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June 19, 2014
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Anti-LGBT bigot caught engaging in election fraud in Texas

By Cristan Williams


Engaging in fraud in order to overturn LGBT and especially trans equality in cities throughout the nation is nothing new for anti-equality bigots. In the past anti-equality efforts, election fraud was limited to purposefully deceiving voters about trans equality or intimidating voters. Recently, the TransAdvocate documented an anti-equality activist using county property to attempt to circumvent a Texas election law.

The Houston Area Pastor’s Council (AKA, the Texas Pastor’s Council, AKA, the US Pastor’s Council) is the Texas-based anti-queer group that is heading up the effort to overturn a recent Houston equality ordinance which protects groups such as Jews, LGBT people, etc from discrimination. For this reason the Houston/Texas/US Pastor’s Council (HTUSPC) is attempting to have the ordinance repealed.

While railing against the supposed immoral nature of LGBT people, the HTUSPC is currently mired in its own sex scandal. HTUSPC spokesman, Pastor Baker, was recently fired for harassing, assaulting and soliciting sex from his female employees. HTUSPC Director, Pastor Welch, attempted to get keep Baker from facing the consequences of his deviant sexual behavior. Now, a man believed to be working for HTUSPC, was caught using Harris county property to attempt to commit election fraud.

The pressure of history

When the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed on May 28, 2014, opponents had 30 days to collect enough qualified signatures to put the ordinance up for popular vote. The last time Houston opponents of LGBT equality attempted to roll back equality was in 1985. The equality opponents were a mix of Ku Klux Klan and so-called “Moral Majority” leaders. That effort successfully gained enough qualified signatures to put the ordinance up for popular vote. The equality ordinance was repealed during an election that featured a group of candidates known as the “Straight Slate,” one of whom infamously said that the way to deal with HIV would be to “shoot the queers.” This statement translated into more than $150,000 (in 2014 dollars) in campaign contributions within just 24 hours.

“Save Our Children” – The KKK marching against the 1985 Houston equality ordnance that protected LGBT city employees against employment discrimination.

Obviously the forces of bigotry are vexed to find themselves in a Houston that’s far different than the Houston of 1985. They can’t joke about murdering people and the Klan is longer accepted as being the vanguard of Southern tradition. Today, Houston is the most diverse city in America, has a very popular out lesbian Mayor and a political climate that frowns upon hate. Apparently the foes of equality are feeling the pressure and are willing to risk committing election fraud.

The risk

On Thursday, June 26, the TransAdvocate was alerted that a man inside of a county building, was gathering signatures to “get rid of a law allowing men inside the women’s restroom.” Generally speaking, it’s not permissible to do political work inside county buildings because it gives the appearance that the county officially supports a side in partisan politics. When I arrived at the Harris County building located at 1721 Pech Rd, I found an official-looking man in business clothes sitting at the entrance of the county building:

While greeting people as they entered the county building, there was nothing overtly identifying him as anything other than a worker inside a county building. He busied himself directing people to county offices, registering voters and, of course, getting people to sign his anti-equality petition. While he was busy registering a man to vote, acting as if I might be amenable to his views, I approached to ask about what he was doing. He said, “Okay, the City Council passed an ordinance that allows men into women’s restrooms.” I, acting shocked asked, “City Council voted to allow men into the women’s restrooms?!?” He agreed and went a step further saying that the ordinance allows sexual predators into the women’s restroom.

At that point, the individual this man had been registering to vote interrupted us, handing the bigot back his clip board. Here’s how the election fraud went down:

Bigot: Thank you very much Mr. Santos.

Mr. Santos: Give this to Anna? [pointing at the completed voter registration card]

Bigot: Yes, and I’m not sure if she’ll take it but if she won’t, put it in the mail.

Me: Oh, so you’re registering people today and having them sign…

Bigot: No, no, no. This is not a registration drive. If you’re already registered, you can sign this (points at his petition) to be put on the ballot because it becomes law…

Me: Mr. Santos, did you just register to vote?

Mr. Santos: Yes.

Me: You helped him register? [directed to the bigot]

Bigot: Uh-hmm.

Me: Oh, okay.

Bigot: Yeah, uh-hmm.

Me: [looking at Mr. Santos] But you’re not registered right now?

Mr. Santos: No, no. Not right now.

Bigot: By the time this gets checked (points at petition), he will be registered.

Me: [smiling] Ah, that’s fraud!

Bigot: [laughs]

Mr. Santos: Yeah

Bigot: Okay?

Me: [laughs]

Mr. Santos: [Inaudible]

Me:  Oh, okay [laughing]

Mr. Santos’ name on the petition

Having established a  rapport, I asked for the bigot’s name. Smiling he said, “My name is Victor Lawrence.” I introduced myself saying, “I just want to let you know, I am transgender.” I continued, “I’ve been recording this conversation and I have you – here in a country building [when] you’re supposed to be outside, but you’re inside – fraudulently collecting the signature of Mr. Santos; you just admitted that he will be a registered voter by the time they find out about it.”

In Texas, it is not legal to register people and have them sign petitions. The  Texas election code site states, “someone who has just applied [for voter registration] that day will not be able to legally sign a petition.” In fact, the way the election law is written, only those registered voters who were registered at the time the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed can submit legal signatures.

Lawrence clearly states that his intent is to circumvent Texas election law by passing off signatures – without the voter registration number – as valid signatures in the hope that by the time the petition is checked and the registration number found and verified, the number will be in the system.

Note that Lawrence is tricking his targets into committing fraud. His petition states, “We, the undersigned hereto, who are qualified voters…”

Lawrence was helping people misrepresent themselves in the hope of circumventing Texas election law. Note also that the petition doesn’t seek to simply repeal the gender identity section of the ordinance, the petition seeks to have the ordinance “repealed in its entirety.”

A Bigot’s “Equality”

After I had outed myself, I turned to leave. As I began to walk out the door, Lawrence called after me saying, “I am not anti-transgender.” Believing that I had misunderstood him, I incredulously asked him to repeat himself. Again Lawrence said, “I am not anti-transgender.”

Wanting to see how Lawrence squared his behavior with his assertion, I proceeded to challenge that assertion. What follows is the exchange I proceeded to have:

Me: I know that’s what you think, but you are out here saying that I am a potential rapist and I think that’s pretty crappy.

Lawrence: I don’t know that…

Me: You don’t know? You’re saying that maybe I am a potential rapist? Is that what you’re saying?

Lawrence: Have you had the surgery?

Me: You’re asking me about my genitals in public?

Lawrence: I’m sorry, but what I’m concerned about is transgender people who have not had the surgery…

Me: But that’s none of your business and unless someone like me is going in [to the restroom] to create a disturbance, it’s none of your business. Right?

Lawrence: I agree with that.

Me: But what you’re wanting to do is create a situation where if I go to the restroom, I get arrested.

Lawrence: No, I just said that someone can ask you to leave.

Me: So you want me to hang out in the men’s restroom?

Lawrence: No, I don’t want you hanging out in any restroom.

Me: So you don’t want me to use any restroom?

Lawrence: No, I don’t have any problem with you going up to a woman and saying, “I am a transgender individual, I would like to use this restroom. Would you mind?” Okay? And if she…

Me: So, I have to go up to every single women in the restroom, stop them, knock on the stall door and inform them, “Hey, I just want to let you know that I’m a transgender person – I have to pee – but, I’m going to ask for your permission to go over here into this stall, close the door, do my business and and leave?” That’s what you want to set up? You don’t think that’s a privileged system?

Lawrence: I think that’s an equal system.

Me: You think that’s an equal system?

Lawrence: Yes.

According to Geographies of Privilege, privilege is, “a specific kind of power” over another that is, “often rendered invisible, at least to those who benefit from them.” Consider this as we review some of the speakers HTUSPC brought to the City Council meeting to condemn the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance:

Houston City Council Member Ellen Cohen: If I’m asking for service and my [Jewish] faith is something that troubles them, they have a right to refuse me service?

Pastor Becky Riggle of Grace Megachurch: Yes.

Cohen: So, you’re saying yes, they do have a right to refuse me service because I am someone of the Jewish faith?

Pastor: Yes I am… Yes I am saying that.

Speaking before City Council, anti-equality activist Karina Alvarez said, “I feel [that] I have been discriminated against today!” The nature of the oppression she said she faced was that queer people weren’t forced to give up their seat to her, a heterosexual cisgender women. Having shown up late to the City Council proceedings, Alvarez had to stand because all of the seats were taken. Since some of the seats were occupied by LGBT supporters of the ordinance, Alvarez complained, “The [ordinance supporters] have seats and I had to stay standing and I see this as a very discriminatory situation!”

Imagine, a world in which a Jew was equal to a Christian and a queer person didn’t have to surrender their seat to a cis/hetero person. For the forces of anti-equality, equality is unacceptable because it means surrendering their status as a members of a superior class. There’s a reason that, while they claim to be concerned about trans people, they are targeting protections for every group they might have to engage as an equal by having the entire equality ordinance overturned.

If you would like to hear me publicly shame Lawrence into silence, picking apart his privileged ideology in the middle of a county building in Texas, you can listen here:

Click here to hear the TLDR version (around 45 mins of audio) of my interaction with Lawrence and county personnel. A complaint about this election fraud was filed with the City of Houston and the Harris County Prosecutor’s office.

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Cristan Williams
Cristan Williams
Cristan Williams is a trans historian and pioneer in addressing the practical needs of the transgender community. She started the first trans homeless shelter in the South and co-founded the first federally funded trans-only homeless program, pioneered affordable healthcare for trans people in the Houston area, won the right for trans people to change their gender on Texas ID prior to surgery, started numerous trans social service programs and founded the Transgender Center as well as the Transgender Archives. Cristan is the editor at the social justice sites and, is a long-term member and previous chair of the City of Houston HIV Prevention Planning Group.
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  • Zipper

    I am FtM. My legal dox all say Male on them, but according to bigot logic, I am female since I was born female. So, does this mean I can use the women’s restroom without getting in trouble? I am bald and have a beard, but surely Pastor Fuckface’s wife will be cool with it.

  • Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I to find It truly useful
    & it helped me out much. I am hoping to present
    something back and help others like you aided me.

  • Dee Omally

    Pardon me but I need a little help with my basic math with Mr. Lawrence’s math “problem”.

    **an ordinance to allow men into women’s restrooms?
    **an ordinance to allow sexual predators into women’s restrooms?

    [thought bubble] hmmmm….a city law is going to be passed to let men go into the female restroom? a law gonna be passed….so males can use the female restroom….then why call it a female restroom? …but no law so that females can use the men’s restroom? 1 + 1 ≠ 2 here. Something is wrong with my mathematics. Why are men now insisting to use the ladies room? No, this doesn’t pass the “smell here” test. I can believe many things but not this one…

    [thought bubble] hmmmm…a city is is going to pass a law to let sex offender rapists, maybe molesters too into the female restroom? Wait a Houstonian minute. I already can’t believe that any city anywhere would pass a law letting men into the ladies room, but I’m supposed to believe that it gets worse even than that? *breaking out calculator* 1 + 1 = 3. *audio from calculator* DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE. Why would any city, state…anybody who can pass laws allow known predators into female restrooms? Why is this guy telling me this bold faced lie, that just doesn’t compute?

    [thought bubble] hmmmm….then he doesn’t want me to use any restroom….after I said I was transgender but he acts if I told him I was male….no that’s not right because then he would have said I need to use the men’s restroom. So then transgender persons must have an “other” restroom? Does that mean to him we are neither male nor female but “other”? Oh I get it! He gets his education from the RuPaul Show…you know that show…that shows persons who are both male and female. But didn’t RuPaul say we need to toughen up bitches? Didn’t RuPaul say that words are just words?

    [thought bubble] hmmmm….so he wants people to sign a petition, even if they commit perjury…..because a new law that makes it legal for very dangerous men who have already raped women (predators) MUST be overturned. But then he says it’s OK for transgender…I mean male predators….to use the female restroom so long as the females say “sure predator, come on in, and do your thing?”….so long as you don’t rape me too perhaps? So what happens if this new law…you know the one that lets rapists go into a secluded private area with only one way in and one way out….what happens if this new law is repealed like he wants to? What will male “let-me-rape-you-too” predators do then? Try and pass another “let-me-go-rape-you-in-your-restroom” bill?

    Where did they get this no-ID-wearing county-employee Scott Lively lookalike? Who raided the sub-basement of the psych ward?

    • monica

      you’re OVER thinking this
      that guy is a fucktard…and uses his language
      to “Feign confusion and ‘bait you into reacting’ ”
      He was COACHED….
      WE both know this is simple.

      TG is transgender: legally female end of story
      NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND is gonna “out” themselves
      by “asking permission” to use the facilities.

      TEDIOUS IDIOT F. Tard bigot guy is “baiting” us..
      my reply to him “Did HITLER tell You to wear that tie?”
      “Do you maturbate to lesbian porn?” so WOMEN can be homosexuals
      and You’re cool with that….(southern babptist hypocrite that HE IS)
      but legally TG W O M E N can’t use the facilities.
      ALSO isn’t

      what NORMAL human or male sits about in front of women’s restrooms
      wasting our time with this pedantic transphobic B.S. anyway?

      only in Banana Republic HOUSTON would we have to have a 3rd grade
      conversation with a Man who suffers from Penis Envy and Freudian

      • Dee Omally

        What u say sounds absolutely crazy, and would be, except that u are parodying his own nonsensical commentary. Is he dressed “the professional part”? Check mark. Is he performing a routine petition drive? 2nd check mark. At what point does he merit and earn the label of deviant, an irony that should not be overlooked—considering his claim that we are, in so many words, “transgender deviants”? Didn’t he, by misrepresening the HERO ordinance, deviate from performing an impartial duty of signature gatherer?


        Where did his deviancy begin? For starters, as Cristan shows, he placed himself inside a government building to give the illusion that he was entitled to be there—that that was his “work station”. Conflict of interest? I’ll say.

        How else did he deviate? No doubt motivated by personal loathing or hate, or directed to “sell” his argument to others, he chose, or was directed, to compel others to commit perjury, thus perpetrating and becoming an accomplice to fraud—violating registrar/recorder county statutes. You emphasize a true and legally substantiated point: transitioned females are no longer male, so truth be told, ultimately the “men in women spaces” argument doesn’t apply to us and another truth be told, the only thing “transgender” about us is our history…our past…not the present. There is only an M or F, never a T beside a sex marker on IDs.


        In this regard, those of us who have transitioned, with updated IDs, need not have to defend what no longer applies to us except for this:

        (1) Successful assimilation (passing), due to a post-puberty transition will, despite updated documents, elude most of us for a lifetime, unlike had we transitioned as children. Read: although I haven’t been challenged to prove my sex ever—in five years—many of us are not so fortunate. The greatest mistake we could ever make is to stop fighting for ALL of us, self included. We can never forget that, just like trans children today, we would have had no trouble “passing” as adults.

        (2) If it becomes known that we are pre-op (if applicable), and despite medical HIPAA privacy protections, many cis females believe that “once male = always male”. Sadly, many lesbians hold this sex/gender view, all the while exhibiting the ultimate example of hypocrisy, forgetting that “once straight = always straight” doesn’t hold true either.

        (3) We must never 4get our ambiguous phase, the moments of fear….name-calling that a trans “expert”—that gay male icon of drag-not-trans renown—says never happen? For those adults who have yet or are beginning their transitions, we must fight for their (and our) equal-not-superior rights. Being of ambiguous gender never gives others, who believe otherwise, the right of to violate safety and gender equality protections—ever. These rights will be surrendered only when the US Constitution is surrendered.

        (4) Far too many any of our L & G brethren selfishly do not care, even after we tell ’em, that used-by-gay men words become slur words when used by transphobic men. Unlike sexuality that is practiced outside of the workplace, a gender transition can never be so “stealth”. Hormones work their magic in very powerful and visible ways, which is where family rejection, employer rejection, and societal rejection imposes its illegal will, reducing far too many of us to believe our self-worth has plummeted to levels that exceed the ability to survive. That this is true is beyond any credible question. We must fight for the departed and the struggling—there is no 2nd option.


        These are the reasons I “take the bait” and “toss it back”, a non-vengeful mandate for all of us. Sadly everyone knows what drag means, but most everyone is clueless about what “transgender” means. So long as they “take the bait”, so must we, but not for consumption—but to set the record straight. One day, especially as trans children increase their voices, critical mass will be reached where “bait” will be recognized as “bait” and not truth.

        We are, and must, aggressively combat against these two very loud forces that speak falsehoods: (1) gay voices (not all) that approve of trans slurs. So long as they are directed toward us, not them, they have proven not to care. With a past record of legislative trans exclusion by Gay, Inc. this is no surprise. Have we not, as a matter of historical record, been the sacrificial limb of the LGBT “family-on-paper-only”? (2) “religious” voices who, while ready to scream if their 1st-Amendment toe gets stepped on, decry the 14th Amendment that was established precisely because of real-world oppression, often emanating from church houses.

        Take for example Pastor Hibbs in Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, a man I deeply respect otherwise, who rallied the masses to oppose AB 1266, misunderstanding that despite logistical challenges of implementation, its primary motive was to send a message in and from California, that transgender children are children, not “other” children who deserve “other” disparate treatment, particularly bullying that has already cost enough trans children lives. Pastors and their flock, forgetting about scripture-revealed “sin” which altered a perfect creation, unwittingly accuse God of being imperfect—is not this the implication behind our “imperfect but perfect” physical and moral sex + gender reality? Sticking ones melon in the sand is one thing and creating a myth quite another, but redacting a part of scripture to violate 14th Amendment rights far supersedes both of those. Truly, something else is awry, perhaps repressed sexual frustration or deviant desires as you say?

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  • Dee Omally

    So, a city, clearly on the right side of history enacts an ordinance that re-affirms the 14th Amendment. Yet the bulk of the opposition is comprised of a religious group seeking to “overthrow” the will of the people, so much so that it spares no effort, legal or illegal? Fraud by one is fraud. Aiding and abetting the commission of fraud borders on conspiracy to commit fraud, and if his group has agreed to such fraud, a charge of conspiracy most certainly is fitting.

    Let me let this sink in. The “church” wants government to respect its 1st Amendment right of worship. Imagine a STAY AWAY sign tacked on the church’s front door. Yet, the “church”, wanting it both ways, is so upset that it apparently has conspired to commit fraud to keep government from respecting the 14th Amendment rights of others? Do I have this right? The “church”, assuming to be the sponsor of Mr. Lawrence, takes a page from Baker’s playbook also plays dirty? And posts a Scott Lively look-alike inside a neutral government facility? What is it with these guys who have eyes that no longer glisten with love but possess severely constricted (by anger) pupils—snake eyes some would say. All this “in the name of religious benevolence? Is the upside down world finally here?

    His first statement was to say that the Houston City Council has ordered the male and female signs to come down, only to be replaced with co-ed signs? Multi-stalled co-ed restrooms? Perhaps “men in women’s restrooms” has a different meaning—-uh not. What unmitigated gall, to run a registration drive and petition drive at once. I’ve never seen that. The 1st question is “are you registered to vote in this county?” If the answer is no, nothing moves forward, unlike what this guy has done—coerced others into committing fraud. Without haste, not just his petitions but all of them belonging to his supporting sponsor must be discarded as invalid. I am aware that some that solicit signatures are compen$ated, perhaps he is a “hired gun”.

    Wow, it’s one thing to hear about fraud and another to actually witness it. The power of a witness cannot be overemphasized. Not only did Bigot Lawrence violate the law, but so too have all those who signed as “unqualified” voters. Perjury in fact. The byline doesn’t say “who will be qualified voters.” Clearly, thankfully Cristan herself is a witness to such a civil crime…we will stay tuned.

    As bigots are kicked off the bigot stage and banned from F/book or elsewhere, they have adopted the mantra “I am NOT anti-transgender” with the hope of circumventing undue (from their perspective) attention by complying to “the letter of the law”. I have said repeatedly that anti-trans groups who demonize and dehumanize Trans persons are insane (literal definition). As they engage in laser-like anti-transgender equality focus, they utter “but we are not anti-transgender”. As I have also said, delusion by any other name is still delusion. By definition opposition to pro Trans equality is anti-trans equality, no matter how many “we love you’s” are emitted from the upper oral cavity.

    This reminds me of a recent statement my sister said to me after letting me know that I was “invited” to a family funeral: (paraphrasing). Oh me oh my! Your hair is so long! We “all” accept you (read: we are not anti-trans) and all but you WILL NEED to go cut your hair for the funeral. (read: but really, we are anti-trans). Of course my hair remains long…….and growing past my shoulders. I have cut it twice down to the scalp already, but swore that there will NEVER be a 3rd time.

    I was a sworn peace officer with LA County for almost 3 years, and before that performed almost very similar armed duties as a contract officer and Captain for 7 years. During this entire 10 year stretch, before I began my transition, not once did I ever hear (as a watch supervisor for seven years I was required to be notified of all incidents) of any incident of restroom violations by trans persons. In fact occurrences were primarily related to homeless persons in restrooms i.e. showering, sleeping, disturbances, making a mess, etc. Note: this was in practically the entirety of LA County facilities, primarily in the downtown heavy-populated Civic Center area and in several prominent LA County hospitals and outlying medical centers.

    Mr. Lawrence is smart enough to know what he is doing, albeit deceptively. More shocking than that is to realize that among us walk some of the most stupid persons on earth: who in the hell would truly ever give credence but for 1 1/000 of a microsecond to this statement: a city council (the supervising body overseeing the city Police Dept., sharing the public safety and liability concerns) has enacted a law permitting male predators/rapists (registered sex offenders with an already known history of rape violence) into female restrooms? A little bit insulting there Mr. Lawrence? Winning is everything? So this is a war where like love, “all’s fair”? I often do use the metaphor of “war” and it truly is verbal unarmed (except on TG street violence that continues to take far too many lives of our colored sisters) combat. This year has brought to the fore our most vociferous adversaries: religion, TERF lesbians, and many drag=trans gay men, sadly confirming what I’ve always suspected.

    It already is a crime most everywhere to file a false police report…to accuse someone of committing a crime. Accusing others, especially those in a group already victimized by violence itself, of being “predisposed” to commit rape:…..certainly that is much different than saying “everyone is a potential rapist”. If there isn’t a statute against wholesale slander, there is no question one is long overdue. Free speech, like everything has limits and it is long overdue to hold those who engage in wholesale slander and target trans persons through false, deceptive smear campaigns by associating trans persons with the worst of the worst, even in prison—sexual deviant predators. Then, goofball asks if Cristan “still has her cock?” Huh? Mr. Lawrence, how many inches is yours? Certainly he would have been very willing to answer that one given that he believes “tell me about yours” is a perfectly acceptable inquiry of a complete stranger.

    “Oh, (paraphrasing), but although I am not your doctor or your lover, and pretending that HIPAA is a euphemism not for medical privacy but for the wild hippos in Columbia who now make it their home, please do give me your medical history, pretty please?” I withdraw my charge that Mr. Lawrence is a smart man—he is not, especially as he keeps pushing the proverbial size 12 boot further down toward his lower intestines. Let me see, in school we raised our hand to get permission, and now as adults, using a public restroom once again requires permission. If this was the famous Gong show, Mr. Lawrence would have heard the cymbals long ago, for his own sake and credibility. This is so incredulous, that although I believe Cristan, my mind is still refusing to believe that a grown man actually demands that grown women ask other grown woman (strangers) for the privilege to use a restroom. Let me think…oh there was this Rosa Parks lady that had to give up a front seat when another man or lady refused to give her permission to remain seated. Cristan, did you shake Mr. Lawrence’s hand just to make sure it was warm—that he was indeed human?

    If I had been performing security duties in that court building in a sworn capacity, and I had overheard Mr. Lawrence, my next two questions would have been: “Mr. Lawrence sir. Do you know what year this is? Mr. Lawrence, sir, who is the president of the US at the moment?” Clearly this man’s lunacy is so out of bounds that it is a fair question to ask him if he is “able to take care of himself.” Of course he is NOT anti-trans and of course being unequal is equal. Mr. Clinton’s redefinition of “is” reenacting itself all over again. A bigot’s world is not our world, but a far different world skewed through the corrupted lens that connect to a corrupted optic nerve, that….

    I really feel sorry for Houston. Buffoons are running wild and poor pretty Cristan must evade such wildlife. Are these people that stupid to not realize that by the time ordinances have to be enacted to protect others from discrimination, it’s not due to isolated incidents but to a historical record of discrimination against specified groups? Of course I am referring to anti-equality pro-discrimination Karina Alvarez. Wow….Houston, we really do have a problem. Time to throttle up.

    • Pamela S

      Mr. Bigot’s problem, of course, is that he sits atop a multi-level pyramid of privilege — white privilege at the base, white cis male privilege dependent upon that foundation, and white “Christian” cis male privilege resting atop that. All of that social presumption of status supporting the peak of the pyramid upon which rests his throne — the White Cis Male Clerical Moral Authority That Has Until 1960 Never Been Challenged Privilege.

      It’s that pinnacle of privilege piled high that allows unelected mullahs like Jonathan Saenz to feel entitled to act as the State Ayatollah and, indeed, have almost the entirety of a major political party kneeling at his feet and carrying out his every whim.

      That is a lot of privilege to lose all at once, and they’re not giving it up without a major fight.

      Granted, it’s particularly easy to pick on transgender Americans, but these people view anyone who fall exactly into line as a threat to their perceived entitlement to presumption of power.

      Mark my words, if they ever succeeded in dismantling the Constitution (as you surely know, that’s the overriding motive behind their 30-year program of packing the Supreme Court with anti-Constitutional scofflaws), they wouldn’t stop with us — they would go on pillaging, subjugating, abusing and controlling, until even Americans who choose not to have children are dealt with:

      Yes, that self-important issuer of “Christian” fatwas is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

      • Pamela S

        “but these people view anyone who DOESN’T fall exactly into line as a threat”

      • Dee Omally

        amen sistuh, amen

  • Dee Omally

    Pardon me while I compose myself………..

    • Dee Omally

      …..and warm up my keyboard 😉

  • Pamela S

    From the right wing lexicon:

    Liberty (n): The power to require that a person’s entire environment, that is, every single thing that the said person of privilege encounters and experiences on a daily basis, be “purified” to said person’s perfect liking, with no regard for the likings or experiences of the non-privileged class, and with no obligation or duty whatsoever to extend similar powers and comforts to members of society outside of the privileged class. (See “Religious Liberty”)

  • Pamela Curry

    It is also illegal to solicit petition signatures on county government property.

  • Pamela Curry

    It is also illegal to solicit petition signatures on county property.

    • monica

      Dear Pamela

      & You’re right on ALL counts
      against the law to petition on county property
      I would have contacted on site security and HPD



  • monica

    the endless insane deluded meddling of the deluded the insane…
    “we’re women i’m a woman TX says so my LICENSE says so my DOCTOR says so-
    “this is NONE of Y O U R business go rub the Swastika off your forehead join the REST of the world and wake up…OMG you’re insane” my response to the

    only in HOUSTON would we have this knee jerk insane reaction
    banana republic houston TX….the REST of the USA and most of the world
    can get with the HUMAN sane rational R E A S O N A B L E thing to do.
    MY GOD…