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December 1, 2011
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December 2, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris Sounds Like A Transphobe


I was alerted to a transphobic statement from Neil Patrick Harris. Trans Femmergy posted Neil Patrick Harris:  I’ve never sounded more like a tranny in my life.  She said:

Nope. But ya do sound just like lots of other trans misogynist gay guys that don’t give two shits about the lives of trans women (Dan Savage and Don Lemon come to mind immediately).

Check out the video link available here (I don’t embed trans-haters).

Great job, NPH. Thanks for using a slur and perpetuating the predatory trans woman meme by rounding off a Buffalo Bill impersonation with “I’ve never sounded more like a tranny in my life.” The idea that it’s acceptable to call trans people “tranny”, as well as the idea that trans women are predators are real issues that impede progress on gender identity-inclusive non-discrimination laws.

Kelly Osbourne could realistically use the excuse that she didn’t know better. But Harris is a gay man in Hollywood. He’s been nominated for a GLAAD media award. He should know better.

Harris currently plays a Barney Stinson on the television series “How I Met Your Mother”. Harris described his character as working in the world of the “dark arts”.  Apparently playing the character  isn’t much of a stretch for Harris. For someone living the life, there’s nothing more dark than transphobia.


  1. Andy says:

    Oh please. It was a mistake for which he swiftly apologized when someone brought it to his attention. People are so quick to label others homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc. when it is clear that they are not. People make mistakes. He’s not a transphobic gay man, but rather a human being who mistakenly said something and then apologized for it.

  2. Poitbrain says:

    And he smells like one too………Damn. I’ve never sounded more like a fag.

    Don’t worry, it’s OK if I say that, I’m part of the community. And I hear gay guys saying it. If that’s a problem – gay guys should really do better education to trans folk on the issue. How the hell am I suppossed to know what such a small piece of the population funds offensive?

  3. […] we need to use them as a tool to educate, not attack. Jumping to the conclusion that he is a “transphobe” or that he “doesn’t give two shits about trans women” is not only extreme, […]

  4. Summer says:

    On top of the name calling, I really resent the fact that someone with an overly deep voice is supposed to remind people of transgender women.  I know that struggling with insecurities with my voice that has kept me up many a tearful night, and countless hours practicing a new voice.   I can’t imagine anyone else with a medical condition having the symptoms pointed at and laughed like this.

  5. While I agree that the term he used is offensive to many, it is still a widely-used word inside and outside the LGBT community. I believe our community needs to do a better job about educating on the fact that it’s an unacceptable and hurtful word.

    Breaking out the torches and pitchforks at this point is entirely counter-productive. Having met Neil on several occasions and having worked with his partner David, I can tell you that if he knew “tranny” was hurtful towards anyone, he would not have used it. This is fully because of a breakdown of communications within our community. Instead of attacking, maybe you should be giving GLAAD a call and asking them to reach out to Neil about this. Maybe then you’d actually accomplish something.

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