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February 18, 2011
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February 19, 2011

But Will Morgan Meneses-Sheets Explain Which Protections She’s Decided Aren’t As Much Needed As Others?

From Free State Just Us:

I encourage everyone to attend – and to ask LOTS of questions about what Maryland’s gays and lesbians did to trans people in 2001 and how they did it – because if the current batch of Maryland’s Marriage Derangement Syndrome sufferers aren’t willing to tell you the whole truth about Marylnd’s transphobic past, then its a pretty good bet that they’re being even more dishonest with you about what they are claiming is a trans-inclusive present.

Now, look at some of the reactions to the pimping of this event on Free State Just Us’s facebook page:

Oh is that last comment ever so sad.

What have these people done to show that they can be trusted?

As I’ve already written as a comment to the version of this post at ENDABlog (Dana Beyer had chimed in there): If the current incarnation of Free State Just Us is so innocent and so not what they appear to be (via Meneses-Sheets’ “incremental progress”-with-a-different-lexicon and the strong implication that sufficient employment equality for trans people is being able to work in sex shops) then they should be the first to fore in calling out the lies and deceit of 2001 as well as opening the books and shining the light on what happened then and precisely who did it.  Cathy Brennan, Shannon Avery, Liz Seaton and every duplicitous gay and lesbian in Maryland who had anything to do with creating third-class status for Maryland’s trans population in 2001 must be forced to pay a price for what they did to us.*

And if doing so isn’t the first item on the agenda at these ‘working groups,’ then nudge the agenda in that direction – to exactly the same degree that gays and lesbians have ‘nudged’ the civil rights agenda away from what trans people (and most gays and lesbians) need to what the ultra-rich gays, the bourgeoisie dykes and the rest of the LGBs who have been infected with Marriage Derangement Syndrome want.

Demand answers from these people.

Its your history!

And if they claim its their history and you have no right to it, point out to them that that history of theirs is causing you to exist in Maryland as a third-class citizen in the present just as it has for almost a full decade.

You own that history!

They are keeping it from you.

Demand that they cough it up!

You own the real story of what they’re doing right now to ensure that no LGBT oxygen is left in the Maryland state house after gays get their marriage bill.

They are keeping it from you.

Demand that they cough it up!


*No, I’m not a Maryland resident – but I am a living American transsexual woman.  I have the potential to set foot inside Maryland and, on a few occasions since 2001, I have – and when I do so, it is the Seaton-Brennan-Avery-consecrated third-class status that immediately envelops my being like a patina of shit. 

When I get off of an airplane at BWI, I know that I am legally unequal to the very people who conned that state’s legislature into making me unequal to them when I’m in that state. 

When I get off of the DC Metro at a stop in Maryland, I know that I am legally unequal to the very people who conned that state’s legislature into making me unequal to them when I’m in that state.

Anyone who demands, asks or even suggests that I, or any other trans person, just shut up and move along and not worry about the history of the Maryland Gay-over-Trans Apartheid Statute of 2001, has taken sides with those who committed that anti-trans political hate crime.

  • Fix the bill to include public accommodations. That’s number one with a bullet.

    And if they don’t do that, yes, let’s really air the dirty washing, from 2001 and 2011.

    If they do do that, and pass it, we’ll draw a line under it… except to remind the next group who tries these shenanigans in another state that we’ve seen all this before, and are willing to work against them so no-one tries it again.

  • Of course what happens here is your business too Kat. Their attitude is the same taken by apartheid South Africa when they wanted Americans to butt out of their business. The national attention has them up all night. It’s been a hectic week for them. Keep up the good work!

    • Kat

      Thank you.

      Ten years ago Der Brennanista e-mailed me, petulantly demanding to know if I lived in Maryland – and that was even before New York copied her preferred anti-trans bill.

      I’m getting sicker by the day of these people who are demanding that we shut down our brain functions to the point that we become as stupid as they think we should be.