Maryland’s Marriage Derangement Syndrome-Fueled Transgendercide Agenda Mushes On…
January 21, 2011
More Gay Marriage-Primacy Prattle
January 23, 2011

‘Old Line’ Indeed

From ‘LGBTQ Nation‘:

Maryland lawmakers are making good on their promise to introduce marriage equality bills in the state legislature this year, and advocates are optimistic that Maryland will soon become the sixth state to legalize same-sex unions.In a symbolic move that underscores the momentum building in the “Old Line” State, majority leaders in both chambers will act as lead sponsors of the bills, with the first such bill introduced in the state Senate on Friday.


I know an old line when I hear it, don’t all of you?

Especially when I’m seeing a whole lot of this:

And when I actually do see something about this:

I get Terry Jacks flashbacks like this:

Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Executive Director of Equality Maryland, explained the smart strategy behind how the two bills are being introduced.  “We purposely had each bill start and move first in a different chamber.  We want to be able to tell the important story of each bill.  That’s why the marriage bill is first in the Senate, the gender identity bill is first in the House where we have such an amazing champion and a very, very favorable committee composition.  So they each have their moment in the sun, then move over to the other chamber with the momentum of an initial passage.”

Well, if those who know what’s best for everyone because they have declared that they know what’s best for everyone have declared that it is smart to have joy and have fun so that our bill will have a season, er…, moment in the sun in 2011, then it must be true.

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  • Kat


    look at the loaded-with-talking-points commenters popping up whenever gay-marriage-primacy is challenged in any way:

    “Real lives are being torn apart because couples can’t marry, whether it’s being unable to obtain residency for a foreign-born spouse….”

    I’ve heard that one somewhere before.

    But my new favorite couldn’t-possibly-be-the-product-of-InsidersOut-agenda-izing proto-meme:

    “The notion that “more important” issues must be completely resolved befre we can address DOMA, DADT is specious. If you see an injured child, you wouldn’t walk away just because bigger problems like war and genocide are also happening.”

    Well, ain’t that just enough to make John Boehner cry?

    “Marriage advocates aren’t the enemy.”

    Alas – some of them are…

    particularly the devious ones.