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I’ll be at the White House next week reporting for the Transadvocate, a newly designated news site

By Kelli Anne Busey


I will be at the White House next weekend and not outside looking in but inside it with the rest of the LGBT bloggers, who will be attending the 5th Annual LGBT Media Journalists Convening.. Having attended my first one last year I’ll tell you, except the unexpected, every second.

But this year is extra special. I will be visiting the president’s house as a reporter for the transadvocate, formally a blog, but now a newly designated news site. So we will be heard loud and clear, above the din, with the rest of the world’s news agencies.

Of course I’ll also be posting on twitter, planetransgender and The Daily Kos.

So will I meet with the president? That’s unknown, but probably not. However, in case I do I’d like to forward your questions and comments to him. And if enough people respond here it’s possible Mr. Obama’s peeps might take notice. And if they do they might even ask him to speak with us, as long as we are in his house and all.

So what’s up? Is this possible or just hype? Expect the unexpected.

What would you say to the president of the United States?

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  • Sion

    “Can we expand the ACA to mandate coverage for medically necessary surgeries and other medical care for transgender people?” Basically, so that everywhere can be like Connecticut and nowhere will be like Baltimore.

  • Suzi

    Why don’t you call out congress on their inaction on ENDA?

  • Fran Rogers

    “When will OPM remove its discriminatory exclusions on gender transition-related procedures for Federal employees and their dependents covered by the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program?”

  • Sophia De Tricht

    Ask him if he plans to continue allowing his military’s senior staff to discharge transgender members based on psychological criteria (DSM-IV) that they know to be outdated.

    -Former active duty Coast Guardsman discharged for Gender Identity Disorder

  • “What actions is the Executive Office taking to move forward towards securing the right of transgender persons to serve in the military? Thank you.”

    I’m a civilian; however, I believe many trans folks underestimate the impact that the irrational denial of the right to serve in the Armed Forces has on public perception of transgender persons as “unfit” – whether you happen to approve of the U.S. military and its current missions, or not.

  • Autumn Sandeen

    Well, I’m going too as a rep for LGBT Weekly, but obviously will be there with The Transadvocate as well.

    Interestingly, I’m being excluded from the March 1st White House Tour. I can guess why.