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Throws science out the window?


“These findings led Swaab to believe that in humans also, BSTc size is programmed during fetal and neonatal development–perhaps as a result of an interaction between sex hormones and the developing brain–and is probably not the result of parental or social pressures after birth. His research, he says, shows that transsexuals are right. Their sex was judged in the wrong way at the moment of birth because people look only to the sex organs and not to the brain.” – Discover

“In what are believed to be the first studies of their kind, Hopkins researchers followed the development of 27 genetically male children – with normal XY male chromosomes. All were born with cloacal exstrophy, a rare, major defect characterized by lack of a penis, but presence of normal testicles, indicating exposure to normal male hormone patterns before birth. Twenty-five of the children were reassigned by physicians at birth, castrated and raised as females. Presenting the findings at the Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society Meeting in Boston today, William G. Reiner, M.D., a child and adolescent psychiatrist and urologist at the Hopkins Children’s Center, reported that the majority of these children, between the ages of 5 and 16, have subsequently “reassigned” themselves back to males. All 27 showed strong male behaviors, activities and attitudes.” – egender

Not to mention the Standards of Care, which are based on 100 years of gender identity research. Gosh, I wonder what science these folks are talking about… maybe it’s the one that denies the validity of carbon dating or that thinks the world is 4000 years old or believes that global warming is a hoax. Ya… that “science.”

I’m not sure which is worse, someone that is just ignorant of the facts or one that denies the truth for the sake of political gain.


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