Hatred Poured Out On Our Children

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Over the last few days since it was learned that an 8 year old is transitioning at a school in Colorado, quite a few blogs have been pretty ugly about it. I wrote about some of these blogs on the post Targeted Families, Targeted Lives.

Last night I learned that a 10 year old, Cameron McWilliams, committed suicide. Cameron had asked for permission to wear make-up, and been teased after he was found wearing his half-sister’s undergarments. His mother said that:

It was apparent he was unhappy and said he wanted to be a girl. He did like girls’ things.

Gender identity disorder (GID) isn’t a game, it isn’t a lifestyle, and it isn’t an agenda. Of course there are people that want to make it such. Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth  said of the transitioning Colorado 3rd grader:

Could it be that permissive parenting plays a major role in encouraging a gender-confused identity in a child?

What kind of loving Christian makes snap judgments about people they have little knowledge of? What kind of Christian blames the parents for a diagnosable and treatable mental health issue?

LaBarbera continues:

A wiser parent might have sought professional help from someone not beholden to “transgender” activist ideology — to guide the troubled girl into accepting the wonderful body and sex that God gave her.In the case of the eight-year-old boy, to what future are the politically correct adults — parents and school authorities included — consigning him with their “caring” embrace of deviance? Could a body-mutilating ”sex change” operation be down the road — funded by the taxpayers if the “GLBT” Lobby gets its way? In a saner era, it would be clear to all that the child — not society — has the problem. But what do we know? We’re just “trans-phobes.”

The “ideology” that LaBarbera talks about is actually a standard of care that is used to treat people with GID. They are treated by professionals  that use a  standard of care from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders, which says:

Therapy should focus on ameliorating any comorbid problems in the child’s life, and on reducing distress the child experiences from his or her gender identity problem and other difficulties. The child and family should be supported in making difficult decisions regarding the extent to which to allow the child to assume a gender role consistent with his or her gender identity.

I will support people like Kim Pearson in her work for children with TransYouth Family Advocates because the work they are doing is important. They  are dedicated to educating and raising public awareness about the medical and cultural challenges faced by children with gender variant and gender questioning identities.

This isn’t just a fight to wrestle the moral compass away from people like LaBarbera, it’s a fight for the lives and the well being of our children.


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