Justice For Slain Türkçe Transsexual DORA İÇİN : Protest March July 12th

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I was contacted via twitter by the first and as of this time the only Turkish transgender TV reporterMichelle Demishevich, who told me of some terrible news. A well known transsexual Dora Özer, has been murdered in Aydin Turkey.

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Source Travesti Club: July 9, 2013 Time: 23:00 ‘in the transvestite DORA ÖZER murder was the last straw now. Site Hacifeyzullah district town of Kusadasi AYDIN ​​Altıngüvercin occurred on the second floor of the block 21. 24-year-old Huo alias ÖZER DORA had brutally stabbed to death in her home.

On 15 December 2012 in İstanbul, “Ghafoor” Kusadasi 4 April 2012 September 2012 at the “Nergis” Bursa “Add” and others as “Dora” the last murder. Every year at least 3 gay friend rapidly this hate murders, ignored the explosion, cut back so why? You have to take what these people veremediginiz tacirlerini kollarsınız drugs across Turkey lifter, so our people are what is in these people with this type of crime you ignored your “transvestite murders” and “gay” and veremediginiz status? Now it’s time to say stop this hate killings gelmedimi rapidly and at least 10 years, our friend, our restless yetmedimi?

Cool n easy going until a State of TURKEY, NETHERLANDS bagıra basamıyormu gays Ceesay’s picture? Even though they are Gay transvestite in Asia in our people are, so to speak, “hırlıya thief” where those great Turkish State to open arms? According to the eye every year with the massacre of our people is how “Turkish” ID, you are in the audience? You read through eglenirken Cocktail, private dining, otobanlarda, those people in their homes, in the streets, “STRUGGLE for LIFE”. Just a little beyond your honor, if you varsaki your own hasiyetiniz insanınız quit with the “TRANSVESTITE”. Don’t overlook some things.


Ontario Association of solidarity with LGBT and other Derneklermizin Contributions: DORA, for JUSTICE! STOP THE HATE KILLINGS AS WELL! ALL OUR PEOPLE are SENSITIVE to TRANSPHOBIA PARADE on July 12, FRIDAY: 7: 30, WE are GLAD to SEE YOU AMONG US.
Hate killings to mean stop!
To defend our right to life!
To stimulate the political power!
To defend her life together!

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