Fundraising on the TransAdvocate

The TransAdvocate has raised 1000s for awesome causes. When we’re not directly fundraising for a specific cause, we regularly support YOUR trans fundraising causes.

We are regularly asked to share and/or promote fundraising efforts for both personal and social trans causes. We’ve supported fundraising efforts for numerous causes and are always open to helping out. Having said that, here’s some guidelines for having your funding effort supported by the TransAdvocate.

How to get us to support your personal trans surgical fundraisers:

  • We will support your surgery fundraiser by sharing it on our social media.
  • We share only one fundraiser a day.
  • We don’t post fundraisers that are more than 12 months old.
  • Be sure that your funding goal is reasonable.
  • Ensure that you’ve already accounted for the money you’ve been able to save yourself since you started your funding effort.
  • Be sure that your fundraising profile page is fully filled out.
  • Be clear about whether your post-ACA insurance will cover all or part of the cost of your medial care. Clearly state whether you have insurance and if you have attempted to have your insurance cover the cost of your medical care.

In other words, if you have a funding effort that began 11 months ago and raised 50 bucks, you need to be clear about why you’ve not been able to save anything over the last 11 months, why you don’t have insurance and if you do have insurance, what bullshit reason your insurance gave you for not covering your health care needs.

If your funding effort meets these guidelines, contact us and let us know about your fundraising efforts!

How to get us to support your personal legal fundraisers and other transition-related expenses:

  • Look at the above points and ensure that your profile meets all of the above applicable standards.
  • Contact us to ensure that your effort has the best chance at being successfully supported by the TransAdvocate.

How to get us to support your funding for abortion-related expenses:

The TransAdvocate supports abortion rights and regularly volunteers as clinic defenders.

The TransAdvocate supports abortion rights as a body autonomy issue and regularly volunteers as clinic defenders.

Just contact us. We’ll do what we can to help!

How to get us to support your trans organization and/or cause:

Contact us and tell us about your effort. If the cause is uber awesome, we may ask you to do an interview so that we can feature your cause or organization.

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