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November 21, 2014
Gender Critical Feminism, the roots of Radical Feminism and Trans oppression
December 8, 2014

4chan plans “genocide” against transgender women

The 4chans sub board known as /pol/ (a well known ultra right reactionary sub board) has publicly and outright stated plans to drive transgender people (particularly trans women) to suicide and stated we should be “rounded up and slaughtered like cattle”.

They have also made indications they aim to align with trans exclusionary radical feminists.

I call upon all of you to send emails to 4chans owner and operator Christopher Poole (aka moot) to shut down the sub board /pol/ and deny this hate group a platform.

Email template for those who need one.


Dear Mr. Poole.

We as members of the transgender community implore you to shut down the 4chan board known as /pol/

As enclosed in this screen shot you can see they are using your platform to plan “genocide” against transgender people, who already have a very high rate of suicide attempts. They plan to incite vulnerable transgender people to end their lives, and have outright stated and end goal to see us “rounded up and slaughtered like cattle”. They are using your platform to organize an intended lethal attacks against our vulnerable community.

In light of the incident of David Kalac we take these threats very seriously.

We know you don’t wish the extermination of transgender people and we therefore ask you to demonstrate this by denying this hate group a platform.


[your name]

I implore each and every one of you to send an email, share this post, write your own articles and contact your allies to aid in this.

Together we can survive.

Together we can thrive.

Together we can stop hate.


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  3. Isa Hoff says:

    As a transwoman, allow me to suggest that unless you are getting paid to write, you may wish to focus your energy towards pursuits that might help you afford surgery if that is your path, as feigning outrage over 4chan is as productive as bailing out a boat with a teaspoon.

    I find transwomen such as you a far larger threat with your call to censorship based on what you or some arbitrary authority would define as hatespeech.

    Frankly, it is far more beneficial to “know thy enemy” than attempt to shove it under a rug.

    Pick your battles and learn to buck up, transition is a long an hard road, and if your wet yourself over internet trolls, you may wish to reconsider continuing down the path as it indicates a total lack of intestinal fortitude

    Or shall your next article frantically cry over Rock -n- Roll driving children to suicide and the devil? Who would have thought you shared an agenda with the hypocritical televangelists.

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  6. Marja Erwin says:

    Maybe you should drop the Facebook connection. It is a cissexist, ableist/neurotypicalist, and anti-privacy site.

  7. Marja Erwin says:

    “You people have been trolled, and in a big way.”

    Some of us are survivors of neo-Nazi [or rumored neo-Nazi] violence. And the people who would troll about this violence for the lols are probably the same people who would torture animals for the lols, and escalate.

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