Grasping At Straws and Straw Men

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The vitriol over at Traditional Values Coalition is heating up. As Bil over at Bilerico has reported :

“The Traditional Values Coalition has a series of offensive cartoons they’ve been circulating since ENDA became a possibility. While the group isn’t known for their Christ-like love of truth, this latest flier steps outside of their usual circle of lies and deceit to directly attack two people who, as far as I know, aren’t doing anything to their organization.”

You can find the offending cartoon here. Why are they doing this? They are desperate. New polling data conducted by Harris Interactive suggests that a majority of Americans support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Charles C. Haynes of the First Amendment Center said of the Matthew Shepard Act:

“But the larger message of the House vote is that a majority of representatives may now be ready to enact other laws protecting people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. More than threats to free speech, it is the mainstream acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people that many Christian conservative groups most fear.

That’s why victory bells on one side are answered by alarm bells on the other.”

Essentially it’s the same reason they fear ENDA. They’re fighting for their mandate to hate and they’ll do anything to keep it. They’ll even break the 8th commandment to do it (Their photoshopped image is stolen, original image here). If you’re going to steal images, you might want to try to do a better job of photoshopping.

Christ was right, you will know them by the fruit they produce.


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