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March 26, 2014
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Right wing group considering repeal effort targeting Maryland’s new transgender inclusive law

By Kelli Anne Busey


The day after the Maryland house of Delegates passed legislation making discrimination against transgender people illegal, one group has decided to take action against it.

The bill, SB 212 “Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2014” amends the state’s law to include gender identity in work place, housing and public accommodations.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the conservative group MD Petitions emailed supporters telling them:

“”The good news is that we don’t have to accept this bill as law – there is another way to defeat this terrible bill,”

“The group invented an online process in 2011 for collecting signatures, which allowed them to petition a law to referendum for the first time in two decades. By the 2012 election, MdPetitions.org successfully put three laws onto the ballot: same-sex marriage, the congressional redistricting map, and in-state tuition for certain undocumented immigrants. Voters upheld all three.”

The major player in the bills passage,  Maryland TransEquality issued this statement by Carrie Evans, Executive Director of Equality Maryland:

“This is the culmination of a very long and sustained effort by Equality Maryland to ensure transgender Marylanders are included in our state’s anti-discrimination laws. Today’s win is the result of so many people and organizations – transgender individuals and their families showing up and telling their stories year after year, elected officials like Senator Rich Madaleno and Delegates Luke Clippinger, Bonnie Cullison and Joseline Peña-Melynk , many years of dedicated and committed Equality Maryland Board and staff, amazing coalition partners like the Human Rights Campaign and so many more people and organizations that we will highlight in the coming months.”

SB 212 now heads to Governor O’Malley’s desk, who stated at MCTE’s Lobby Day last month, “I am waiting to sign it.”

But not everyone is thrilled about the bills passage. Maryland House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga told Delmarva now

“We need to know whose safety comes first. We should be very concerned about the safety of women and little girls, because what this allows without striking accommodations are possible predators and pedophiles from going in our women’s restrooms,” said Szeliga R-7-Baltimore County. “I think the rights of women and little girls safety should come before that of anyone else.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has
designated “PJI” a hate group
for its campaign using children in their
war against transgender people.

Promoting fear of transgender people using children as a weapon is a time honored tradition of hate mongers and bigots but one that has no basis in reality. The truth.

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  • Friesjones

    I wonder how much the Bug will donate to MD Petitions now.

  • Cpt_Justice

    Their obsession with all this supposed “transgender crime” makes me wonder two things: just WHY is *their* imagination so twisted, *&*, why aren’t they worried about the MUCH HIGHER rate of STRAIGHT sexual assaults…?

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    I am a transgender female. The wrong wing idiots strike again. When are idiots going to realize that good people will do what is right regardless of whether there are zero laws or 10,000 laws, and bad people will do bad things regardless of whether there are zero laws or 10,000 laws. Quit harassing transgender people, and here’s a wild idea for you, actually punish the rapists.

    sarcasm mode on – yea, I have heard of so many rapists that were going to rape a woman who was heading into the bathroom, but then the rapist saw a sign that said women only, oh well, hell, the rapist thought, better not go and rape her in there (because we all know how well rapists obey laws). sarcasm mode off.

  • switcherdawna

    Transpeople are generally cautious to such a degree they/we would avoid situations that would lead to confrontation so much, Transfolks are an easy target, why would one want to risk that?

  • Andy McAwesome

    You know, if you think that a law is going to introduce more rapists into an environment, maybe you should work on being inclusive to all women and being less lenient to goddamn rapists. Instead of punishing transwomen for wanting to use their own restroom, maybe… maybe? I mean this is just an idea… maybe punish rapists more. Hmmm??

    • Cpt_Justice

      Oh, silly you! Trying to bring logic & fairness into this? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

  • The idea that there is this subset of rapists out there politely waiting for trans-inclusive legislation in order to strike is patently ridiculous.

    • Zaron

      And the fact that people would go through the long and often difficult process of transitioning just to ogle at women in the toilets is even more absurd.

      • Emily Crosbie

        Christ, I have been Transitioning for almost half a year and still aviod the ladies loo. Only recently started avioding the mens too where possible.

        • Cpt_Justice

          I wish you all strength & best of luck on your journey.

    • Delphi Omally

      Hoodlums that are among the most violent such as rapists are hard-wired differently. They have a short-circuit mentality. See plunder, take plunder. Get angry hit back. See prey, attack prey. Its immediate gratification from a twisted conscience. This is why they are recidivists.

      A sex transition (MtF) is one of the most difficult achievements anyone can undergo. It is so incredibly difficult that I consider myself to have won the lottery, able to finally be me and never challenged in facilities, with all my hair and zero facial alterations. There are many geometric/symmetric nuances involved aside from mere change of appearance. In advocacy groups, I sadly discovered such was typically not the case as I heard horror stories about using restrooms (have ID showing updated sex handy).

      Undergoing a sex transition in order to access sensitive areas for the nefarious reasons is like flying East from the US East Coast to get to San Francisco.

      TnLGB (Trans not LGB)

  • Dani Smith

    It’s much worse for transmen using men’s restrooms. That’s where the actual assaults occur.
    I don’t think many predators would stand a chance if there were actual transwomen in a restroom or locker room.
    I would seriously take care of someone who tried to fake a trans identity to try this sort of thing. Not that there are that many of course.
    I will protect my sisters and mothers and daughters.

  • The really great news is IF they make the mistake of challenging this bill, they will dramatically increase the liklihood that the 71+% of the state that supports this legislation, will come out to the polls, and any chance they might of had in picking up seats this election will evaporate. But being short sighted is the knock on the Republican party in Maryland…


  • Mikaela

    So I’m confused. Who has seen a transgendered person do anything other than going to the bathroom? Anyone ever been harassed or anything else by a transgender person in the restroom? I haven’t heard of anything.

    • Zaron

      And yet there are plenty of cases of trans people being harassed.

    • Jason

      My brother’s been in in a fight with a Transgender boy in the bathroom. But then again, he pushed me into the bathroom, and we’re siblings, so fighting is normal.
      Now in all seriousness, I’ve never done anything else but go to the bathroom, and fight with my brother. I have no interest in harming anyone. I need to use the bathroom just like everyone else.

  • Delphi Omally

    As if such deviant criminals needed permission to commit their crimes…………”Oh geeze Yosemite Sam! Guess what? You see there’s this new law that will let us thrown on a wig, a pretty dress, toss a purse over our shoulder and we can go on a predatory hunt for prey!”

    Wrong. These sexually twisted perverts that can’t help themselves have simply pulled on door handles and accessed female areas causing unspeakable horrors to females of all ages. Being lawbreakers by nature, they abide by no laws and await no laws to maintain there deviant lifestyle. The reason these laws are becoming standard all over the country is based on the reality that gender and its derivatives/blends are never the causality of crime. The choice to commit crimes stems from human conscience which is apart from being male/female/trans.