More Thoughts On The Gender Binary and Feminism

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For the past week or so, I’ve really had my mind rapped around the “gender binary” and feminism. (maybe it’s because I’m reading Jen Burke’s “Breaking The Binary).” I’m no expert on either, so I’m looking for some direction on direction on the issue. I understand what the gender binary is “the idea that there are only two groups that a person, action, or behavior can belong in: male or female.” All the reading I’ve done lately seems to indicate that feminists desire to destroy the binary (as I’ve said before, I believe the binary is fiction). I’m serious about this… what would the world like like to you, with a broken binary? I’ll be honest with you, visions of Ellen G. White’s “reform dress” come to mind.

prepost.jpgAs far as my own gender presentation it’s about what I like to wear and what parts of my body I choose to showcase. I always thought my gender presentation, how others saw me, was not a true reflection of who I feel myself to be. I never really understood it, but pretransition I got hit on by gay men, and I’ve been called a “fag” on more than one occasion. I’ve always thought of gender presentation as a “window into the soul.” The human animal makes judgements and assessments based on visual inspection. I’ve always felt like others viewed my presentation as a feminine man, which has never felt genuine to me.



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