What They Call “Womyn-Only” Space is Really Cisgender-Only Space
May 21, 2012
Thai Transwoman Running For Political Office
May 21, 2012

Ashley “I’m Colonized” Love

For example, this Spring a few self-promoting and self-aggrandizing “transgender” bloggers, authors and “gender outlaw” entertainers (who actually financially and professionally profit by enforcing transgender socio-politics and umbrella-ism theory) are obsessing over how to stop the inevitable transsexual liberation by creating petty drama, speculating, concocting ‘out of this world’ and laughable history revisionism, taking actions and quotes out of context, presuming to know one’s intentions as if they are telepathic, unrobing and degrading the bodies of women born with transsexualism and behaving like unstable, over compulsive and anti-social pesonalites, fueled by their amazing male egos and desire to get attention, although it’s negative attention. Their desperate behavior is obviously a backlash to the realization that their fantasy “transgender umbrella reservation” mandate is coming to an end. They are dealing with their ‘bubble being popped’ like most imperialists do when their colonies breaks free: Retaliating with [mental] violence, back tracking, faking evidence and agreements, mispspesking for deseased transsexuals & others, and transparent [and failed] character assassinations against numerous women of transsexual history that are being seriously listened to. Their over the top cyber bullying is very telling in how they lack genuine facts to back up their opinion based frame work, as well as not having authentic or sincere intentions, just the typical crafty lies most politicians spit when they want to CON-vince the people of something they know dang well is *hog wash*.
Ashley “I hate citing evidence”  Love, May 6, 2012

… And this is why the TS Separatist movement – as it has existed over the past 5 years – is dead. Love has just proven my point. Did I not say that Separatists have lost their historical narrative – the very centerpiece of their argument – and has thus been reduced to the trans equivalent of  fringe conspiracy folks (like birthers) or the young earth creationists who believe what they believe because their belief tells them to believe? Did I not predict that Love would have this EXACT response? About a month ago I predicted the following behavior from Love:

Deny! Deny! Deny! I-CAN’T-HEAR-YOU! LALALALALALA! Some will simply pretend that the truth is not the truth (I predict Ashley Love will take this course)  and/or that any/all evidence which disproves their narrative will be asserted to have been faked. Therefore, evidence disproving the narrative will magically become evidence supporting the idea of a conspiracy against transsexual identity.
Me, just a little more than month ago

Let’s not forget that Love is aware that her narrative doesn’t align with reality. She’s apparently happy to try to convince you that transsexual history isn’t real. For her, the actual historical record should be hidden and regarded as being suspect because Love needs YOU to turn YOUR back on reality to support HER in HER belief that she’s been wronged and moreover, that she’s a heroic leader in some imagined epic crusade she believes herself to be fighting.

The reason the TS Separatist movement – as it has existed over the past 5 years – is dead is because the cat is out of the bag. The fictional history Separatists have propagated has been exposed and furthermore, it’s been noted by those who write the history books. That can’t be undone.

Love claims that non-Separatism ”lack[s] genuine facts to back up their opinion…” Really? Because I’ve been through a lot of Love’s blog and I can’t ever recall her making citations for her phantasmagorical fact claims. Not only is she’s demonstrably wrong about GLAAD’s position on the use of the term transgender, she’s demonstrably wrong about her assertion that “transgender” came from Virginia Prince. The reality is that today, “transgender” means what it meant in 1974. I mean, I guess it’s possible that I’ve written and artificially aged thousands of books from 1974 and have gotten google books to become part of the TG Borg in our effort to “fake evidence.” Or, maybe I time traveled so that while I was visiting the past, I forced and Drs. King and Ekins to write on page 3 of their 2006 book, Transgender Phenomenon the following account of how the term transgender was used in 1974:

There was talk that would take 20 years to become widespread: of transsexuals seeking ‘gender alignment’; of ‘trans-gender’ and ‘trans.people’ [sic] used as umbrella terms to include both TVs and TSs.

Or maybe Drs. King and Ekins were in on the conspiracy from the start!!!

Apparently when someone like myself points out that “transgender” has been around for more than 20 years and that it’s been, in fact, used in its modern sense since at least 1974, such perceived aspersions constitute “mental violence” in Love’s reality. Yurp… It’s all part of one big ol’ conspiracy that only Love and a few of her acolytes are aware of. Furthermore, anyone who dares poke a hole in her conspiracy theory has a male ego, is seeking negative attention, is desperate, an imperialist and a colonist.

So, yah… that’s one version of reality.

Another version of reality might be that Love is mistaken about a great number of things and needs YOU to reject reality so that she can continue playing the part of the heroic victim.

Which is more likely?


  1. Produce objective evidence proving that Virginia Prince used the word “transgender” in the 1960s or 70s.
  2. Produce objective evidence proving that Virginia Prince used the term “transgenderist” before 1978.
  3. Produce the objective evidence which led Love to conclude that the historical record has been faked.
  4. Produce objective evidence proving that “transgender” wasn’t used in its modern usage back in 1974.
  5. Produce objective evidence proving that the term “transgender” is only 20 years old instead of at least 42 years old.

I promise you… Love will NOT respond to the above challenge in any rational way. She can’t; Love has nothing but fantasy to fall back on. My guess is their she’ll either pretend that I’ve not made this challenge or she’ll respond with yet more ad-hominem attacks. The closest Love could hope to come in meeting my above challenge is to simply quote someone else who is mistakenly asserting (without evidence) that Prince coined the term transgender to refer to crossdressers. She can’t respond with anything like a well-reasoned, evidence-based, citation-heavy reply.  The historical record just doesn’t support the Virginia Prince fountainhead narrative. She is unable to support any of the truth claims she’s made about the term “transgender”.

I encourage rational people to consider that there is a truth to be known about Love’s assertions. Either I’ve faked evidence (and have apparently time traveled) in an effort to revise history to misrepresent the transsexual experience because I have no real evidence, have a male ego, am seeking negative attention, am desperate, an imperialist and a colonist or maybe Love’s reality isn’t congruent with the factual historical record.

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Cristan Williams
Cristan Williams

Cristan Williams is a trans historian and pioneer in addressing the practical needs of the transgender community. She started the first trans homeless shelter in the South and co-founded the first federally funded trans-only homeless program, pioneered affordable healthcare for trans people in the Houston area, won the right for trans people to change their gender on Texas ID prior to surgery, started numerous trans social service programs and founded the Transgender Center as well as the Transgender Archives. Cristan is the editor at the social justice sites TransAdvocate.com and TheTERFs.com, is a long-term member and previous chair of the City of Houston HIV Prevention Planning Group.

  • Valerie Solanas

    Fear not Cristan. The openly-TS who classify as separatists are middle-aged and older, with a few exceptions. So too with their TERF allies. In the fullness of time they will be wards of the state in nursing homes. Bitter and brittle-boned. Lisa herself was in her prime in the early 1970’s!! As the old guard rides the hearse train to a FABulous afterlife, the Transinclusive movement will prevail. Just like God intended! 😉

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  • Amber_anne_powell

    Is this whole post for real? Who invented what term and what year and blah blah blah. Seriously? This is even an issue? Even the word trans plus gender is laughable. I never transed my gender. No transsexual ever has, ever would, or even could. In fact I doubt anyone can or has ever done it. You cant just wake up one day and say oh yes, the sun is shining and now I will change my gender. What a joke. How masculine to be so presumptuous. What world are you living on? Its certainly not planet earth. No wonder almost no transsexual women are out. Its like death being insulted every day. This little girl needs to get on with her life. Put her transition behind her and move on. What a pathetic, pitiful creature.

    • Wait, what? Are you saying we transsexuals undergo a change of sex but do not cross cultural gender boundaries or change cultural gender roles. Are you suggesting that the transsexual experience doesn’t involve a social transition that breaks and/or challenges practically all gender stereotypes? You can pretend that transsexualism is ONLY a medical condition that doesn’t involve addressing social gender norms if you like, but that’s living in a fantasy world. 

      Likewise, you can pretend that the TS separatist narrative didn’t center around the idea that “transgender” was invented by a crossdresser and was used to colonize the transsexual identity in the mid 1990s if you like. 

      I’m not the one making demonstrably false claims to justify hyperbole, fear mongering and elitism. That, my dear, would be your side.   

      • The very idea that we were some how either altered biologically inutero with faulty SRS genes, or  brain sex differention, or even the worse case Sigmond Freud scenario it’s all our parents fault we broke societies “Gender Roles” before we were old enough to know it. From the second at what ever young point it was that I identified as female and it was very young I broke societies “Gender Roles” because “boys” weren’t supposed to identify as girls in the 1960’s and even mostly now but definetely not in my family. Everyday I put on male clothes and walked out the door I broke societies rules for what a female identified person is supposed to do and how a supposedly male bodied person is supposed to feel wearing them. So just exactly what is it Cristan that by finally finding a way to accept myself and present myself to the world did I do to break expected  “Gender Roles” anymore than I was already doing? I suppose you support the Transgender life sentence for a crime we didn’t commit? Or maybe you and your three Dr. Buddies think your entitled to treat me like a two year old and make all my societal and political decisions for me? Or maybe you want smack me like a naughty two year old because I’ll never accept your violating my civil rights. Oh I’m a bad, bad girl just because I want to have a life and put this behind me as much as reasonably possible and not be attached to either all of your psychobabble or your precious unethical Transgender Umbrella? As for the Transgender master identity crap huge mistake on your parts. Anyone whether they like us or love us see’s this as either we’re mental or its a born as condition. Either way it puts us somewhere in the scheme of medical patient. How many people would call a cancer patient a cancer person? You know steal their master identity and forcibly supplant a cancer identity? Or even worse lump them with bald people because they have something in common with them since the chemo made their hair fall out. Guess what its not okay to do that to me with either the Transgender label or even the Transsexual label. While I am somewhat okay with the Transsexual label it has no place in my master identity it is secondery to who I am now.

      • @facebook-100001589787115:disqus  Wow… just wow. Erm… all I can say is that I’m looking forward to our debate on BlogTV 🙂

        Be sure to actually contact me so that we can negotiate a date that will work for the both of us!

      • Amber_anne_powell

        Im not pretending anything about the transgender word. I dont know, nor could I care less who invented it or what it even means. It definetly does not apply to me. If some choose to associate with it, then fine. I find it a foolish idea and an oxymoron.As for this idea about challenging gender stereotypes, well no, I dont do that. I am a woman. Of course transition involves a huge amount of change in your mental outlook – but not your gender. I simply dont believe that it is possible to change your gender – your built in sense of who you are and where you belong. Somewhere there may be transgender people in the correct sense of the word, but every single person I have ever met or spoken to, who use the word transgender to describe themselves are just cross dressing men and sometimes a lonely transsexual seeking a sense if community.

        I am well aware that some “TS” separatist people are urgently concerned about what happened back in the ninetues. Im just not one of them. I dont care about any of that. I do care that I am lumped into a melting pot of people I have nothing in common with. I do care that people in general understand that I am not like, not associated and often not supportive of their positions. Being separate means having our unique identies and needs recognised. Simple, but it will simply never happen so long as we get stuck under some political umbrella covering a wide range of people with nothing in common.

        I dont know, nor do I care what needs, wants, demands, desires or problems cross dressing men have. I dont want to be friends with them, I dont want to meet them and I dont want to  be part of some forced association with them. They have the right to speak for themselves, just please leave me out of it.

  • Cristan your a self agrandizing blowhard that created a bullshit history by taking things out of context. The Transgender Umbrella is dying and those who have promoted it will be held accountable. The evidence is all over the internet of people trying to find a way to save Transgender for the fetishistic transvestites. Sometime soon I will be releasing a rebuttal to your overly long and bloated and highly innacurate Transgender history. Like yours mine will be cited but the difference will be clear between your history and the one I release. I will show exactly how you took things out of context and twisted them to satisfy your delusions of grandeur using the very same sources you listed and then some.

    • Cristan your a self agrandizing blowhard that created a bullshit history by taking things out of context.” 

      If you’re stating this as opinion, then I’m fine with this statement. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to pass off an unsubstantiated opinion as being based in reality, then you’ll need to actually back up that claim. Post into a reply at least 2 quotes from me wherein I claim that I’m Ms. Fantastic. Then, post into a reply an actual (brief) critique of the historical record I’ve presented. Thus far, Drs. Diamond, Stryker and Valentine all think what I’ve presented is “amazing.” But, I guess you’d just discount their expert eye as being part of some imaginary world-wide conspiracy to keep transsexuals down, right?I’m looking forward to your citation-heavy rebuttal wherein you provide objective evidence to back up each and every fact claim you make. That would be kinda awesome!”
      I will show exactly how you took things out of context and twisted them to satisfy your delusions of grandeur using the very same sources you listed and then some.”

      Interesting. I’d like to see that. I mean, the stuff I cited is linked to the actual original article, publication, etc. so that folks would be able to fact check me… which is exactly why the people who write the history books are interested in my research.

      If you are going to post a citation-heavy rebuttal, I suggest you do it soon. But, please do your side right by dealing with my actual assertions of fact instead arguing against a strawman. You guys are kinda infamous for doing that. You’ll just waste your time if that’s what you’re going to do. I’ll blow a whole in it, mock your post and it will wind up here where everyone else will get a laugh out of it. If you’re going to actually do real research and make a evidence-based conclusion, then I welcome it because we need more fact-based discussions! If you want to waste your time writing puerile fallacies for me to shred in public, then I welcome that too…    Also, if you’d like to debate me on blogTV, let’s do it!

      • Monicar62

        cue cricket chirping silence on that last request by you for fact based arguments from TS seps

      • Lets do a series of debates and post them on youtube. You will find that I’m probably more knowledgeable about this stuff then you think. It will work better for my school schedule. I have a heavy load this semester being that its the summer and the classes are crammed packed because of the short semester. 

      • @facebook-100001589787115:disqus   Yup. You did exactly what I thought you’d do. You used demonstrably wrong assertions made my past trans researchers to try to give credibility to an argument that’s been proven false.

        I’ll do a blog TV debate with you, if you like. Say… sometime mid-June?

        Youtube does not allow for a debate forum.