Do Not Blame Trans People For The Fact That, At Midnight, Maryland Will Have No Statewide Trans Protections

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The reason that the Maryland legal status quo of today is trans-free is not the fault of anyone who opposed HB235.  The Maryland legal status quo of today was created by the people who engineered a gay-only rights bill for themselves a decade ago.

That’s reality.

The people who opposed HB235 for non-christofascist reasons were simply trying to keep things from getting worse.

That’s reality, because…

This is indeed a sign of the times – those times being 2001.

So what about HB235 you ask?

Well, spinmeisters are already declaring that trans people were ‘kicked like dogs’ today.

Clearly those spinmeisters didn’t stay awak in math class long enough to learn that there are numbers less than zero.

As a fictional version of John F. Kennedy learned, dying was not the worst thing that could have happened to him on Nov. 22, 1963.

Similarly, NO ‘T’ – zero in math parlance – is where those who engineered, and those who acquiesced to, Maryland’s gay-only rights law left Maryland civil rights law a decade ago.  HB235 was not something that would push the status quo into the positive range; rather, it would have made things worse.

That’s the reality.

Now, here’s another reality: Its time for Maryland’s gays to get their morality on, erase the word “marriage” from their vocabulary until the political hate crime of 2001 is rectified, and tell the Maryland Legislature not to do anything else LGB or T until it fully rectifies the political hate crime of 2001 by passing a bill that removes the anti-discrimination inequality between gays and trans people in Maryland.

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