Christ Commands You To Get Your Ass Kicked!

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From the Evangelical Bible:

I Fundamentalists: 1 And Christ said “if you’re a transsexual, you’re doomed. 2You deserve to be raped or sexually assaulted.”

Or so it would seem from the Jesus blogosphere :

If I may put this delicately, will these bathrooms make any concessions to that biological reality formerly known as “sexuality?” You know, body parts; will men be able to use the facilities in a manly way, or must we sit?

One of the more painful memories of my life was visiting my brothers, David and Nathan, at Macalester College and having to use their coed dorm bathroom. Icky yuck-yuck. Gross. Cooties were caught.” – Bayly Blog

Apparently these “men of God” have an issue with gender neutral bathrooms that are safe places for transgender people.

If you are a man, you use the men’s room. If you are a woman, you use the woman’s room. Simple, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem that complicated to me either. But some people don’t know what they are, or at least that is what I am told. It doesn’t seem that hard to figure out what equipment you have to me, but what do I know?” – Wake Up America

To the simple mind, everything is simple. But as someone that’s been attacked in a mens restroom, there’s nothing simple about it.

The point isn’t just to flush $10,000 down the toilet. It’s to put the official stamp of society’s approval on the practice of men walking around in women’s clothes, sometimes even having themselves surgically mutilated to enhance their morbidly narcissistic fantasies.

At least this might keep these freakazoids from barging into the ladies’ room.” – Moonbattery

What strikes me more than anything with this point of view is this underlying tone that if we’re attacked in restrooms we somehow deserve it, simply by our own existence.



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