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February 6, 2014
Putin in drag: what transmisogyny looks like?
February 11, 2014

Eric’s unhealthy obsession with trans kids

Sexualizing children is cruel. Mocking children is cruel. Promoting hoaxes that demonizes children is cruel. Let’s be clear: Eric Owens gets paid to be cruel to children because they’re trans. Unlike dupes who are tricked into spreading anti-trans hoaxes, I’ve personally told him that bullied trans children overwhelmingly respond to cruelty by taking their own lives.

In Owens’ newest attack, he sexualizes trans children with imagery and innuendo and even promotes known hoaxes in his effort to target trans children.


Daily Caller, 2/1/2014

The cinematic trope of a nude woman screaming in terror as a (usually male) predator attacks her is how Owens represents the supposed menace of trans children. This isn’t the first time Owens used this trope to characterize trans children.

Owens’ pieces are generally equal parts pop-journalism and sensationalism. He generally produces a mashup of what journalists have to say about a trans story and then window dresses the mashup with his own brand of bigotry: a mocking image, connecting his story to sexual hoaxes, titles designed to berate and belittle, etc.

For example, what makes page one of Owens’ article about trans children problematic is the context added to the story by the denigrating image and the title of page two:

Page 1...

End of Page 1…

The Evergreen Hoax

Start of Page 2… The Evergreen Hoax

Whereas the story on page one is a mashup of what other journalists published, the sexualization and lies on page two is all Owens. In this way his story draws false similarities between trans children and a fake sexual predator portrayed in the Evergreen College hoax

Note the way Owens handles this same story last year when a lower Main court ruled against the trans student in the above story. Gone are any mocking images or degrading innuendos. Apparently there’s no need to oppress trans children when they’re being oppressed by the court system.

Let’s see how Owens handles a story where the court system supports a trans kid:


Daily Caller, 2/25/2013

Here’s a few other gems:

I’m going to go ahead as say it: I think Eric Owens is a bigot.


Email exchange between Owens and me

(Hrm… Where have I encountered this type of behavior before?)

Owens likes to focus on trans kids. I reviewed 24 trans stories and 16 of them were about the various ways trans kids supposedly pose a problem.  The fact that the very kids he denigrates – trans children – are dealing with hate by taking their own lives never seems to make its was into one of Owens’ pieces. The contextual narrative Owens creates preserves a culture of hate and death and his readers seem to get the message he’s sending.

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Cristan Williams
Cristan Williams
Cristan Williams is a trans historian and pioneer in addressing the practical needs of the transgender community. She started the first trans homeless shelter in the South and co-founded the first federally funded trans-only homeless program, pioneered affordable healthcare for trans people in the Houston area, won the right for trans people to change their gender on Texas ID prior to surgery, started numerous trans social service programs and founded the Transgender Center as well as the Transgender Archives. Cristan is the editor at the social justice sites TransAdvocate.com and TheTERFs.com, is a long-term member and previous chair of the City of Houston HIV Prevention Planning Group.
  • Kathy11

    One can’t help but wonder what a criminal background search would turn up on someone with such an obsession…………….

  • ReaganS

    I agree. This guy is a total tool. I can recall a few months back regarding a trans-student story (probably over AB1266) where he stated how dangerous it would be to allow them to use the restroom. “Or something” So I decided I would do a little research. Research on just articles the he had written in the last two years. I would say out of like 75 or 80 articles about school children being hurt harmed or bullied over 80% where from cis gender males and the other 20% from cis females. I can’t recall exactly. It was very heavily scaled to cis gender males. Not one accurate account of how a trans-student harmed hurt or assaulted anybody. This from his collection of articles. If this is such a big threat surely this ideological tool could come up with something. Right? Sure there were plenty of misleading headlines, but nothing to back up his misguided and ideological views. Nothing!!!

    The guy is a total bigot and has a serious fetish/problem of sexualizing transgender children.

  • christian_transgender

    What a horrible human being! J.D. impresses me slightly? Nope. zero. My entire life, perhaps because I grew up here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:National_Trails_Hwy_-_Chambless_-_Cadiz.jpg blessed to reside far beyond VHF/UHF TV range (50 mile limit), I get impressed by one and one thing only: breathing human beings with a loving, empathetic, human heart. That’s it, nothing else. Movie stars have never impressed me. Sports stars have never impressed me. Genius never impresses me. Firefighters and crime fighters don’t impress me, (even though I have been sworn for the state of CA, USAF, and County of LA). Famous [name your celebrity] don’t impress me. Commend such successes? Yes! Impressed? Never.

    Everything above can be gained through luck, connections, birth fortune, timing…. Who impresses me is anyone, regardless of looks, intelligence, education, or occupation, or race [any personal characteristic] who consistently demonstrates to possess that which consoles the lonely, warms the cold, feeds the hungry, risks their life (regardless of job role), and seeks to save the most precious finite creation: human life. I remember a homeless lady who was rather fond of me. At times I would giver her a hug, explaining to coworkers that I could I could always wash my uniform, but I might never get another chance to dignify her as a human being again. I live my life comforted by the belief that the creator of life [regardless of name] looks out after his & her creation. That includes me. The weak can overcome the strong, the honest the deceptive, and above all benevolence time and time again wins out over malevolence. While those of this ilk seek to demonize trans kids, truth and government have proven to step up and neutralize their malevolence, now a matter of proven history.

    What we are seeing and will continue to see are the last gasps of purveyors of ignorance, bigotry, and disparagement, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the era of racial equality, as momentum on the side of truth pushes them aside into the dustbin of history. The tragedy is that while bad teachers, coaches, and pastors time and time again, none of which are transgender have proven to be the real threat, persons blessed with a brain but cursed never to have a heart spread propaganda in a mass way that ultimately breeds fear and malice toward transgender persons that make life more dangerous, not safer for trans kids and adults. No apology can ever undo the harm that has and is being done, ever.

  • Sandi Marie

    I think it’s obvious that Mr. Owens is educated above his level of intelligence! To imply that a transgender individual is choosing their own bathroom is beyond understanding. As I have been dealing with my own “gender identity disorder”, I’m being forced to use the bathroom of my physical gender, not my brain gender. As I work to correct this disorder, why should I not be allowed to use the facilities of the gender I present as? To present as one gender and use the facilities of the opposite gender is just asking for problems. I assure you, when using the “proper” facilities, I’m there to take care of business, nothing else. The same goes true to transgender children. It would be nice if individuals like Mr. Owens did not let their own fear and ignorance cloud their judgement. But then again, educated idiots like him, would be required to shut their mouth and listen with an open mind.