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August 30, 2011
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September 3, 2011

ABC’s Primetime Nightline Focusing On Trans Kids Tomorrow

Tomorrow’ ABC will broadcast a Primetime Nightline segment starting at 10 PM EDT/9 PM CDT that will focus on transkids. 

The segment will focus on ‘Princess Boy’ Dyson Kilodavis, Germany’s Kim Petras, who started her transition at age 10 and is believed to have been the youngest person ever at age 16 to receive SRS surgery , ten year old Jackie in Ohio and 19 year old New Yorker Vanessa.

It will also have on it Charles Kane, the poster boy for detransition and critic of early transitions.

While I felt they could have done this segment with having him on it, the notepad will be in hand to check out the broadcast.

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  • Blackdogfarm

    Some “homosexuals” are really chromosome mixed ups.  A  fellow student had a sickly little boy who  chromosome tested  was a girl.  The Dr. who did the genital repair work said “he would have been homosexual if the mix up had not been corrected’.  The baby had ovaries, no vagina and no uterus and an overdeveloped clitoris which looked like a penis and closed labia which resembled a scrotum and small testicles.  This was over 30 years ago so it was avant gard surgery for the time.  I read an article about how the surgery was done and it was rather simple and much easier to do than  trans gender surgery later.  I hope that I would be as good a mother with a Princess Boy as the mother on the Nightline !

    • DB

      Homosexual is a term the incorrect term to us.  Transgender is the correct term. Not transgendered because it is not a verb!!!  It has to do with gender identity not who they are sleeping with.  You should not use the word homosexual because  its demeaning and oppressive. 

  • samIam

    no FTMs? or am i missing something?