Right Wing Throwing Transphobic Hatred at Rachel Maddow?

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What would you say if I told you that right wingers on Facebook were throwing transphobic, misogynistic slurs around like this:

“a nasty two cent slut ….h. mmmmmm”

“Whoopie should have held her down and Joy could’ve bitch slapped her. Can’t stand Maddow.”

“That horse faced wench needs to put a stopper in that pie hole.”

“… Maddow isn’t a woman. It incubated, popped through someone else’s chest and somehow learned to speak.”

“If she weren’t so sadly skinny, I’d think she was Ed Shultz in drag.”

“Someone should punch that man.”

“Well that excludes, er, ah, ‘Rachel’…”

“Oh this horse-faced cunt again. Why won’t someone throw a bucket of water on her already.”

“She should follow her own advice, shut her piehole and get back in her 1950’s kitchen.”

“I wouldn’t be unhappy if Maddow gave up her right to vote, own property, have custody of her children, leave an abusive relationship or speak in public.”

“Vapid cunt”

he should marry one of those right wing hate radio guys who think femnists are satanists, the right wing nutter.”

“It’s moments like these that I wish there were witch hunts again. She is the biggest witch and bitch in this country.”

“Does anyone care what this bimbo thinks?”

“I’ll provide a bottle of scotch to anyone that will hit her over the head with it.

“Rachel Maddow was once a man.”

If that did happen, progressives of every stripe would roundly denounce it as the hateful, violent,  disgusting, transphobic, misogynistic hatred that it is.

I really do wish I could say that it was Republicans that said that….

But sadly it is not “crazy right wing Republicans” who said those ugly things and they weren’t talking about Rachel Maddow.  The comments were taken from the “progressive” leaning “We survived Bush. You will survive Obama.” Facebook group, and their vitriol was pointed at Ann Coulter.

One commenter was right on the money. Eddie Garcia wrote:

“Coulter has a knack for bringing out the worst in the best of us. People who otherwise would never dream of making transphobic jokes or using a word like “cunt” suddenly forget those standards every time this woman spews another gout of toxic bile. I always felt that Ann Coulter was best ignored, I do try.”

Progressives, you have a long way to go before you can wear the word “progressive” around your neck. You need to first stop being what you contend you hate and fight against.



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