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February 19, 2015
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April 6, 2015

Romance Writer Roslyn Holcomb Says She Would Have Shot Trans Woman In Planet Fitness Locker Room

By Autumn Sandeen


One of the fairly regular commenters on GenderTrender is Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, a published writer of color. She’s been interviewed by USA Today, she has twenty-three books reviewed on Goodreads, and you can buy her books on Amazon. Basically, she’s a moderately well known author in the romance genre.

She apparently is also a trans exclusionary radical feminist, abbreviated as TERF.

Holcomb made a comment on the GenderTrender post “We must look, act and live the part” about the Planet Fitness story. In the comment, Holcomb writes that if she were still carrying a gun she’d shoot visibly trans women in gym locker rooms.

Unfortunately, at this point it’s not just the right wing. Much as I hate to say it, but as a staunch supporter of gay rights all my adult life I’m really starting to reconsider positions I’ve taken in the past. I’m furious as hell at gay men with their ‘bros before hoes’ stance, and if I could take back the support I’ve given them over the years I would. The lack of reciprocity on this issue makes me extremely angry and I would probably vote for any number of those draconian laws. If they don’t care about us, and they’ve made it clear they don’t give a damn if these crazy bastards kill us all, why should I care about them?

The incident doesn’t have to happen in Mississippi. There are a lot of states with open carry, carry anywhere and Stand Your Ground laws on the books. I know in my state you only have to ‘feel’ threatened and you have the right to kill. I don’t know about you, but seeing the likes of ‘Carlotta’ in my bathroom would make me feel threatened as all fuck, and if I still carried I probably wouldn’t hesitate to shoot. I know a lot of women who carry and feel the same way. And don’t even get me started on the men. I really don’t know what TeamTrans endgame is, but as I’ve said before, it’s interesting watching it play out, and I hope no one has to die for this fucknuttery, but I fear that’s what’s coming. And despite all their outcry about TWOC the first time some black guy walks up on a white woman in the toilet he’s going to be deader than hell. It’s incredibly irresponsible of them, but then again when have they ever acted responsibly?

Thumbnail link: Roslyn Hardy Holcomb comment on GenderTrender dated March 23, 2015, stating 'seeing the likes of Carlotta in my bathroom would make me feel threatened as all fuck, and if I still carried I probably wouldn’t hesitate to shoot'

Peer romance writers have taken note on Twitter. One, for example, is Isobel Carr, author of New York Times bestseller Ripe For Seduction. She tweeted “Honestly stunned” about Holcolb’s comment in particular, and I am confused by that whole post & horrifed by the comments. That’s a lot of misplaced hate regarding that whole post and comment thread on GenderTrender.

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  • Kit

    Blatant threats and hate speech going completely unchecked by the overculture. Is it any wonder so many of us live in fear?

  • dee omally

    This is a written threat to us and to Carlotta.

  • friday jones

    By the way, as far as the lawsuit against Planet Fitness goes, I thought that the “hostile environment” harassment suit was for employees working in an hostile environment, not for members of the public who choose to hire a private service from a private company and don’t like their written policies. What an interesting and ahistorical interpretation of the harassment laws.

  • friday jones

    So she’d murder a butch cis womyn who happened to not fit her stereotypical view of feminine looks, would she? She’d put a bullet or two into Khadijah Farmer perhaps? What a turd of a self-published crap author Roslyn Holcomb is.

  • I didn’t know who she was, even though I love to read widely in the romance genre. I searched her out, without giving her clicks on her site, and I’m grateful for this article so I can avoid giving her my money.

    As the mother of a trans son, this makes my blood run cold. How dare she threaten someone like this? How dare she write off a human life that easily? I’d run into a few things that TERFs had posted on tumblr, and I’d written them off as a tiny fringe group whose bark was louder than their bite. But after reading this….I’m not so sanguine. I cannot believe we live in a country where politicians are supportive of the mentality of people like this sub-human. The other commenter is spot on: she’s got a vigilante fantasy and she’s looking to carry it out asap. I also cannot believe how quickly people have forgotten, esp a woman of color such as this idiot, that we had segregated bathrooms, etc, not that long ago, and how much it held back our country’s progress. This ignorant ideology is dangerous in more than one way.