If They’re Not Pulling a Con, Why Do They Refuse to Address Substantive Questions?

Kelli at Planetransgender regarding the scam of 2011:

My comments on Equality Maryland facebook continue to be deleted even as I attempt to answer EQMD’s membership questions why there has been no publicity regarding HB235 other than side notes to marriage equality.

And in the comments at “Come to Think of it, I’ve Never Seen Morgan Meneses-Sheets and Cathy Brennan in the Same Room at the Same Time,” Maryland transphobia’s most obnoxious apologist crawls out from under her rock of state-consecrated gay privilege to refuse to address the scam of 2001 – and how absolutely nothing about the theory upon which she based her overbearing justification for the anti-trans nature of the 2001 Maryland gay-only rights law has come true and to whine that a Grande Armée of two trans women who can read and who dare quote back to her what she wrote and said a decade ago somehow amounts to the deck being stacked against her.  (That’s a stacked deck, eh?  Its clear who has no experience whatsoever applying for jobs in the gay rights industry – or anywhere – as a trans woman.)

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