GLAAD ACTION ALERT: Is Worse than Randi Rhodes and Michael Savage Combined!

I’m waiting for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to put out an action alert calling for a ban on Why? Because I’ve asked them to advocate for  the “T” in their mission statement with the same veracity that they do for gay and lesbian issues. I even wondered on blog if we should protest GLAAD the way we’ve protested the Human Rights Campaign (for lack of inclusion).

While on vacation last week, I periodically checked my email via my cell phone. While I could post to my blog and send or receive email, I couldn’t really moderate any new comments ( I only moderate new commenters, as a way of protecting against spam). When I got home yesterday, this comment (concerning my Randi Rhodes Redux post) was sitting in my inbox, waiting for my approval.

“Obviously no one here is going to pleased with Randi says because you can’t be — you have to have some avenue for your anger no matter the fact Ms. Rhodes obviously regrets what she said, understands why it was offensive and has gone to time and trouble to speak here. But that isn’t good enough. You have to take every word she says in her effort and twist into something that was never meant. I feel sad for you. So much hate. If you can’t forgive Ms. Rhodes then there is truly no hope for you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if people treated you the same way . . . get it? Isn’t that what this is all about . . . understanding people and getting past the little stuff?” – David

You wouldn’t see the computer network (and the IP address) where the comment comes from, but I see them when the comment notification is sent to me. David’s comment looked this way:


I’ve always wondered why GLAAD has chosen to ignore Michael Savage’s diatribe against transsexuals (yet they issue alerts against Bill O’Reilly for a much less vitriolic rant). It all makes sense now! They’re too busy policing trans blogs on company time to worry about such things.


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