder how they'd take that?

  24. Gabby Newton says:

    im disappointed to have read such a bigoted article………
    what happened to EQUALITY FOR ALL REGARDLESS!!!
    note i have added no tags or labels………..
    people cannot expect to be treated with equality if they are not prepared to treat everyone else as an equal first.
    peace and love x

  25. Danielscottcates says:

    The fact is that not all LGB folks should be lumped into this category. Are SOME LGB’s oppressive while playing the ally card? Absolutely! But that does not include all of us and when you use the “f” word you diminish ALL of us, including yourself. Anyone who advocates using an act of violence (and hate speech is an act of violence) to pay back an act of violence should be ashamed of themselves.
    I find much of this article offensive.. but not because of any WORD.. I am offended at the lack of basic love for others.

  26. I think it's ridiculous how presumptuous RuPaul is for assuming he can speak for the transgender community, but I don't think it's helpful to say that the reason he's not allowed to speak for the transgender community is because he's not transgender or not transgender enough… that's a really dangerous principle to stand on, because eventually the voices at the edge of the community will begin to be excluded under that same principle (drag queens, cross dressers, genderqueer people). Under most definitions of transgender, drag queens are included, and RuPaul identifies as a man part of the time and a woman part of the time. That definitely makes him transgender under the definitions.

    So let's call out RuPaul for the REAL reasons he can't speak for transgender people: he's not in any leadership position where he has contact with transgender people who face common problems; he's a performer and TV star. He's stuck in Hollywood and doesn't know the pain of the t-word for other people, so he can't speak for the experience of other transgender people in different situations.

    • Chelsea Sayre says:

      RuPaul is not transgender.

    • I actually find this article offensive.. not to in any way defend what RuPaul said.. but the idea that returning hate speech with hate speech is very dangerous.. I was called a "faggot" by a black guy a few months ago, but it does not give me license to use the "n" word at will..

    • Thia Jones says:

      "RuPaul identifies as a man part of the time and a woman part of the time." – as i understood it, he identifies as a man and dresses as a drag queen (sorry 'dresses as a woman' doesn't hack it, because, superficial resemblances aside, there's little similarity between what drag queens wear and what women wear) for work… dressing as a drag queen for work does not qualify as 'identifying as a woman part of the time' – no more than male actors in Elizabethan theatre performing female roles on stage could be said to be 'identifying as women part of the time' (notwithstanding that there may have been some who did just that and that there are some drag queens who do just that) playing a part does not give licence in that sense.

      i'm also not sure about your "he's not in any leadership position…" comment – no, he isn't, but then neither are any of us – we speak for ourselves, which is why we don't need gay men (or any cisperson for that matter) telling the world what's ok for us.

    • Daniel GetEqual Cates Have you seen that Fabu movie? Called Ticked off Faggots with Cocked Glocks? It's the best!!!! I find your "liking" TOTWK offensive and quite transphobic. But that doesn't quite measure up to calling someone a faggot, does it? Oh wait, they're both words of hate. They're both words that strip away people's humanity. Please save us your selective outrage.

    • Thia Jones Are you denying that most definitions of the transgender umbrella include drag queens in it? Also, if you say that there are some drag queens who do identify as women part of the time, who are you to argue that RuPaul isn't one of those people? After all, he says that he can go by either masculine or feminine pronouns. Are you going to start getting into the business of questioning people's gender identity and/or calling them liars? That sounds a lot like the tactics the Religious Right uses to deny rights to transgender people, saying they're "lying" about how they feel.

      As for the part about leadership positions; you're right, and I was struggling to find the right way to word what I was trying to say. What I was trying to say is that RuPaul really isn't in the position to speak for all transgender people because he isn't involved in the transgender community and doesn't know the personal stories of people who are affected by the t-word. I'm not defending RuPaul; I'm trying to point out that it's hypocritical to accuse someone of not being transgender enough to speak about being transgender. RuPaul made a stupid mistake, but don't call him out for the wrong reasons.

      I'm not sure what you meant by that last paragraph in your article. Could you clarify? Were you referring to RuPaul or to me?

    • Michael Rodriguez stop being a troll.

    • Michael Rodriguez clearly you didn't read the article, so you have no business commenting on this thread.

    • Thia Jones says:

      John Dean Equality Domingue my point was that those who merely make a living from dressing up – and have no trans-identification beyond that – aren't likely to have any claims to being Trans* considered at all seriously by Trans* people and my understanding of RuPaul is that his relationship with anything that might be regarded as Trans* by ANYONE begins and ends in the dressing room. I'll go further, in that opinions on who or what is Trans* by anyone themselves not Trans*identified are irrelevant.

      The last paragraph was referring to those cispeople (and in particular those gay men) in general, who appear to believe themselves qualified to speak for us. If the cap fits…

    • Thia Jones regardless of Trans* identification, anyone who is limiting for anyone else who or what they can be is invading their personal freedom and dictating their existence, which is exactly the kind of oppression that is anti-human and that therefore I dedicate my life to eradicating. If you do spend your time telling people who or what they can be, I think you and I operate on completely different levels and from completely different ethical backgrounds; therefore, we are at an impasse.

    • Thia Jones says:

      John Dean Equality Domingue – i think you're ascribing me powers far beyond anything i'm capable of – i don't see how it's possible for me to dictate anybody's existence. In my opinion, RuPaul is not Trans* – i believe that in this (if in nothing else) i concur with RuPaul's own opinion. You, on the other hand, seem to want to make RuPaul be Trans*, thus limiting RuPaul's personal freedom to be a cis, gay, male. Now who is being oppressive?

    • Thia Jones in your own words: "his relationship with anything that might be regarded as Trans* by ANYONE begins and ends in the dressing room. I'll go further, in that opinions on who or what is Trans* by anyone themselves not Trans*identified are irrelevant."

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems you are ascribing unique powers to Trans* identified people to be able to say yea or nay on who is allowed to claim that status, which would be therefore attempting to limit others' freedom to identify however they want.

      I'm not limiting RuPaul; I'm in fact doing the opposite. This article was saying that he's not transgender or not transgender enough, which IS limiting his freedom. I'm saying that under academic definitions (cf. my original comment), RuPaul fits the descriptions of what is considered transgender. I don't know for sure whether he embraces a Trans* identity or not, but I'm saying that nobody should be telling him that he canNOT embrace that identity. However, you and I still agree that he cannot speak for the Trans* community. We just differ on why he can't speak for the community.

    • Thia Jones says:

      John Dean Equality Domingue if RuPaul DID self identify as such, that's all that would be required (though there may be the odd raised eyebrow). Academic definitions, unless endorsed by Trans* people, are irrelevant. And if i were to perform a stage role that mimicked a gay man, would that make me a gay man? I don't think so.

  27. There is so much wrong with this blog, where does one begin?
    RuPaul does not make any claim to speak for the transgender community, so this statement by you: “he seems to think he can speak for the transgender community” makes no sense.

    Then you have to drop the F-bomb at RuPaul.
    I’ll say it..
    You’re childish and rude.  No one is being swayed to have a favorable impression of transgenders by this blog space.

  28. Jennifer Finney Boylan says:

    I try to call people by the terms they would like to be called. ruPaul doesn’t have a problem with the T word, but LOTS of trans people do. Including me.

    • Christine Smith says:

      And LOTS of trans people don’t.

      But let’s proceed from the premise that it’s a slur: I assume you’re familiar with Gandhi’s edict “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Is screaming slurs over the fence at each other the change you want to see?

      • Ann says:

        I’m sure Rick Santorum agrees with you. BTW – he also said his tactics wouldn’t work with all people, but it would with the Brittish. How do you assess it’s utility here? Can trand people say…have any kind of effective boycott of the products of transphobes? Highly unlikely.

        • Christine says:

          Your invocation of Santorum is a gratuitous smokescreen. Throwing out the name of a bigot is no justification for anything unless you accept their misdeeds as a template for your own behavior.

          You misunderstand Gandhi to embarrassing effect. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is not a tactic, it is a principle. Although tactics change by necessity, principles are immortal. 

          • Ann says:

            You misunderstand – I’m not raising Santorum – I’m raising the concerted effort to slur him as an example of what’s not happening here. The post here uses the slur to try and jar people into understanding that what they’re doing by showing it in terms they can identify with. I don’t see you challenging the other rather long term slurring. I don’t even see you strongly challenging the slur that that printed this article.

            I see you blaming the victim. And you misunderstand the change I want – I want trans people to have some power. You want them to be saints. Perhaps both of those are unattainable goals. But I’m not going to blame us for what others do to us – you shouldn’t either.

          • Pinkbatmax says:


            Power to what end? The will to power is not in and of its self a means to the greater good. The ‘power’ to diminish others always diminishes ourselves. I want us to be ethical because only ethical direction molds power into positive change and creates something positive. Without that, power becomes destructive quickly and in the end consumes ourselves as well.

          • Ann says:

            Sophistry – you want us to be dependents and punching bags. You would deny us agency until we meet your standard of perfection – all the while not holding others to your standards in any proportional manner.

            Again – show where you’re spending as much effort taking on those slurring us as you do on us calling them on it.

            It’s always better when the disenfranchised gain some power, even if they’re as imperfect as those oppressing them. Waiting for our human perfectability prior to acting would prevent your even questioning this article.

  29. Tranny was apparently coined by the Australian Transgender community many decades ago as a welcoming umbrella term to describe the interconnected transgender community. Which is why some transphobic transsexuals who are bigoted against Bi-Gender trans find it offensive. While others have allowed it to be demonised into a dirty word in America. Resulting in American trans people telling Australian ones not to use Our Word. Sorry but while the word can be used offensively like all words can not only is it not intrinsicly offensive but to support the word being offensive is itself both Transphobic and Culturally Imperialist. Ru-Paul might be possibly struggling with a mess of Internalised Transphobia and has said a lot of harmful rubbish but yes drag is still inherantly a part of trans with a key role in trans history and trans rights history.

    • Gothitek says:

      Actually, it was first coined by the Porn industry. To talk about “Chicks with Dicks” on their magazines. of course, it may have then been adopted by an official org. 

      Regaurdless of which came first however. The pornographic use is the one that really stuck and perpetuated the use. It was used to chalk trans women up as nothing but a fetish. Not “real woman” and that is where it got its steam as very. very negative term. It just sort of rolled on from there. 

      There are a lot of words that if you look back, are actually from pretty messed up roots and original meanings. Some that you wouldn’t expect. 

  30. flow in says:

    this is the zeitgeist. time for trans people to reclaim their term.
    trans identification is pretty clear – you have an abiding desire to change to or belief that you are of a different gender to that of your birth.
    ie, born a man, think you are a woman (and probably do something about it).
    sexually fetishistic birth-gender identified activity is NOT trans.
    a male cross dresser is NOT trans, unless they also think they are female.

    the trans umbrella has been spread too wide.

  31. Anonymous says:

    the same side lmao, I am tired of the gay ink telling us we are on the same side and we got you’re back. No you haven’t. We have our back. You dont speak for us and nor should you ever. Gay people everywhere, CHECK YOU’RE PRIVILEGE.
    you treat us like we have no say in regards to how we are treated. 

    Transphobia from gay men is worse then the garden variety of cis gendered bs because these clowns should know better. 

    The F Bomb is way over due if u ask me.

    trans/intersex activist Sydney Australia

  32. Anonymous says:

    trans mysogyny is the playground of gay men

    I’m am tired off the Gay Inc and their lack of “get a clue”

  33. RuPaul made it quite clear back in the 90's he was a gay man. He is also a cookie chomping sellout who has defended a white gay man who does a blackface drag show that African Americans across the spectrum consider offensive.

    RuPaul does not speak for our community, and it's past time gay oppressors stop looking at him as an authority on the transgender community because he isn't.

    • yeah i agree Monica … i saw his comments about the word "tranny" and it made me really concerned… just because RuPaul is OK with the word doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt other people!!

    • John Amen…. It's the Golden Rule, not being PC (how I hate that fracking conservaterm). Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      We're sick and tired of being sick and tired in the trans community of f GL people disrespecting our humanity. Since being polite hasn't worked with y'all, what should we have done to get your attention that the t-word is a slur and don't fracking use it?

      Can you hear us now? Good.

      If you don't want transpeople using the words you GL people consider insulting to you as GL people, then don't use a word we consider a slur.

    • Monica Roberts I respectfully disagree.. returning an act of violence (and hate speech is an act of violence) with an act of violence is never the way to win. It lowers you and allows your oppressor to win.

    • @Daniel, violence? really? Sometimes people in this community make me SMH at how casually they throw that word around when a marginalized group gets tired of being verbally abused and speaks up for itself.

      So what part of the previous comment was 'violent?

      Was demanding that the GL community respect trans people's humanity by not using a word we consider a slur 'violent'?

      Was stating transpeople were sick and tired of being disrespected 'violent'?

      Or was it because of the ethnicity of the person delivering the message that it's 'violent'?

    • Buni Gamez says:

      I think in respect to both sides of this conversation a consideration to Dr. King would be in respect. I understand Daniels stance and I definatly understand Monicas also, however for someone to consider the title itself denotes everything that Dr. King stood against, he strongly believed violence or abuse of any kind was not the path, HOWEVER he did not respond with negative or vulgarness. He did infact educate us to a higher standared. Rupaul has worked himself to an admiral world of fame in a field highly unlikely, and it must feel good to him to finally fit in somewhere…..I think maybe hes tired of being on the outskirts and finally is enjoying some "5minute fames" hopefully he will become properly educated by someone unexpected and will change his thoughts and how he speaks out…

    • Melissa Marie Alexander says:

      I have never considered him to be part of the transgendered community or to be able to even speak as a transgender

    • But the white gay male dominated gay media, continues to push him as a 'trans expert' and we're tired of that

    • Monica Roberts "If you don't want transpeople using the words you GL people consider insulting to you as GL people, then don't use a word we consider a slur."

    • Not all GLB people use the "t" word, I personally find it disgusting… some of us are trying our best to be authentic allies to our fellow human beings. So using or DEFENDING the use of hate speech is offensive. It is an act of violence. It diminishes EVERYONE and only adds more hate into the equation. Personally I think we have enough of that in this world.

    • Trans people SHOULD demand respect for their humanity, they SHOULD be sick and tired the use of slur words by people who claim to be allies to them. They SHOULD question those who claim to represent and speak for them. But, if the only way that can be accomplished in your eyes is by using hurtful and offensive language, violence or disrespect in return (or saying it's okay for those things to happen) then you are only adding to the problem and it will bring you down every time.

    • As an ally, as someone who has stood time and again for my fellow human beings, use of the word "faggot" hurt me.. as did your defense of it. Be the change, Monica, not part of the problem.

    • That being said, RuPaul really needs some education on this. His comments show a complete disconnect from the reality of the lives of transpeople.

    • Chelsea Sayre says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates Your comments (I count 13 + 1 you deleted telling me about how your opinion of who is trans is more valid than mine) demonstrate the same disconnect. You've come on here trying to tell trans women who they have to accept as part of the transgender community, and then accuse trans female leaders of "violence" because you're offended that RuPaul got called a faggot. Not you, not all gay men, RuPaul. Let's make something clear: being an ally doesn't give you an ounce of authority to tell me, a woman of trans history, who is part of MY community. Not yours, not RuPaul's, the community trans women will maintain the boundaries of. Your comments demonstrate the ignorance and arrogance typical of LGBT activists. Do you think we throw the word "faggot" around all the time? If you're such an ally why don't you spam up the pages of gay men and gay media using "tranny" and "shemale" REGULARLY instead of the ONE trans activist who used it ONE time SPECIFICALLY about ONE dickwad of a person–who said "Fuck you, tranny jerk!" to begin with?? Shouldn't you be working on repealing DOMA or something anyway?

    • Chelsea Sayre if you are not ashamed of yourself, I am ashamed for you. You are so full of hate and it really shows. And FYI, current projects of mine are working with North Texas school districts to enact non-discrimination policies that include gender identity and gender expression, working on local politicians to drum up support for a 2013 passage of ENDA and YES, relationship recognition which is ALSO an issue that affects the trans community.
      By most definitions of trans, which, as I am sure you know, is a very broad spectrum of gender identities and expressions, RuPaul WOULD be considered trans.. if he does not identity that way, fine, and I agree that he should not condescend to speak for your community. My point was that dictating who is "trans enough" or "the right kind" of trans person is a slippery slope and does more to oppress than to liberate..
      I know I come from a place of white cis privilege, but I DO know the way words can sting, I DO know what discrimination feels like, I DO know what it is like to have someone speak for you who does not represent you. .. if it is NEVER acceptable to use the "t" word than it is NEVER acceptable to use the "f" word. PERIOD.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      "returning an act of violence (and hate speech is an act of violence) with an act of violence is never the way to win"

      Not doing so, however, is always the way to lose.

    • Nika Jewell says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates, if you are not ashamed of yourself, I'll work it into my schedule to be ashamed for you for trying to shame Chelsea. Guilt tripping slimeballery is what I call that. It's the same type of loaded crap I've heard time and time again.

      Don't demean her righteous anger by calling it hate.

      It includes trans*, I swear. Do you honestly expect the trust to still be there after GL activist leaders have abandoned us in the past for the furtherance of GL goals? "Wait, it will come… Incremental progress… Don't rock the boat or we both will lose… We care, truly…" Sure, but GL activists seem to care much more about GL rights. It's to be expected, I suppose.

      "If you're not for us, you're against us and filthy, dirty, discriminatory neanderthal.. If you don't support our views of how this should be handled, you're anti-gay oppressors. If you don't support gay rights despite being tossed to the wolves, you are lower than an escherichia coli bacillus." I'm sorry, what? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

      Look at what's been going down in Maryland. "Yes, it includes transgender…" but there were no trans* individuals on the board that met with to report to the governor. Look at the proposed legislation, it's about sexual orientation, not gender identity. Oily glad-handing GL lobbyists like Cathy Brennan do absolutely nothing to hold, gain, or re-gain trans* trust of GL activists.

      Do you expect everyone to accept your promises of future rights? Will the GL lobbyists stick with us THIS time? Will we be tossed aside again if we become a stumbling block to GL rights? Have you read, understood, and grokked the NTDS results? Exactly how many trans* individuals are involved in your local programs and do they have top-level input? How many do you know on a personal level? Are they welcome in your home? Have you invited them over for dinner?

      The trust was given, but now it's gone. Earn it back.

      I feel that trans* have been so marginalized that we're just the edge of a piece of paper by now. Be wary of paper cuts.

    • Daniel GetEqual Cates I'll take your advice Daniel when I see GetEqual bumrushing and protesting Republican events the same way they did President Obama's

    • Monica Roberts you obviously have not been paying attention then. GetEqual has given tons of attention to Republican candidates. Bachman, Santorum, PERRY (here in Texas we help funeral processions outside our Governor's AFA event in Houston with hundreds of other protestors over his partnering with a known hate group.) Romney, Paul.. I can name specific GetEQUAL actions that have spoken up to ALL of these candidates. We are a completely non-partisan organization and are not going to apologize for holding Obama accountable for the promises he made our community. We would do that same for ANY office holder. Thank you, but please look into that accusation a little closer. I am not here to argue or to point fingers, just to open a dialogue. In doing so I have found a community that is so full of hate and disdain it is sickening. I never said LGB people were perfect, but I can promise you that not all of us are out to hurt you.

    • http://www.ktvb.com/news/politics/Gay-and-Lesbian-advocates-seek-equal-rights-on-MLK-day-137449948.html
      News from the last few days- these are GetEQUAL ID activists fighting for legislation inclusive of our entire community through their "Add the Words ID" campaign. We do more than heckle presidents and we always work to make sure we are representing everyone as authentically as possible.

    • Nika Jewell says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates What do you honestly expect when many LGB activists in the past and present have actively discriminated against and failed to abide by their promises?

      Hate: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or SENSE OF INJURY.

      Yes, there is hate. Yes, it is completely justified. Radical separatist lesbians successfully lobbied to have transgenders removed from the proposed non-discrimination law in NYC. Cathy Brennan and her actions in Maryland and the UN. Two shining examples of trans* activism by members of the LGB activist community.

      Why are you so sickened by the caution, distrust, anger, and, yes, hate and disdain? You said that not all LGB people are out to hurt us… but are they out to help us? Will they abide by their promises? Will they cause us harm by inaction? Will they, in negotiations, choose to drop gender identity protections from proposed legislation AGAIN?

    • Nika Jewell says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates
      "No Idahoan should have to live in fear of being fired just for being gay, or being denied housing or educational opportunities, just based on the fact that they're gay," said Mistie Tolman who is the spokesperson for the movement.

      How many of those sticky notes had stories of trans* job discrimination?

    • Nik Jewell I completely understand WHY there is that level or fear, hate and mistrust.. there are many in the LGB community who have it for each other, straight people, etc.. I am not saying that sometimes that hate and mistrust is not completely justified.. but I also know of many many people from every walk of life and every imaginable identity who are trying their best to be authentic allies. Many have had to work very hard to learn how to be good allies, how to keep from being offensive, how to stop asking so many questions and just accept.. so when those people, and I number myself among them, read a trans activist justifying the use of hate speech toward gay men.. it hurts.. did it hurt RuPaul? I doubt he even read it.. did it hurt gay men and lesbians who use that word carelessly, not caring who it hurts? Nope.. many of them probably find this article funny, if they even read it.. but it did allow all of those bigots to win. It only puts more hatred and intolerance into the world. Instead of taking an opportunity to educate, this has instead become an opportunity to be petty and cruel. I will not be posting here anymore, as my words are seemingly falling on deaf ears who do not want to discuss things rationally and respectfully. It has also been made quite clear by others that I am not welcome as a cis, white male. Goodnight.

    • Whoda Wheredah says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates, you are right to a point. However, it's much more efficient to kick snake off your foot instead of pulling it off your neck.

    • Mental Hijinks says:

      John Dean Equality Domingue all of you take things out of context. its small minded people like you that oppress the BIG picture smh

  34. Shauna Marie O'Toole says:

    RuPaul has no right speaking for the Transgender / Transsexual community! He is a gay man who impersonates women. That is all. It's why I hate going to drag shows – people assume that drag is the same as being Transsexual.

    Drag is a performance. Nothing more.

    • Tammy Rainey says:

      agreed. I have some friends who are drag queens who also identify as transsexuals, but it's only those who have a right to speak to being transsexuals. If you LIKE being a man and have no interest in not being a man, then you do not speak for what i am.

    • To say that "Drag is a performance. Nothing more." is simply rude and nieve. Drag is a lifestyle, and I work tirelessly on fashion, makeup, performance, wigs and a many other aspects. And while you may judge me, I am used to it because I am constantly under scrutiny from both the gay and str8 community, because I put myself out there as an entertainer. I dont' simply try to blend into the social norm, I mock it, in hopes that everyone will find a little bit on comedy in this ridiculous world that we live in.

    • Tammy Rainey says:

      Isa Manzanita I'm not sure that's a convincing argument. Actors, musicians, comedians and writers (to name just a few) work tirelessly on their craft. That by itself isn't relevant to whether or not drag is a performance. Nor is it an insult to call it a performance, you yourself claim the term "entertainer" which is essentially a synonym.

      there is nothing for a drag performer to apologize for, or be judged for, that's irrelevant to the context of this discussion.

      The essential point Shauna made, which is pretty much inarguable, is that (unless the drag performer is also a transsexual) at any given time, you can retire, change professions, and walk away from drag and be an ordinary average man.

      A transsexual can never retire from or change our gender identity – it is inborn, not put on. and that is a massive difference.

  35. I would love to punch that faggot draqster. Pick a Damn gender already stupid fuckin rupaul. You can't hack it as a man or woman.

    • I hope your statement is a bad joke. You are using the exact same language used on transfolk and it does not help your cause. At.all.

      Way to keep the infighting alive and well.

    • John A. Geluso Transpeople have had it with gays and lesbians purporting to authoritatively speak about our lives and while claiming the 'ally' label, acting as oppressors to retard our human rights progress.

    • Dana LaRocca says:

      Can we get over the "f" word already. I spent most of my life being called that. I find it offensive. Yea, really.

    • Monica Roberts It sounds like you are excusing the use of hate speech to fight hate speech. Do some GLB folks act as oppressors while playing the ally card? Absolutely, but not all of us do. Hate speech is an act of violence, regardless of where it is coming from. Is that truly the way to be heard? By doing the same in return?

    • GeeBee Midtown says:

      John, her statement is not a bad joke. It is representative of the pathetic state of so called "trans activism". It's a minority that shouts in a vile tone. Thankfully there is a silent majority of trans people who have earned true respect amongst all segments of the population.

    • Dana Lane Taylor says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates You must not know Monica very well. Award winning hate speech!

  36. Ann says:

    Cathy Brennan is confused. No dear – you’re a dick.

  37. Kathleen says:

    Ah – his ratings must be in the toilett. Time to gin up some controversy!

    So – why do none of the gay guys writing about this consider whether Mr. Charles having a financial interest in portraying trans stereotypes that might influence his opinion of what others should find offensive? They do with a similar situations – say – Adam Sandler playing a gay stereotypes.

    But – this whole thing should be a non- issue. Even John Aravosis says “tranny” is offensive. He’s noted several times how he’s pointed that out to people when dining with them. Where’s the outrage at him for such a terrible thing?

  38. Emelye Waldherr says:

    Mr Charles says he isn't transgender, Cathy, and I think we should take him at his word.

  39. Emelye Waldherr says:

    I posted this on the OnTop page, "Ya know, people shouldn't take things so seriously. Faggot is just another campy, fresh word that is edgy and cool! Especially applied to men who wear women's clothing for money!"

    I hope they get it.

    • Dana LaRocca says:

      It isn't campy or cool. It would not appear in the newspaper I edit unless we were quoting hate speech. Let's use civil language and treat folks with respect.

    • Emelye Waldherr says:

      Dana LaRocca I will when we start getting it in return. I'm sick to death of these people minimizing the pain the word gives us with no equally powerful response. I don't use these words indiscriminately and I think this was a perfectly appropriate time to do so. Besides, although I realize sarcasm doesn't translate into print very well, my statement works on both levels.

    • Emelye Waldherr I am one of those gay men who do not attempt to denigrate my trans brothers and sisters.. so your use of the word "faggot" is offensive and hurtful in my eyes.
      Attacking all gay men because a few are aholes is just not acceptable.

    • Emelye Waldherr says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates I wasn't speaking to you. I was speaking to all of the LGB and straight cis people who think it's OK to marginalize and dehumanize trans people with pejorative slurs just because they think it's somehow cool. Thank you for not being one of those people.

    • Emelye Waldherr I guess my point is that I was called a "faggot" by a black guy a few months ago, it doesn't give me license to run around using the "n" word. It really doesn't matter who it was directed at, returning hate speech with hate speech is not the way to win. It is an act of violence.. and isn't there enough of that in the world?

    • Emelye Waldherr says:

      Daniel GetEqual Cates I get called a tranny in headlines. Of course, it's indirect, but it hurts pretty much the same as when it happens in real life and when I see crap like this:

      “It’s ridiculous! It’s ridiculous!… I love the word “tranny”…And I hate the fact that he’s apologized. I wish he would have said, ‘F-you, you tranny jerk!’”

      Well, I'm sick to death of it. TOO MANY people still think it's OK to use pejorative slurs against trans people. When I see people using euphemisms like, "the T word" the way they say, "the F word" or "the N word" that's when I'll stop pointedly illustrating the equivalency of these pejoratives.

    • Emelye Waldherr then you are lowering yourself and proving to be just as bad. You cannot end hatred by putting MORE of it into play. TRUST ME, I know words can hurt, but if you allow them to make you do the same in return, then THEY win.

    • Dana LaRocca says:

      Emelye Waldherr, you may not always get it in return. I went through my youth being called that, as well as fairy, pansy, sissie, and the like. But somehow I managed never to give it back because I know how it hurts and I don't want to hurt people. It isn't cool to use words that hurt.

    • Emelye Waldherr says:

      Sometimes, when the message isn't reaching down as far as it should, you have to drop to a certain level to get their attention. Mr Charles has been excoriated for his inappropriate use of this kind of language before. He has no excuse for using it again, except to gain attention at the expense of a very marginalized and oppressed community. As I said above, I do not use this kind of language very often. Almost never, in fact. This time, though, it felt appropriate.

    • Daniel GetEqual Cates you're also one of those gay men that list "Ticked Off Trannies With Knives" as one of your favorite flicks. Someone's A. Missing the point of the post and B. not as much of an ally as they claim to be. Faggot is verboten, but Tranny should be celebrated not in word, but in film! *eyeroll*

    • Marti Abernathey Marti, a dear friend of mine who IS trans and actually does identify with the "T" word is IN that film and I liked it to show support for her. Personally I stayed out of the debate over that movie, esp. knowing her and how she identifies. I may find the word detestable, but I will also never tell a person how they can or cannot identify.

    • The same way I know many lesbians who identify as "dykes" and gay men who identify as "queer" or "fags" .. I personally cringe at these words, but I also recognize their freedom to identify as they wish.

    • MY point was that if you are going to blow the whistle on RuPaul and then retaliate by also uttering hate speech, then you are a hypocrite.

    • Dana LaRocca And my partner beat the shit out of me bad enough that the police took her away…take a guess at the words she used to defame me? It wasn't the T word, I assure you.

      This post has NOTHING to do with calling RuPaul a faggot and everything to do with the situational outrage. I am being called a homophobe, yet who in the gay media is calling him transphobic? What I said WAS homophobic, but what he said was no less transphobic than what I said. But the gay community isn't taking him to task for his words. They'll sure as hell jump on me. He meant what he said, in fact he was quite proud of it. I was simply proving a point. You and all the other dissenters simply proved my point for me. Gay outrage matters more than trans outrage. Gay lives matter more than trans lives. Until we wake up to that fact, we will be the perpetual losers.

    • Daniel GetEqual Cates Ok, so it's ok to print in your profile, but you refuse to say it? Just want to make sure we're clear here.

    • Marti Abernathey AT no point did I defend RuPaul.. it was a transphobic statement, plain and simple.
      HOWEVER, a few months ago when an African American called me the "f" word I didn't take that as my cue to use the "n" word in return.
      As for the film. When trans artists choose to use the "t" word, I respect their decision AS A TRANS PERSON to do so. (I.E. "Tranny" Fest in San Francisco which is an all trans film festival.) I told my friend how I felt about the word, but I still am going to support her as an artist and an adult (among many) who identifies with the word.

    • Dana LaRocca I was speaking of my partner…not you. I would NEVER even date you, much less partner with you, even if you were the last person on earth.

      I didn't say "Dana Larocca, my partner, …blah…blah…blah. I was speaking TO you, not about you. Please by a book on reading comprehension, it might help!

      Secondly, you show your true colors by mis-gendering me. I can't really say I'm shocked. This is simply more proof of the kind of person you are.

    • Dana LaRocca furthermore, I could delete your comments and block you. But I won't. I deleted you from my Facebook because I detest you. BBQ and Beer anyone? I choose who I have on my FB page, but Transadvocate's comment section is for all voices. I could have removed your comments for verbal abuse (mis-gendering a M2F transsexual), but I'm leaving them so that others will see who you really are.

    • Dana LaRocca I feel sorry for you. You knowingly mis-gendered me and are using demeaning invectives instead of addressing my points. Is there something else bothering you, that you'd be so vitriolic and hateful?

      My post wasn't calling RuPaul a faggot, but calling him out for his transphobia. I used a homophobic title that mirrored his own, to prove a point. Nothing more. You've attacked me personally, without using any words of hate, yet you have spewed hatred towards me. Context is everything. I only hope that people clearly see the context in all of this (in RuPaul's comments, mine, and yours).

    • Dana LaRocca says:

      Marti Abernathey, I don't know anything about misgendering you. I do not know you. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I never new if you were male or female, how could I? Your name is like Chris, or Dana, or Leslie. I recall that you friended me once on FB and then cursed me out, that's really all I know or recall about you. The "fuck you" and "faggot" language sounded very penetrational so i guessed you were a guy. So OK, your not. That's fine with me. You can be whatever you want to be, that's what the umbrella is all about, right?

      The title of your article is "Rupaul: Fuck You, You Silly Faggot!" Now you say your post "post wasn't calling RuPaul a faggot." What kind of nonsense is that?

      You think you "proved a point"???

      Yes you did, you proved a point about your own character young lady.

    • Dana LaRocca it's irony of the highest order. I simply took what he said, which was "F-you, you tranny jerk!", and turned it into "Fuck You, You Silly Faggot!" to show that what he said was transphobic. NO ONE was talking about it in that light. Until Autumn Sandeen covered it at PHB earlier this evening, no one in the gay press had called him on his DEEPLY transphobic and hateful rhetoric besides me.

      My conviction is based on the words of Bayard Rustin, who said:

      "Our job is not to get those people who dislike us to love us. Nor was our aim in the civil rights movement to get prejudiced white people to love us. Our aim was to try to create the kind of America, legislatively, morally, and psychologically, such that even though some whites continued to hate us, they could not openly mainifest that hate. That's our job today: to control the extent to which people can publicly manifest antigay sentiment."

      My goal with Kelly Osborne, with Neil Patrick Harris, and with RuPaul was to create an environment where anti-transgender sentiment isn't given a free pass. Where transphobia isn't allowed to be ignored or goes unacknowledged. I feel like that though I've been castigated by some, my mission was a success. People are starting acknowledge what he said was transphobic and unacceptable.

      As far as your apology, it is accepted. I would ask you to check your own misogyny on that though. As if women use language that sounds "penetrational"? You guessed I was a guy on my tone and my word usage? That's highly essentialistic. Essenstialist attitudes in the past would say that women are docile, stupid creatures who simply need to bake pies and STFU. It's that patriarchal attitude that kept women down for hundreds of years. It has nothing to do with the "umbrella", and everything to do with empowering women to be WHO THEY ARE.

      Also, I'd ask that before you gender someone you simply check their FB info: https://www.facebook.com/abernathey/info of which mine clearly states my gender.

    • Jenna Fischetti says:

      Transadvocate contributor: Marti Abernathey (1924 Posts)
      Marti Abernathey is Transadvocate.com's blog editor. SHE'S also a podcaster, activist, and radiologic technologist in Madison, Wisconsin. SHE'S been a part of various internet radio ventures such as TSR Live!, The T-Party, and The Radical Trannies, to name a few. As an advocate SHE'S previously been involved with the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance, Rock Indiana Campaign for Equality, and the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition. SHE'S taken vital roles as a grass roots community organizer in The Indianapolis Tax Day Protest (2003), The Indy Pride HRC Protest (2004), Transgender Day of Remembrance (2004), Indiana's Witch Hunt (2005), and the Rally At The Statehouse (the largest ever GLBT protest in Indiana – 3/2005). SHE was a delegate from Indiana to the Democratic National Convention and a member of Barack Obama's LGBT Steering and Policy Committee.

      And they claim ignorance to your gender?

  40. Joney Harper says:

    I have heard RuPaul state he is not, so why does the media always attach him to it? I often hear Drag Queens call themselves “Tranny.” of course the only place it seems envogue is in the Gay Male Community.

    As for RuPaul, he is irrelevant to me where the gender variant community is concerned. As for the community, we have enough trouble defining who we are to the world, rather than fighting RuPaul in our issues with anything.

  41. Christine says:

    “Two Wrongs Make A Right” is a petty, small, and cowardly creed. Shame on you.

  42. Ahem, FUCK YOU Cathy Brennan, whatever you are.

  43. By your same logic, as a gay man, I find your use of faggott to be incrediably bigoted. I am a gay man, and therefore, I own exclusive right to the word, just as you claim use over “trannies”.  This logic doesn’t work.

    By most definitions, RuPaul would be described as trans, since a word’s definition is not defined by one person or even a small community (you) but rather society as a whole. And since the world doesn’t yet (unfortunately) see the difference between transvestite and a transperson, trans fits the bill for RuPaul whether you want it to or not.

    And the origin of the word trans would probably be placed at transvestitite, not transsexual, since transsexual is a much newer word and might actually have been coined after the slang term trans was. And since then you might not actually be what trans is describing, perhaps you don’t have the right to say (by your logic) how it’s used.

    Notice that in this response, I do not once call you names. Please learn to do the same when responding to others’ opinions. That’s called civility and it’s how public discourse is done.

    • Nicole says:

      This has nothing to do with ‘word ownership’ [ my god that sounds silly ] – this has everything to do with extending a simple gesture of respect that you’re fighting tooth and nail not to extend. It’s only difficult for those who harbor some level of contempt for the receiving end. 

      The word ‘tranny’ isn’t an absolutely necessary word to use, and yet your protecting the use of it like a precious metal to me speaks volumes about you. It’s best to not use a word, not because you think it does or doesn’t ‘belong’ to you, rather because of the narrative you’re contributing to. The word tranny is a loaded and derogatory for too many people. It’s not a classy word to use, and that should be enough.

  44. By your same logic, as a gay man, I find your use of faggott to be incrediably bigoted. I am a gay man, and therefore, I own exclusive right to the word, just as you claim use over “trannies”.  This logic doesn’t work.

    By most definitions, RuPaul would be described as trans, since a word’s definition is not defined by one person or even a small community (you) but rather society as a whole. And since the world doesn’t yet (unfortunately) see the difference between transvestite and a transperson, trans fits the bill for RuPaul whether you want it to or not.

    And the origin of the word trans would probably be placed at transvestitite, not transsexual, since transsexual is a much newer word and might actually have been coined after the slang term trans was. And since then you might not actually be what trans is describing, perhaps you don’t have the right to say (by your logic) how it’s used.

    Notice that in this response, I do not once call you names. Please learn to do the same when responding to others’ opinions. That’s called civility and it’s how public discourse is done.

    • Big kate says:

      sorry mate but you have not a frigging clue what your speaking about. Gay in the context of meaning homo/bisexual  is much newer word than transexual which dates from the fifties along with transvestite. a whole different set of words were used in the 20/30’s e.g. congenital invert

      You probably think Gay only refers to men – when originally it meant what our communities  now mean by queer. you probably also believe bisexuals aren’t gay either

      I could be utterly wrong. I not in position to comment on the use of the word faggot, you are. But as a dyke and as a tranny, i believe in reclaiming the hate words that are used against us so that we remove the sting

      • Ann says:

        Actually – transsexual was coined by Magnus Hirschfeld back in the first decade of the 1900’s – if memory serves.

      • Wilberforce says:

        I agree. And I think that’s the root of the misunderstanding.
        Gay men use all kinds of words, Mary, girl, faggot, flaming queen, wrist challenged, etc… But we use them with pride and affection. When we heard trans folk using the t word, we assumed that as family we could use it too.
        Maybe that was the mistake. Maybe trans people just don’t think of us as family, and never did.

        • Ann says:

          What’s interesting is that you don’t hear trans people using those words for gay men – nor do you hear them telling gay men they should just get over it when they complain about them being used by straight people or folks trying to make money off of using them. Pretty much everyone in the community had your back on that.

          If you disagree – point to some examples. Any important trans people out There saying the F word is fine to use? Any of us using it all the time on television ? No.
          Then why the strum and drang over this? It’s because you don’t hold yourselves to the same standards you demand of us.

          • Wilberforce says:

            Changing the subject again with irrelevance.
            Who was talking about straight people? It’s not about what they say. They’re not family. And we don’t mind if you use the work respectfully.
            Really, I can’t stand the circular misdirection. It’s the same game they play at Bilerico. And I shouldn’t even be here.

          • Ann says:

            Gotcha – you can’t back up your statements . So, rather than just admit such – you claim it’s got something to do with something someone did somewhere else. Slink away & hope no notices.

            You made claims – you couldn’t back them up. People here made claims – they could. I know I never heard a trans person in TV saying for months someone or thing was a hot f’y mess. But – I’ll bet if there was & other trans people on TV saw him or her being called out on it by GLAD, John Aravosis & Dan Savage – you wouldn’t see a bunch make the same mistake. And you wouldn’t see boatloads of us being apologists for their homophobic statements.

  45. Nicole says:

    I’ve posted this at ‘Joemygod’ in response to the threads there that linked here at some point. I wanted to post it here as well.”As a transwoman myself ( +1 authority on the subject ) this thread is both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Lets nock them down -    A) There is a SERIOUS double standard when talking about trans-issues when compared to gay issues.   Clearly the narrative here amounts to “If you get called a tranny, just shut up and be cool with it. Grow up and be mature.” However, when Transadvocate posts a response article titled “Fuck you, you silly faggot,” suddenly the message goes out the window, and we all hear cries of outrage toward Transadvocate. Those are cries of people who have completely missed the irony of the response article, and in a big way help prove the point of the author.   B) I would ask RuPaul to tell every transperson who has ever been bullied to death that “If you feel offended, well that’s your own damn fault. Stop being offended” If he said that about a gay kid hearing the word faggot, can you imagine the hell storm?   But when directed at the trans community, it’s totally fine. Seriously? That’s grade A, processed, blue ribbon bullshit. Transpeople aren’t allowed to be offended when trans-derogatory terms are thrown around now? When the trans community talks about transphobia in the gay community, they’re usually talking about basic ignorance, such as what this controversy seems to be about.    C) Finally, since when does someone who isn’t trans have the right to tell the trans community what should or shouldn’t offend them?   For clarification, when someone says “trans-person” they are usually talking about a ‘transexual’ person, not cross dressers. I’ve only ever heard a trans-person use the word “tranny” when they were trying to be ironic. Transexuals don’t go through hell to meet the destination of being a tranny. Transpeople who were male bodied are trying to be female bodied. The word tranny trivializes this process. Out of respect, it just isn’t worth using anymore.   At this point, I’m almost expecting to hear someone say ‘You’re a trans-person. What the hell do you know about this subject’. “

    • Anonymous says:

      To those of you (and those on twitter too) that question my use of the word faggot… read this comment 10000x times. #lgbt #transgender

    • Christine says:

      The ‘irony’s’ hardly subtle. People understand this post, they simply find it petty and mean.

      • megan says:

        In case you haven’t noticed, being kind and sensitive about asking the cis LG community to check their use of the word “tr*nny” hasn’t been working all that well. Sometimes being blunt is justified, and I think that this is one of those times.

        • Christine says:

          Countering hate speech with hate speech is always petty and mean, however you justify it.

          • Anonymous says:

            You apparently don’t understand how irony works. I was using his own words to prove him a bigot. Of course the usage of “faggot” is vulgar and homophobic. This isn’t tit-for-tat. I’m not calling him a faggot at all. I’m asking the question if we take him at his word and change the invective, is it still OK? 

          • Christine says:

            My grasp of irony is fine. You were echoing his words to justify the fleeting self-gratifying thrill of being just as nasty as he was. Pretending otherwise insults your readers and diminishes you.

          • this isn’t irony. its rude and hateful! 

          • megan says:

            Petty and mean? Maybe. Do you have any suggestions for a working alternative that will actually get the attention of the cis LGs that insist on continuing to use the t-bomb in a petty and mean way? We already know asking nicely doesn’t work.

      • Nicole says:

        Because what RuPaul said wasn’t petty and mean. Gotcha.

        No, that’s bullshit. According to RuPaul, it would only be offensive if ‘you believed it,’ so we can call RuPaul a faggot, and any gay person a faggot without apology – it shouldn’t matter so long as you don’t see yourself that way. 

        Your reaction dictates that clearly it does matter. Look, it amounts to this: If trans-people shouldn’t be offended at the use of a derogatory word, then where do you come off saying we’re being ‘mean’ for using the word faggot?

        The truth is, you’re right. It’s is mean – it’s ugly, and it’s uncalled for – and it’s offensive and it’s a loaded word – but in the exact same ways the word ‘Tranny’ is as well. It SHOULDN’T be rocket science to figure out that being called a faggot and being called a tranny make you feel pretty much the same way for the same reasons. 

        There’s no good excuse to call someone a tranny – there just isn’t – and a black gay man trying to make this case is being a hypocrite no matter how you look at it.

        • Christine says:

          I’ve never taken much stock in “but he did it first” as an excuse for nasty behavior. I’m bewildered that you and so many others here believe it is.

          Do you think RuPaul took note of this? Do you think RuPaul has changed his mind because of this blog post? What was accomplished but exchanging hate for hate? Not a thing, we’re simply diminished in the act.

          • kellibusey says:

            Smashing the privilege gay people have long had, a perceived superiority and ownership of transgender dichotomy ain’t’ pretty. Sometimes you just got to call it like u sees it.

          • Danielscottcates says:

            Kelli, as a leader in this community you should be ashamed of yourself. Exchanging an act of violence (and hate speech IS an act of violence) as payback for an act of violence only lets the oppressor win.

          • kellibusey says:

            You’re absolutely right Daniel there was no need for this tit4tat name calling because the gay community crucifies their members who prey on transsexuals with defamatory language.Yeah, right.Well at least you give RuPaul what for when he, the Dallas Voice and all the gay media mafia  attacked me on planetransgender.Wait, you didn’t say anything.Cates we are sick and fucking tired of gay people using us for their commercial gains by defaming us.FUCK THAT. That’s not happening anymore.What really bothering you is that I I am saying faggot. That word is what people scream at you they are beating you, just like tranny.
            If you read my profile you will see I identify as a radical trans activist. It does not read gay it says transgender. So when a gay man like RuPaul defames us I will do the same as if I was attacked by a NeoCon.

          • oh ok. says:


          • Christine says:

            Let’s be real: this is an act of preaching to the choir, and taking masturbatory gratification in saying ‘naughty words’.  Not a thing was smashed here but the writer’s dignity.

    • Anonymous says:

      yay get a clue Gay men

    • Keira Mackay says:

       Well said Nicole

  46. Wotmt88 says:

    just checking, but since when is a transvestite not covered under the blanket term ‘trans’, when transgendered and transsexual are included as well?  And if the author thinks that LGB are so different from T as to have no ground to speak for T, then why bother grouping LGBT together at all?  Either we’re a community or we’re not.  White people can’t speak for black racial issues because white people are not a part of the black community.  But gays are commonly branded as part of the larger LGBT community.  I can see why there’d be confusion.

    • Anonymous says:

      .@rupaul isn’t a transvestite. His Jimmy Choos are his work uniform, not his life.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re not a lesbian, try using the word dyke in the company of lesbians & get back to me.

      • Big kate says:

        and i’m sorry fo you that you allow others people hate words control you.
        when people tell me I’m a fucking dyke  I smile and wave
        same when a bunch of dykes call me a tranny
        i refused to be ashamed of who i am
        Oh and ru paul is a wonderful and proud member of the transgender community and were lucky to have someone so fearless

        next thing you’ll be telling me is that transexuals who are stealth or subtle/woodworking aren’t transgender

        • megan says:

          Actually, RuPaul has gone out of his way to make it clear that he doesn’t consider himself to be trans. In light of that, I can’t see how he’s part of the community, no matter how hard some people try to say otherwise.

      • I’ve done that very thing.  They smiled and said, “I resemble that remark!” lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Can Asians use the “n” word because they are people of color?  Of course not. Just because U R part of a larger group doesn’t mean u can use the smaller group’s slur.

      • Wotmt88 says:

        I’m sorry, I don’t mean any offense, but COME ON, we are all clearly on the same side.  It just comes off as silly to attack people who very much support your rights and issues.  That’s why LGB people and allies feel comfortable saying tranny, because we assume that there’s no way you would think we are disparaging you.  Instead, this hypersensitivity is counterproductive and divisive.

        • Wilberforce says:

          I’m learning that we’re not part of the same community after all. For years I thought we were, and I didn’t mind if L, B, and Ts called me faggot. We’re family, and I assumed they were using the word from affection. The fact that Ts don’t allow us to use the t word says something. But even more, review the lies and venom that trans folk have thrown at gay men for the past year. That says it all. The gay community are still trying to be friends. But I for one have had enough.

          • Ann says:

            And that’s such a tragic loss to us all. It must be quite a burden for you, being asked not to use a slur. However do you cope? Was therapy involved?

          • Wilberforce says:

            I don’t use the t word, as you may have noticed from my post. And that wasn’t the main point of it anyway.
            Any other circular bull—- you want to draw me into?

          • Ann says:

            You don’t use it; presumably as you respect others consider it a slur; but you’re offended that others who do use it are asked to follow your example?

            I’m at a loss to understand the point you’re trying to make.

          • Wilberforce says:

            My point is that trans folk have shown contempt for gay men for the past year. The fact that everyone else in the community can use these words for each other but we can’t with you shows that you regard us as enemies.
            But that’s a minor point. You don’t like the word. So fine, we don’t use it.
            The real point is the hatred and lies that have been thrown at us for the last year by trans activists. Could I make it any plainer? Is there another way for you to ignore the issue?

          • Pinkbatmax says:

            You’re not wrong. Just keep in mind that the loudest voices aren’t necessarily delivering the majorityopinion.

          • Anonymous says:

            gay men are being ass clowns around trans woman.Dont tell us what offends us. gaystream =mainstream 

          • Ann says:

            Yes – you could. What lies ate being told here? Is every trans person responsible for everything you hear and don’t like?

            Personally – I think friends can use what language they want privately with each other . But if a trans person was using the f word and saying it’s OK for everyone to use it – it’s just fine for trans folk to make money off of it – and that non-lgbt folk can go right ahead and use it in the titles of movies & on television to refer to gay men; I’d call them out on it.

            And I wouldn’t blame gay men for being to damn sensitive & not letting me use a word.

            Sorry that you’ve got a chip on your shoulder over trans people calling gay guys out when they act like asses – not so sorry that I won’t knock it off – but hey – I didn’t put it there. It must have been difficult to balance for so long.

          • Anonymous says:

            me too, 16 years of transition and nothing but cheek from gay men and drags. A little over these plebs trying to mess our shit up. Yeah I’m angry. Makes me want to shout FAGGOT at the top of my voice to illustrate the hypocrisy
             of the gay inc.

          • Wotmt88 says:

            and you know what, we fags won’t give a shit if you do shout faggot off the mountain tops.  grow up, sticks and stones, my tranny friend

          • Anonymous says:

            and some would hate it.

            therefore I dont do it

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes. Clearly. Well except in legislation in Massachusetts, New York, and soon to be Maryland.  Oh, and ENDA.  Shame on us hypersenstive trans people who expect to be treated as we treat others. Shame on us for wanting the same rights, and wanting gays and lesbians to stand beside us in our fight for equality. 

  47. Kat says:

    “It’s ridiculous! It’s ridiculous!… I love the word ‘tranny’…”

    Well, Mr. Ru, I know a number of white people who “love” a certain word that begins with “n.”


    Not redneck KKK members and Rick Perry acolytes.  I mean a number of white people who are as gay and non-trans as you are.

    When next I see any of them, I’ll be sure to mention that loving a word atones for all sins connected to its usage – meaning that they now have your permission to use n-bombs with impunity.

    • dlpkcw says:

      I doubt he would care if you walked right up to him and called him a low down dirty, niggerfaggot…
      I’m sure he would find you to be an amusing little nuisance…instead of a reason to write an article and have a fit about how people don’t like him very much.
      RuPaul has been in the spotlight because of his own hard work, and I for one am proud of him as a human being who is working toward my own entrepreneurship. 
      If you’re unable to appreciate him for what he does and says, then don’t.
      Just don’t get your panties all bunched over the fact that there ARE people who are very interested in what this successful businessman has to say.

      • Ann says:

        Aahh…he’s a businessman, so we should love him. Isn’t that cute!

        Businessmen should never be questioned over what they do, not Tracy Morgan’s words, or Goldman Sachs, or frackers or BP. If it makes money – it’s good by defintion. Hell – even David Duke should be cut slack for what he said as he turned a pretty penny.

        If you’re unable to appreciate what David Duke has to say s & does than don’t. But don’t go sniffing panties in the meantime dlpkcw.

  48. Anonymous says:

    No. Never acceptable. Unlike politicians, I don’t claim that I’ve been right my entire life. Sure the context is different (just as the n word is, when used by people of color), but I do think it was a mistake using that in a title.  Also I’d point out that the meaning and usage of words change. Words like “colored” and “retarded” and “cripple” used to be acceptable, but are now considered a slur.

    • Big kate says:

      actually speaking as a raspberry* myself those of us in the disabled community are reclaiming that word  to

      *raspberry = raspberry ripple i.e. rhyming slang for cripple  or crip

      so I guess I’m a fucking tranny dyke crip

      • Ann says:

        You can reclaim that word – I can not. This trivial point seems surprisingly difficult for some guys to grasp. At least – when it comes to us. It’s like they’re personally insulted that we have agency. That we have the temerity to say that we’re as good as you. Irony intended.

  49. Anonymous says:

    No. Never acceptable. Unlike politicians, I don’t claim that I’ve been right my entire life. Sure the context is different (just as the n word is, when used by people of color), but I do think it was a mistake using that in a title.  Also I’d point out that the meaning and usage of words change. Words like “colored” and “retarded” and “cripple” used to be acceptable, but are now considered a slur.

  50. Really? says:

    Right out of Orwell’s Animal Farm. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

  51. Cathy Brennan says:

    I am confused. I thought the Transgender Umbrella would "cover" men who dress up "as women." Isn't that what this post says? http://transmeditations.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/why-i-love-cross-dressers/

    Way to stay classy, Transadvocate!

    • Max Vincent says:

      Are you really that stupid, Cathy Brennan? Or do you just act like it in print?

    • Cathy Brennan says:

      Max Vincent Keep talking. It's helpful.

    • Max Vincent says:

      Cathy Brennan: I WILL keep talking and use your own words while I am at it–"Yes, I am surely a piece of shit." Game, set and match.

    • Dana LaRocca says:

      Max Vincent, Calling people "stupid" on Facebook is a little childish. Personally, I have learned a lot from her.

    • Cathy Brennan says:

      Please never stop talking – people are getting hip to how ridiculous many of the things promulgated here are.

    • Oh, what the hell, I'll jump in on this. As someone who would tentatively include RuPaul on a transgender spectrum even. However, given RuPaul's self identification as both a Gay Man and a Drag Queen, I would say he falls at rather an extreme limit of that spectrum.

      He doesn't fit any contemporary definition I've seen of a "crossdresser", so no go there. He also doesn't seem to have any particular issues with his gender or desire to alter it for anything other than performance. Which realistically speaking means the larger than life "RuPaul" is technically a character played by RuPaul Andre Charles.

      Therefor, it seems logical to state that "RuPaul" is in no position to be constantly making such blanket statements about a community in which he is only tenuously a member, and on the fringes at that. Heck, I don't even really have much of a problem with the word "tranny" myself. I've floated my share of arguments and taken a good bit of criticism. I'm both much more solidly immersed in any definition of "transgender" you might use and a much less visible "celebrity".

      RuPaul is a very visible, alt-culture celebrity. Not only do I think it's wrong for people to keep touting him as an "expert". I also believe that Mr. Charles should be a great deal more sensitive to his own standing as someone that, for good or worse, people do listen to.

    • Max Vincent says:

      Dana LaRocca: who died and left you in charge of what people can write on this post? What I find more immature is Cathy Brennan's constant harassment of the folks she claims to "fight" for. Revealing that you learned a lot from her doesn't impress most folks on this post. All Ms. Brennan does is draw attention to herself instead of the topic at hand.

    • Cathy Brennan Once a predator, always a predator. Right, Bug?

    • Nika Jewell says:

      Cathy Brennan "people are getting hip to how ridiculous many of the things promulgated here are."
      True. For you to profess to be a trans* activist or advocate is patently ridiculous based on your actions and comments. People are beginning to see through your smoke, mirrors, bread, circuses, and dog and pony shows.

    • Thia Jones says:

      Cathy Brennan: "I am confused" – i think most of us were aware of that, pleased to see you've caught up…

    • Cathy Brennan says:

      please never stop talking, this is useful

    • Cathy Brennan : So you can cut/paste this back at the "echo chamber" you and your slimy 'radfem' friends inhabit? Here are some more of your own words for your collection:

      "Transsexuals are women in name only"

      Pretty useful, right Bug?

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