GenderPAC CIRCA 1959!

“Harrah’s Casino says it fired Jespersen, a bartender, in August 2000 because she did not conform to the company’s new ‘Personal Best’ program, which required female employees to wear make-up, style their hair, and dress in high heels and skirts. During Jesperson’s 21 years at the casino, her supervisors consistently rated her work ‘highly effective.’ –

The country has moved a long way from 1950’s stereotypes that all female employees must wear make-up, high heels, and dresses,’ said GenderPAC Executive Director Riki Wilchins. ‘We hope the court agrees with us that this is a clear case of gender discrimination.‘ – GenderPac press release 2003

Section 8(a)(4) DRESS AND GROOMING STANDARDS- Nothing in this Act shall prohibit an employer from requiring an employee, during the employee’s hours at work, to adhere to reasonable dress or grooming standards not prohibited by other provisions of Federal, State, or local law, provided that the employer permits any employee who has undergone gender transition prior to the time of employment, and any employee who has notified the employer that the employee has undergone or is undergoing gender transition after the time of employment, to adhere to the same dress or grooming standards for the gender to which the employee has transitioned or is transitioning.2007 Employment Non-Discrimination Act

“GenderPAC is proud to have been a part of drafting this legislation. This is an important step toward workplace equality for all employees. The federal government is beginning to catch up to the many state and local governments, and individual corporations that protect employees, regardless of whether they fit expectations for masculinity or femininity,” said Riki Wilchins, Executive Director of GenderPAC. “We urge Congress to take notes on the progress being made across the country and support this bill.” – Gender PAC press release April 25th, 2007.

Does 1+1=3? I’m confused.


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