(LGBT Issues = Same-Sex Marriage) = The New Transgendercide Agenda
January 20, 2011
‘Old Line’ Indeed
January 22, 2011

Maryland’s Marriage Derangement Syndrome-Fueled Transgendercide Agenda Mushes On…

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From Joe. My. God.:

Yesterday lawmakers in Maryland introduced a marriage equality bill.

Most expect the bill to pass relatively easily. Anti-gay activists are already working on setting up a repeal referendum for the 2012 ballot.

A referendum which, of course, will succeed – as all ten thousand or so of them thus far have (sorry, but Arizona in 2006 was negated by Arizona in 2008), which begs the question…

Why isn’t gay Maryland energy instead being expended on the civil rights for trans people that were denied to us by gay deception in 2001?

Civil rights movement?

Bowel movement is more accurate.

And our lives are their toilet paper.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.pamshouseblend.com/diary/18488/maryland-introducing-gender-identity-antidiscrimination-and-marriage-equality-bills Actually the bill to add gender identity to employment discrimination is being submitted next week.

    I dunno how much effort is being put into it relative to the marriage bill but just thought I would put that out there.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good question IraeNicole. The post still stands, I think. Considering that they’re trying to pass two equality bills at once, you have to wonder if one will suck all the air out of the other.

      • Anonymous

        As someone who would like to both be married and have a job, I kind of like the idea of the GLBT community advocating for both at once. Of course so far they mostly have focused on marriage but perhaps if it works here maybe it will change the course from just marriage marriage marriage.

    • Kat

      Just look at all of the dog whistles that have been blown over the last month regarding marriage in MD: the gay media machine is banging the perception drum to the effect that the trans bill is more problematic than the marriage bill – and, magically, that perception will become reality…

      and the same people who lied to the Maryland Legislature ten years ago to give themselves the special right to discriminate against trans people will retain (and, of course, exercise) that right while now enjoying a second ill-gotten gain.